Monday, August 15, 2016

Elite Can Use + Convert To Islam

The chancellor of the University of Michigan sent out a letter urging students to vote against Donald Trump due to the anti-Muslim bigotry that he has unleashed. Deportations and closing the border to Muslims is beyond the pale. This is not even two months after the Orlando Shooting where a Muslim murdered dozens of gays for Allah and ISIS. While this chancellor's move disgusted me, it forced me to step back and think, "why would the elite, including the Left, support this?" It might be that the elite are planning a move to Islam Submission style. This is not "Islam can save the West" but to save their control over it.

This is a thought experiment but let us follow a possible scenario with motivations. The Left's ideology has unraveled and does not conform with reality. It is an excuse for power. The excuse is pretty flimsy as it relies on absolute control of the media and schools yet still needs to import voters from the third world. Let us consider this Islam move really a rejection of feminism and restoration of order along natural lines, preserving elite male power.

Feminism is one of the most disgusting tentacles of the progressives as it strikes at the core of society, the family. It promotes women to reject every traditional role, to act like prostitutes of yesteryear, and to kill their young. Deeper, it pushes women to become r-selection rabbits with who their fathers are, creating a dysgenic breeding situation. We live in the dystopia caused by feminism and unrestrained female sexuality, with I might add, body positivity and self-esteem marketing encouraging women to embrace their rapidly rising obesity. This is not just for fixing women too, but for *ahem* helping encourage men to man up.

This did benefit elite men. No commitment needed for sex from a plethora of young, hot women. Anyone who lives in a major city knows that the phrase "Cities are rich men's harems" is true. What if the returns on feminism are negative and now encroaching on elite safety? Not just everyday safety, but the idea that the dating market has created such a broken situation where reliable worker bee class citizens cannot be created. Family formation needs to be encouraged, fertility rates for the more cognitively endowed and conscientious need to be increased, and the prog steamroller is getting weirder with the trans thing and seeking other oddities.

The open borders immigration for Muslims into America does not need to be left on forever. I assume the Left has already created an electoral lock through Mexican immigration. Just keep it on enough for a slight change in the Muslim percentage. Now Muslims are going to want freedom of religion, so as I predict polygamy is coming, they will be the third world oppressed types seeking polygamy on religious grounds. Easy to imagine a younger Mr. and Mrs. Khan being used for that by the media.

If polygamy can be granted if it is for a religious reason, how would one apply family law? The great self inflicted wound the Western Christians did was move the control of family disputes from the families and church to the civil authorities. The progs control that. Prog law does not have a history with polygamy, so wonder what could administer those cases? Shucks, might as well allow Sharia to cover the polygamous marriages if they dissolve. Family Court is a different beast than criminal, so the elites can use the media to pitch this as "sharia for Muslims, not everyone else and no changes to the criminal code, trust us". Sharia has huge benefits for men in family matters.

Now give it short order and you'd see elites converting and then creating polygamous families. They'll be just as Muslim as they are Christian now, heck they can be the "moderate Muslims" we always hear so much about yet never see. Social change is top down. Others will see it as a cool status goal, and convert and switchover. Women will do so too as they secretly crave a strong man they can respect and dislike the dystopia they see around them yet cannot voice it or else others will mock them. They'll be protected by being religious, but not icky, evil Christianity in the eyes of the current high status SWPL class.

Women would then be secured a financially safe home to raise kids. Covering up and modesty may be a blessing to remove competition that they quickly lose against younger women. If polygamous, she would have female help for raising kids since atomization had wrecked her social circle and Boomer mom/grandmas are borderline, if not, useless. With polygamy, women would share the alpha that they want in a formal situation compared to the wife/mistress/Tinder fling current scheme in society. Instead of our society molding breeding via prog feminist means, it would be a traditionalist stance, albeit of a new desert religion flavor.

