Monday, August 22, 2016

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood + Reboots

"It's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for kids who don't smell so good..."

That is a modified line from the theme song to PBS's cartoon Daniel Tiger's neighborhood that I substitute an action in for (in this instance "smell so good"). The singer sounds like he is taking a dump while singing or is Jack Johnson. The show is one of the latest in entertainment media recycling old ideas as a framework with crappy, progged content. This show comes with cautions for parents looking for wholesome entertainment.

This is a cartoon that takes the trolley to make believe segment from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and fleshes it out as a full environment. This land of anthropomorphic animals is the full episode. The main characters are the children of the puppets from the original series. The other hand puppets from Mister Rogers' mind are there as parents or guardians to the new leads like Katerina "Meow Meow" Kittycat, O the Owl, and Prince Wednesday. The cast is progged to the maximum, but I'll get to that in a moment.

The timeline for watching this for a parent is as follows:
1. "Oh cool, PBS took the Mister Rogers puppets and put them into a cartoon. Let's check it out."
>nostalgia, enjoy the theme song with your kids and share the experience<
2. "The characters are... annoying but not as bad as Caillou."
3. "Hey why is everyone else in town a minority."
4. "Oh for fucks sake the black girl has a white mom!"
5. "Where are the new episodes for Masha and the Bear?"

If you are a parent of little ones, you are screening your children's entertainment consumption. It is not just a matter of how much but of what. We rely on old cartoons that are not basically outlawed and relegated to uploads on Youtube. When was the last time anyone saw Speedy Gonzalez? It is hard to find a non-progged show, and I have written before on the subtler messaging of some shows.

Daniel Tigers' Neighborhood takes it to a new level with the lessons for the kids not always being the best. Kids learn voting is good! Kids also learn to stomp their feet when mad and odd negotiating skills with parents. The parents, just like in that wretched show Caillou, are horrible beyond belief. They are those parents you give the "WTF" look to at birthday parties and on the playground. Daniel Striped Tiger (the original) grew up to be a fucking SWPL, maybe a STPL, and you want to punch his tiger face for being such a spineless sap.

Side note: We all know there are college girls who watch this or young moms who end up roleplaying Katerina's "meow meow" vocal tic in bed, especially if wearing a sexy cat Halloween costume. This would make a good SNL sketch where married couples end up unknowingly roleplaying stuff from kids' shows because they have heard it so much or knowingly do it for fun.

One can see PBS definitely knows the viewers will be white kids so the key assumption is to default Daniel, a tiger, as behaviorally white. A clue on this is when his sister is born she has blue eyes. This does make the prog casting of the town make sense from a progressive point of view. The showrunners build a diverse cast around the "white" lead. There is the mestizo Hispanic baker, the black teacher, the black small businessman, the Indian female doctor and the little black girl who has a white mom. This is good old fashioned conditioning. One can easily tell this is fiction not because the white mom of the biracial girl is thin but because the black female teacher never once yells at the kids or accuses them of racism.

Unplug. You can try your best. A full embargo is hard, but even if you allow for some, the fear is not violence or sexual content but of prog messaging. The poz runs deep. At one point they showed the Hispanic baker mixing a bowl, going right up to the "camera" and saying in his accent "You too can be any-ting joo want to be!". Then the realization hits in that these reboots are not reboots.

All of these reboots are terrible prog memes and storylines that the entertainment industry knows won't sell so they need to wrap them in a brand to pull in easy viewers and have a baseline audience. Ghostbusters was atrocious, but with the social media marketing tying it to Clinton's first female president campaign, we get the message. A reboot just means built in audience to subsidize their shit product. Media spreads the new religion via stories as we gather in groups to watch, which is not too different from going to church on Sunday to hear stories as a group.

One reboot or progged adaptation that is overlooked for awfulness and proggification was 1999's "Wild Wild West". This was black cowboy storyline versus the evil Confederate. It is nothing like the television show it was an adaptation of. Here is the plot summary first paragraph lunacy.
In 1869 U.S. Army Captain James West and U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon hunt for Confederate General "Bloodbath" McGrath, who is wanted for mass murder, throughout the Southern United States. This is due to McGrath ordering a massacre in a settlement called New Liberty, where many of the freed slaves were murdered, including West's biological parents.

This was a comedic black revenge fantasy. The film bombed. One might simply consider it a failure due to the bad plot and ridiculous finale with the big metal spider, but it had Will Smith who was guaranteed box office gold in that era. The television show itself was a cheesey spy-Western mash up with one fantastic villain, Miguelito Loveless (played by a dwarf). It seemed an odd property to reboot, but had some fans built in. It bombed because it was a black cowboy comedic revenge flick. This was the first SJW reboot flop but we did not know it yet. We did not know the reboot with minority/woman/gay inserted trend would kick into high gear. From what I read, the new Spiderman movie might as well be white teen navigates a city high school infested with minorities not Spiderman: Homecoming.

This is where we are at with children's entertainment. The messaging starts young. If your television advertisements are now thirty seconds of poz, then your blockbusters can be two hours of poz. They'll use your favorite fictional universe from your childhood, but just prog it enough. Ghostbusters or Daniel Tiger, the delivery method is the same. These progged reboots don't sell, but the regime is willing to take a financial hit just to have the message out there. This is the key difference between the big money on the Left vs. Right. Left understands taking a loss is worth it simply by controlling the platform. If it is good for adults, why not start them young?

It's Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood for kids who don't read so good...


Toddy Cat said...

I know that it's just a stupid kid's show, that it's only a drop in the bucket in the ocean of poz we are all drowning in, and that, in the grand scheme of things, it's nothing, but....

God, I hate these people.

peterike said...

Speaking of Pozzed entertainment, there was a great bit that Heartiste tweeted out:

This has been going on for a long, long time, and yes, it's been very deliberate the whole way. The excuse from the "entertainment" industry has always been "we just give people what they want," but that's a lie. It's propaganda and mind washing all the way down.

NZT said...

"These progged reboots don't sell,"

Most of the time you're dead right, but SW7 made a ton of money and is probably the most successful example of this kind of strategy yet. Looks like they're doubling down on the "scowling androgynous feminist chick surrounded by minorities" shtick for the next one too.

Son of Brock Landers said...

NZT - I read a thing that said SW7 was guaranteed to make money on the toy sales alone. I did also see that the new star wars did add in an even more androgynous chick as the lead in the new one but the first trailer tested so poorly that they reshot 40% of the movie and refocused the film to be about the crew that steals the plans.