Friday, July 22, 2016

Trump's Speech and SM Preview 51

Trump's speech was a cross between what you find on Radix, on Social Matter, at Heartiste's place and at Steve Sailer's blog. There was some pandering, but it read like a mix-up of all of those sources. This was a repudiation of not just W's GOP, but the last forty years of the GOP. In between the lines, you can see the real reason why the media is freaking out: this is junking the empire as it stands now. The regime needs and wants that empire to stand. External is connected to internal.

Thiel teed Trump up by specifically citing that instead of Mars we went to fight in the middle east. Thiel spoke of rebuilding America. A great comment was how Thiel said everywhere in the past was high tech in America, and he makes a great point that points to technological stagnation. We have advances now, but where is the average level of tech in the distributed economy? America had many sources of manufacturing and scientific research and development in the past. Now we have Silicon Valley as the flashy focal point.

The media has been painting Trump a racist to scare aware whites who give a shit and blacks who maybe bump the GOP line up to 15% instead of 5%. The media has also been calling Trump a loose cannon who will start wars when his policy points in contrast to everyone else is one of pacifism. Strong, yes, secure, sure, but not seeking the fight. No more nation building. No more regime change. Build back home... change the regime back home. This is a man seeking the presidency who wants to dial back the USG empire.
Trump's speech in contrast to Ted Cruz's antics reveals the split in the Beltway versus the ground floor in America. The disconnect is revealed by one man planning for four years out thinking it will go back to 2004, and one man knowing four years out is going to be a different world.

Where does this go? We will see. Win or lose, nothing will be the same again. This might be the most telling point.

We didn't see this big a collective freakoutin the media after 9/11.
— Fred Oathill(@Oathill80) July 22, 2016


I had nothing at Social Matter last week as I had a vacation with family. Of course the world decided to continue to unravel with terror attacks, cop killings and coups. This week I will tackle how some of those things tie together, and next week's Weimerica Weekly is either on the PokemonGo phenomenon or a conversation I had with a pop culture reaction/altright writer. We will see.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Awesome speeches by everyone. Very impressive.

sykes.1 said...

The primaries were a repudiation of the Republican leadership and commentariat. The political careers of Cruz, Kasich (whom I voted for), Rubio, the Bushes, Kristol, Krauthammer, Podheretz and many, many others are over.

Burl ivy said...

Conservative government does not work. Just look at Mississipi. You guys need to read Leonard Pitts

reluctantreactionary said...

I keep expecting Trump to moderate his positions, yet he keeps doubling down. I think he is moving to the right of where he intended to go. Current events are destroying the media narrative and Trump is just riding the wave. How far will he really go? Fun times.