This is a win for men. Finally knowing they would have a secure financial setting in marriage, security in divorce and an advantage if they wanted in child custody hearings, men would re-engage in the marriage market. Something would be in it for them. In polygamy there would not be enough women to go around? Yes, of course! There is something for that: VR porn modules! There the excess men can be taken care of their sexual appetites. Teledildonics are going to change everything for those lower status men. Removing women from the workforce would open up a bunch of jobs, therefore, men would suddenly find better prospects even in our automating workforce.

Something deeper at play could be that the progs and Islam are both universal, evangelical faiths. The Western elites maintaining say 5-10% of their population as imported Muslim while getting the rest of the natives to convert would allow for them to say to the Middle East, "Hey, shucks, we converted. We're all set over here. Go Caliphate. Hey, you know what, why don't you focus on changing the Chinese and Russians now?" The Western Elites would redirect the energy at America the Great Satan to the remaining hold outs to the East. The Arabs the elites have brought in couldn't harm infidel natives who are now converted, and if they did assault them, sorry Arab Supremacists, that's a hate crime.

Why stop there though with geopolitics? It might be hard to persuade the Muslim oil producers and their diaspora that the Western elites mean it. What better way than war? Islam and Christianity are fighting in Africa. The Western elites could split the world in two and aide Eurabia + the Middle East in their fight against Russia and China (last two sovereign holdouts), while America pacifies south of the Rio Grande. This would satisfy our military-industrial complex interests. A Muslim planet only not in the method that some people fear.

I have not even touched on this change not gunking up our economy with forced female hires, sending the gays and sex freaks back into the closet (threat of rooftops) or if the Sharia move crept into the criminal code like cutting off the hands of thieves (dindu pacification that progs won't allow)! Spandrell was onto something with the satirical convert to Islam now post. He just did not think of the true target market. Elites pick up and discard ideologies when they need them. Communism has had its run for maintaining control of the population. The elites might be looking for an exit. Islam gives them one.

This absolutely disgusts me. It sickens me that our elites could be even considering it. People can act mad and be part of holiness spirals and insanity, but it usually breaks. Instead of looking at it as stupidity or even a means to a greater police state, the goal might be using Islam to deputize men in controlling culture, controlling the sexual market in a natalist direction and hooking a religion with strict codes of modesty/sexuality back to government support. The elites can use the religion to mold the society without changing a single criminal law, look what they've done to us with Cultural Marxism. Freedom of religion will still exist Muh Constitutionalists but that only means freedom of religion with regards to the government; not from your fellow citizen.

This may be additionally infuriating because the elite's secularization and these problems could have been avoided with sticking to traditional Christianity. The Western elite cannot go back to a Christianity they have dumped on for decades, plus their conversion whether sincere or not, could end the modern hijra pouring from the Middle East. It is an admission of defeat by Western elites who could easily end the battle, but don't want to admit they were wrong to tear down the society of their fathers.

That there adds one last bit that the Western elites would finally get to do that they had no cover for before the Submission. The elites would be able to dynamite every church they saw and send their holiness charitable donations to building mosques rather than "Trans Teen Scholarships". It would be the final breath and death of Western civilization.


Random Dude on the Internet said...

I've joked to my conservative and redpilled friends for a while now that if Hillary wins, I should do a tactical conversion to Islam.

Since we've become a victim-based society, converting to Islam allows evil white cis males the opportunity to join the victim class if they don't want to take hormones or want to have sex with another man. Islam is the perfect happy medium and as you said, you can be a moderate Muslim where you don't have to respect much if any of the customs Islam requires of its adherents. You can have cafeteria Islam where you can have four wives but eat all the pork you want.

This is somewhat in jest but as the victim mentality crystallizes further in the west, there will be more incentives for people to sign up. You can't join a black baptist church or a hispanic catholic church because that would be invading a POC safe space. Mosques seem to be considered OK to get into. As people do more tactical conversions, "alternative" mosques will start popping up where mosques will look more like a Starbucks instead.

