Tuesday, August 30, 2016

GoFundMe 2 Minute Loves

Social media has given the system not just an outlet for what Orwell called 2 Minute Hates but also what I have named 2 Minute Loves. A 2 Minute Love is where everyone liberal or status conscious and seeking liberal do-gooder points can immediately signal they care for the cause du jour. A perfect example was Kony 2012. For a brief moment, all normies could signal they disliked something and that they cared. The hashtag activism was intertwined with strong hate on Kony as well as care for children. Emotions were managed and channeled through proper, approved avenues.

GoFundMe has devolved into a weird situation where we can see the same thing happen on smaller scales. Little causes can give donors the dopamine hit of caring. People can channel that care to causes and feel good rather than their families around them. For $5, you care. You can also seek causes that fit the progressive concept of good and righteous. You visibly are recognized on the site as a donor all for the cost of a Starbucks coffee.

How sick have GoFundMes become? Take a look at this one. Hold on, the deviant has a new page. What is the fundraiser for? Let us look at the sad single mom's own words.

As many know, Bella and I have been fighting for a long time for her rights.  My ex-husband has decided to file for sole custody, attempting to make it so I can't see, or talk to my child ever again.  He does this all because he needs power and control over me even though I am not with him any more.  He uses Bella to hurt me.  Andy is an evangelical christian who uses his religion to force Bella to be someone she's not.  Her happiness doesn't matter to him, he only wants her to hurt me.  Andy was very abusive towards me and I left him to get away from it and keep Bella safe.  We had been fighting to try and take his rights away but he waited until I was beat down and couldn't take any more, afford to fight him anymore, and at my absolute lowest, and he coersed me in to signing over temporary custody of Bella, while I was stuck in a room with him, having a nervous breakdown due to circumstances.  Knowing I had an attorney, Andy and his attorney chose to go around that and make sure I did not have the chance to get my attorney involved.
Andy filed for sole custody shortly after moving Bella to Colorado.  He refuses to get Bella in to counseling with a qualified person, denying her identity despite her being insistent on who she is.  He's cut off her hair, is making her talk to Christian counselors who tell her the same thing her dad does, that it's shameful to be who she is, and that she has to do what god says. Bella is insistent with me that she will never be anyone other than Bella.
My attorney has told me that the only way I will be able to get Bella back, and keep her safe, is if we get a Guardian Ad Litem to monitor her there, and show that her dad is not making any effort to support her identity.  This costs more money than I will ever be able to save.  Cost for Guardian Ad Litem can be up to $20,000.  If I don't raise this money, I will lose my child forever to a man who purely hates me and wants her only to make me miserable.  I love my daughter more than anything and it's killing me to be away from her.  Please help bring Bella home to me! #hernameisBella

What we have is a woman who lost parental rights to her ex husband seeking custody of her son. The mom says the son wants to be a trans girl. We have the clear cut evil vs. good in prog eyes. Evil male evangelical Christian who "coersed" this poor woman into signing away rights to him. She is the victim. Look at the donors on both pages. They roll in small and large hits. Will the fundraising goal be hit? No. No way. Does it become a struggle and even greater claim to victimhood? Yes. All can share in it by sharing the page and donating their $5.

This is also amazing prog framing of the situation. I decided to look into this mom. Wouldn't you know it, she has a Tumblr. The trans child thing makes more sense once you read mommy's bio. Here is her Tumblr description of who she is "23. Lesbian. Forever trying to figure out my place on the gender spectrum. I think I finally have it figured out as nonbinary. They/them. This blog has no aesthetic. Expect gay robots, gay gemstones, feminism, Crohn's disease and other related...".

Mommy's gender confusion becomes a child who clearly wants to change genders. A child young enough to not testify in court for which parent they want to live with somehow has the agency and mental maturity to understand gender switching? Mommy is pushing her politics and worldview onto a child. The absurdity of the situation is that our system would even grant this woman a hearing or avenue to encourage and enable this gender ideology filth. I also love the addition of Crohn's. We wear our illness victim badges proudly now.

Things do not add up on the custody battle as well. Any man seeking custody would have a hard time becoming the primary custody parent. These points do not matter. What matters is this lesbian's fight! Her struggle is not just simply a custody battle so she can collect child support. it is a struggle for the good progs to fight the evil patriarchy and its Christian roots. The good trans crowd must win! Donate today! Be good! You want to care don't you? Give us your 2 minute love and forget all about it by lunch.

There will be another 2 Minute Love for you if you just click the next link.


Orthodox said...

Teach Nigerian scammers about this. If only to unclutter email boxes.

Alexandros HoMegas said...


Israeli think tank: Don’t destroy ISIS; it’s a “useful tool” against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria


It's from Salon but confirms a lot things you and others in the Dissident Right have been saying:

- The Sunni terrorists are the useful idiots for Israel and the Saudis.
- The real threat to the Israelis comes from the Shia: Hezbolla, Iran, the Alawite Assad.
- The worst nightmare is a Russia-Iran-Syria axis.

Angry Midwesterner said...

God, disgusting woman. Thank God, I don't do pediatrics. I can only imagine the kind of shit parents want to push onto their children.
Granted, I do see broken adults on the regular.
The real danger are these "Google MD" parents who are armed with facts without context...

stengle said...

Vaguely related: I once gave money to a 'good cause' through some online cash-raising site. A woman who was running in a marathon collapsed and died halfway through. She was raising money for a charity, so feeling sorry for her and her cause I donated.

Tragedy indeed, but the charity saw its coffers swell dramatically because of this poor woman's sacrifice. Then a few weeks later I read it wasn't quite such a wildly improbable event that she had collapsed: she had been taking some drug before the race and her body couldn't cope.

Still a tragedy, and the cause was still a good one. But somehow I felt I had been duped a little.