Friday, July 01, 2016

Traitors + SM Review-Preview 50

Traitors. Treason. It is not a light subject to bring up. It might as well be time to start mentioning it. Not just online, please throw it out into the open. Every vote in the West comes down to this:

Natives vs. a smaller batch of Natives + non-natives of any stripe.

Look at Brexit. Outside of Sikhs, every single imported group voted for Remain by an overwhelming amount. It is allegiance to the globalist system that enables transnational shifting of populations. If the act of voting is just warfare without bullets fired, then it is time to mention who is lining up in the legions for each side. Look at the two sides, and let me know who looks British, who looks French, who looks American.

It is time to be very open about the Left's diversity around the West. If they want to say they are diverse, yes, agree and amplify. "Why yes white prog, you guys are so diverse, white liberals, underclass blacks that commit half of all American murders, Mexicans who just got here but colonized California, Muslims who arrived even more recently and carve out enclaves, recent immigrant Asians... who is next, what oddball group will you suck in to win goodies and new sexual rights?"

Agree and amplify. The Bernie-Hillary split taught us that the white liberals are growing suspicious that their pets are not voting as the good whites think they should. Make them uncomfortable.


Last week I wrote on the purges in China performed by Xi Jinping. Xi is attempting not just an ordinary power reshuffling but a widespread reform of the Chinese system as well as protecting intellectual sovereignty. Weimerica Weekly was on the Blue State Model. I also skewered Thomas Frank for bemoaning the results of the model without noticing the Left's new alliance of voters.

This week I am writing about how the State Dept tried to end the Vietnam war in 1963 but the Blue Empire vs. Red Empire war prevented them from realizing their goals until over ten years later. Weimerica Weekly next week should have an interview.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Savages are gonna savage. That is their nature.

Genuine hatred is reserved for White traitors and collaborators, including the European women who so publicly welcome migrant-invaders in Europe. These people deserve death.

In the current situation, in light of the coming conflict, we can't afford to tolerate these elements.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Agree with this sentiment. I said on twitter, I'd treat white liberals seeking our cover like Stalin did retreating forces. Too late traitors.

Anonymous said...

How do you see Intelllectual Soveignity in China? The Chinese regime should promote the traditional Chinese religions and not only Nationalism? Its Christianity and especially and Evangelicalism a American "Trojan Horse" connected with the CIA?

Evangelicals are the foot soldiers of the Judeo-American Empire in Latin-American and maybe other places.

Toddy Cat said...

I'll be interested to see your comment on Vietnam. And yes, you're absolutely right about State. They did their best to lose Vietnam from the get-go, but thanks to the bravery and skill of American soldiers, the basic anti-Communism of the South Vietnamese (many of whom had fled from the North, and knew what was coming) and the patriotism of Middle America, it took them over a decade. Mission accomplished, though. Too bad about the 2.5 million murdered in SE Asia by their Commie friends, but omelettes and eggs and all, you know...

Rhetocrates said...

Point of order: the Sikhs are not an anomaly. They're just acculturated. They belong in Britain, and nobody's going to kick them out.

Sure, their great-great-grandparents didn't live in the UK, but their grandparents did.