If/Once Hillary gets elected, free speech laws will be curbed, especially on the internet, and you will be on a watch list that gets more rigorously enforced than a list of Islamists and Muslims who openly provide support to ISIS. A sad world we live in. That's why I'm still working to get Trump elected, donated as much money as I can, knocking doors, and even signed up to be an "election observer" whatever that is. It's hyperbole every time that each election is the most important but at the risk of sounding naive, it really does seem like we're at a crossroads here.

Orthodox said...

Remember anarcho-tyranny. If right-wing whites convert to Islam they will be put in jail as potential terrorists, or at least expect your life to be completely monitored by the FBI and if you say something alt-rightey the cuckservatives will use it as grounds to harass or even arrest you. You'd have to do a full conversion, but it that case it is easier to go SJW and destroy your political/office enemies for not being leftist enough.

kurt9 said...

Robert Ferrigno wrote a series of novels about a decade ago featuring an Islamic post-U.S. society where the "elites" embraced Islam. The novels are quite good.

The elites are parasites.

Anonymous said...

But so many elites are Jews. Isn't that a wrinkle in the plan?

Anonymous said...

One significant problem is that by converting, elites would actually be giving up power, not holding onto it. Although Islam is not centralized like Roman Catholicism, it is not as decentralized as modern Protestantism.

Arabs have a special place in Islam. The Arabic language is given pride of place, being favored for Koranic study and mandatory for certain prayers. Two of the five pillars involve Arabia: daily prayers are directed toward Mecca and the obligation of pilgrimage to Mecca. The latter obligation especially gives Arabs a significant amount of power, since the Arabs control Mecca.

Although Arabs have not always been the top political players in the Moslem world, they have had a good deal of influence on affairs in the Moslem world. You could characterize Shia Islam as being a reaction against Arab domination. Also notable is that the two most important Moslem civilizations outside of the Arab world (Turkey and Persia) intentionally pursued anti-Islamization policies that effectively worked as anti-Arab. In the case of Turkey, it included the rejection of the Arab script. Imagine if Henry VIII, instead of just seizing the monasteries, had adopted Arabic or Greek letters after breaking with Rome.

Right now the western elite are the high priests of progressivism. Conversion to Islam will remove that authority and subject them to an outside authority. I don't see it happening unless the Moslems in the West are strong enough to begin forcing conversions anyways. The elite aren't the Banu Qasi, old Romans in a Visigothic Spain now fallen to the Moors. They're more like the pagan Romans, exhausted but still on top, converting only when even the plebes refuse to honor their hollow rituals.

So, conversion is possible, but more likely I think to be bottom-up than top-down. An obstacle to bottom-up conversion will be the racialized aspect. Blacks will be the first to convert (they already are). Despite the moaning about the lack of racial consciousness, once Islam becomes associated with blacks, whites won't be eager to convert.

White Prole said...

Maybe you're a overthinking this Ryan, the Western elites have no idea about islam and couldn't care less, it is all about sticking up to the White Racist proles like the German President said recently, they think they can control islam like they control Christianity (hello Vatican II) but I don't see this happening or maybe the elites already control islam and the terror attacks are Operation Gladio false flags to further scare the population in following the EU/NATO/ZOG.

Fenton Skeegs said...

It's one way of looking at it, but I think most of the elites are too shallow to scheme at this level. They don't believe anything bad will happen because their lives have been so free of hardship that they never learned any sense of gravity regarding their actions. No concept of tragedy which needs some idea of a soul to truly understand. Wielding power is all play to them, a fantasy world where everything inevitably works out in the end.

They'll remain ignorant of the threat until the barbarians are at the gate of their mansions with swords drawn.

I've been a reader of this blog for a while and it convinced me to throw my own hat in the ring. I link to 28sherman on my own soapbox.

reluctantreactionary said...

