Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Frustration of Immigration

There is a simple frustration with immigration that neither side can openly discuss. One cannot because if they did so, the game would be revealed. The other cannot because it would be racist... even if describing ethnicities or religious groups. Racist is the ultimate shouting point to stop discussion and slap a scarlet letter on someone. The frustration is the official sanctioning of groups rolling into home territory that have a lower level of civilization.

America is not a growing nation with a smaller but growing economy and wide open space. America is a developed nation with an extremely mature economy and a closed frontier. Europe is this even moreso than America. I've written before on the contrast of where America was then versus now. There was still massive friction and tension that placed strain on society as well as our cities' infrastructure when we took in southern and eastern euros after the Civil War and before 1924. America was a much different place, economy and society then adding in groups that shared in the European history that Americans hailed from as well.

While these groups were different, the concept that they could build civilizations on par with American and other Euro traditions was believable. Westerners can see the Middle East, sub-Sahara Africa and Central America and know those civilizations are not on par. These immigrants are not coming in and building amazing neighborhoods or cute enclaves that hipsters would move into. This is the idea of favelas and slums of Cairo, Lagos and Guatemala popping up in your state or in your city. Stepping off the resort in Mexico, you will see the shanty towns. If it is our Lord's year of 2016, how come they cannot build even 1950s Levittown style developments of small homes? Why does the cartels Mexican society not allow or encourage even that? Why bring that here?

This is for votes and a socioeconomically weaker population that cannot threaten the elite. By owing their existence in host nations to the elite, they won't challenge the elite's insane ideological wishes. There is no argument in the elite's favor that is not feeding the bottom line of big capital and securing votes. This filters down to our daily conversations and debates where the Faceborg level open borders supporters' argument rests on "food" and "diversity iz gud", which they put into practice by getting Thai and Indian once a month and having one coworker they got a drink with that is an immigrant. This frustration builds as natives that care and those aware increasingly look at net negative immigrants as occupiers of space. Is this what the Left will replace our civilization with: shanty towns and slums? No one trusts the Left's academic system to coach the third world up.

This reveals an extra horrendous reason for the elite's drive to cut a people off from their past. If you are taught to be ashamed of where you came from and the ancestors that toiled to build your community, you will feel as much if not more allegiance and solidarity to and with the man who arrived on a plane or long march than the person whose parents were raised alongside yours. The true conflict between the two tribes of the home nation feeds the building anger between those who have hopscotch loyalties with as alien a people as possible versus those who value kith and kin.

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Alexandros HoMegas said...

"America is a developed nation with an extremely mature economy and a closed frontier. Europe is this even moreso than America."

The Western countries already have a mature economy, they can't grow much more beyond but the elites want 3rd worlders to be their new low wage workers, probably not even that, just benifits collectors.

How de this is will end? I was expecting the next decade to be when the things get serious in the West bu with the monthly attacks in France, cop shooting in America and a Paki mayor in London I think we might see a backlash before 2020.