Friday, August 26, 2016

Hillary's AltRight Speech + SM Review-Preview 56

Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Nevada about the Altright. As I have written before, NRx and the Altright are different entities that see the same problem out there "The Prog Regime". They differ on root causes, the methods for fixing it, strategy and execution. It is amazing to hear the figurehead for the regime Hillary Clinton speak out against the AltRight as a means to attack Trump. It was just another racist racist racist speech, which to give Trump credit he identified and made fun of as a last resort when the Left fails.

Consider me stunned. Let us review the Left's Regime, which *reminder* has total control. It's stuffed entire states with enough Mexicans to secure electoral victory. It's conditioned people to want to give away their country. It finds "bags of votes" when needed to win close elections. It decides what is appropriate, what is worth our time and money and what to focus on. Can't spend $500 mil on infrastructure but we can easily spend it on ammunition for jihadis in Syria or expanded health care for the morbidly obese, dusky underclass. They control the media, they control the universities, and they control what is allowed for public discourse with the threat of banishment. Their worldview dominates family courts, which control how families form and dissolve, therefore how the genders act within the ancient tradition of marriage. Your religion means nothing to them.

Do not deny their control is total. Take for instance gay marriage. What was a joke 25 years ago, radical 15 years ago and debatable 5 years ago is now the One True Belief. If you challenge it, you are cast out of polite society. No one wants to get blacklisted because if you do, then you might enter the underclass in our increasingly fragile economy. Despite all of this control, puppet Clinton felt the need to speak out against Internet trolls and anonymous part-time writers.

This is a sign of insecurity. They have to stamp out any resistance, like the harrying of Roosh for his worldwide tour and happy hour last year. The Regime is already running into legitimacy problems, and it's 2016. I agree with Justin Raimondo that there is "no there there" with the Altright as it is a mash up and decentralized. No institutions and no money. The Koch brothers are not throwing money at it. Only thing it has is being the one relay point for facts and truth in a nation of lies. Its monopoly on truth, which the Left calls hate facts, can keep it going as long as no media outlet decides to go "all truth all the time". The only way I see that happening is if one media outlet in the dying media sector sees that marketing strategy as a way to survive by capturing that market first.

A President Clinton and Warren 2.0 SCOTUS means hate speech laws, and hate speech laws means anything they do not like is outlawed, so this blog would stop. Read this LA Times oped by cathedral indoctrinated professor calling the AltRight a "dangerous ideology". Identifying the regime as against natives is dangerous. Either way, it'd just be brass polishing on the Titanic as the battle lines would be drawn and the cold culture war would go hot shortly. Build bridges, network, read old books, read primary sources for eras of conflict and prepare.

Last week at Social Matter I wrote on the priest-warrior conflict and how it isn't anything new. This is something other nations and empires faced. Really need a true sovereign to set up a proper hierarchy. Weimerica Weekly was on the student loan crisis. It truly is a crisis as it has far more effects than even the housing bubble had.

This week I will write on the Bipartisan War Party in America and how it is an echo of prior coalitions and once again in our predecessor in England. Democracy is a cause. Weimerica Weekly will be on modern wedding pageants.


Kevin Silver said...

"as the battle lines would be drawn and the cold culture war would go hot shortly"

white men better hope that doesn't happen. You would get your asses handed to you. Black Men, Latinos, Muslims, Asiana versus white boys.

What a bloodbath that would be.

Toddy Cat said...

Yeah, that's why Blacks, Latinos and Muslims colonized Europe and America, and won all those colonial wars despite overwhelming odds, and why Europe and much of America speak Bantu and Amerind languages to this day...

Pathetic, Mr. (((Silver))). Try again.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

When it comes to left wing issues, there's always the short con and then the long con. The short con is against the "alt right." 99% of the people watching were likely wondering who they are or why they care about internet trolls. So they likely lost the short con. Yet the long con is setting the stage for internet censorship. This is the real issue that people should be paying attention to.

Hillary is playing a dangerous game. She has tried to ensure that racial conflict and tension is maximized in order to increase minority turnout. She knows deep down that non-white turnout will likely resemble pre-2008 and the white working class is a black box: they know they love Trump but will millions of new voters come out of the woodwork to vote for him? They don't know and no amount of internal polling will give them a clear enough picture of what to expect. The dangerous game here is that if she goes too far, she loses the white independents and moderates who will decide the outcome of the election in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. I'm sure the Democrats are miffed that a state like Pennsylvania is in play in the first place, which has been a reliable provider of 20+ electoral votes for the Democrats since 1992.

She has pushed the issue too far once before and the result was San Jose where even she and Obama had to denounce the thugs, albeit with gritted teeth and lots of whining about Trump. So she wants to make sure anti-white animosity is piqued but not to where the anti-whites want to take action outside of the voting booth. It's a tricky balance but Trump is right, it really is their last resort. The media blitz is losing effectiveness, more and more stories are popping up about the Clinton Foundation and her poor health, and Trump's campaign is now being led by an owner of a website that is part of the meteor that is about to wipe out the creaking old dinosaurs of the old print and televised news media.

PA said...

Having observed US elections since Reagan/Mondale, I noticed the principle of the game-changer of generational die-off. Up to the mid-90s, the so-called Greatest generation still formed a large voting block and whatever their conservative-liberal position on the spectrum, they demanded honor from their candidates. This is why allegations of adultery or past drug use were lethal. Bill Clinton in 1994 overcame that problem ("I did not inhale") on the strength of the brand new GenX voter, who cared less about those things.

The generational relic holding politics in an atavistic position is the still-alive Baby Boomers. Their quality is their utter faith in the mass media. Once they pass from the scene, the electorate will be -- all along the spectrum and for better or worse -- comprised of people who get their views from decentralized sources, often outside of the system's control.

coyote said...

"whiteboy" here, silver boy: BWAHHAAAHHHHAAAAAHHHAAAAA. (wipes tears away) BWAHAAHHAAA... ETC ETC.

High Arka said...

I used to think that (((Roosh))) was working against us, after he spent several years advocating for the multicultural rape of European women, pushing for sexbots and male birth control instead of families, and telling me that it was faggy and white knighty to care about white women and children.

But then I heard that some of his (((counterparts))) in the media worked together with him to release public advertisements for, excuse me, strongly worded denunciations of, one of his book tours. And now I'm completely reassured that he's on our side.

It's good to know that all of that money the CIA and Mossad set aside for managing popular opinions through the internet was wasted on sites nobody reads. Thank goodness we have this new alt right thing to give us freedom of perspective.