Fascinating analysis Mr. Landry; however, I think you are giving our elite way too much credit. They really are not smart enough to think that far ahead. Imo there are two bigger reasons elites support Muslim immigration. 1. Muslims tend to be brown people and we must not discriminate against brown people. 2. Deflation and/or economic contraction is their worst fear. The globalism 2.0 model of expanding revenues in the developing world has largely run its course, therefore we must import massive numbers of brown people to the west to become consumers, suppress wage inflation, and keep the great bubble afloat.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Islam is a minor player in the current Great Game, a muslim in today's world is a loser and they know it, KSA is a client state from Washington and is forced in a humiliating "Secret" alliance with Israel if they want to survive, don't get too impressed with all the spetacular terrorist attacks, they only happen because the Elite has allowed to happen and they don't care for the serfs.

Anonymous said...

Not surprised it was Michigan doing that. For at least 100 years it has been known as 'Jew U' for all the MOTs that can't get into an Ivy and decided Ann Arbor or Madison were almost as good. My brother sent his daughter to Ann Arbor, I told him they were going to make her into a communist. He got all bent out of shape over what I said. Four years later he tells me he would of never sent her there had he known they were going to make her a commie! He always was the dumb one of my siblings. But he's done well in the medical field; not a doctor, but doing things related. I guess when most of the competition are incompetent females, even a not the sharpest guy can thrive.

Barnabas said...

Fenton Skeegs says above that the elites don't think that far ahead but some clearly do. The Bushs have been intermarrying with hispanics as they seek to merge the USA with Latin America.

Robert What? said...

You are touching on a point I have made numerous times - third world Muslims are the ideal populace for the "elites". They are raised from birth to yield unquestioningly to arbitrary authority. They are easily manipulated. And even though aggressive and hostile when unchallenged, they are easily cowed by the slightest show of force.

Mark Mitchell said...

Anonymous 9:04AM

That hasn't held back the Donmeh. The Al-Saud family seem to have some ties too, though I haven't looked into it. As far as conversos into Islam goes, you could argue that the Shia are the Aryan spirit reasserting itself inside Islam, and many Sunni would say that the Alawites are Christian "Conversos".

Remember the Kalergi plan and the Muslim Brotherhood inroads in the US. If you want a passive, lethargic people, Islam after the second generation after conversion works perfectly. Even if it's bottom up, the effect is still the same.

High Arka said...

Anonymous 9:04 AM, this is a plausible enough scenario because so many elites are "Jews." The Semites will use whichever of their interlinked plagiarized religions are necessary to seize power, be it Judaism v. 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, etc. Your garden variety "Muslim" doesn't wish or believe this, but they're as irrelevant to these sorts of plans as your garden variety "Christian."

The Saudi Royals are racially Jewish and nominally Muslim, and they guzzle alcohol and buttfuck men and never attempt to reconquer Jerusalem from their "hated Jewish enemies" in Israel, or to reclaim the land of Mecca from their "hated Christian enemies" in the form of American military bases. Despite all this, they are still considered Muslim by almost all Muslim peons. It's been simple for them to manage the Muslim world while maintaining public relationships with Israel and the U.S.

Future Semitic elites will be able to pass as "Hispanic" in America, "Chinese" in Asia, or "White" in Russia. They will claim any identity and any religion necessary to keep the show running.

Anonymous said...

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

High Arka said...

Great example from 2:26: the gods of Europe, and the Father of un-edited Christ, have been replaced for most people by the Judaized "Lord" of the revised gospels.

By appending a few selected Gospels to the Torah, then mocking the resulting religion, Jews have engineered a predictable backlash against Judaism that will, dizzyingly, result in the descendants of the conquerors becoming even more attached to the God of the Torah. From our perspective in 2016, it looks ironic, while from the long-term Jewish perspective, it looks completely predictable.

Cecil Henry said...

One problem: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for Everyone IS White Genocide.

The agenda is White Genocide. Period. Diversity=White Genocide.

IT's a crime not a policy option. And 'assimilation' is not the issue. You can 'assimilate' 2 million Chinese and Indians in Vancouver or Toronto and what you have is a non-white city. The Whites are destroyed and lose their right to their identity and control of their nation

1.White people exist.
2. White people have the RIGHT to exist.
3. White people have the RIGHT to exist AS White people in White Communities and Nations.