Friday, July 29, 2016

The DNC + SM Review-Preview 52

Anger, frustration and disaffected feelings at the DNC were exhibited by mostly whites who could afford the trip to support their socialist candidate, Bernie Sanders. The minorities will come out and pull the lever for Clinton as any Democrat. The hard core prog vote will as well. The fear is losing a few % nationwide of blue-working class whites that supported Bernie in strategic states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Florida. The DNC may have looked in disarray, but part of this is the bubble of politically tuned whites. This smoothed out by the final two days.

Joe Biden would have been the perfect "boil the white frog' candidate for the Democrats. He just did not have the power base that Clinton did and Bernie would've split the anti-Clinton vote with him. Biden took one for the team really for his son Hunter. Hunter, corrupt crony already, will need establishment support for a future in the party as a straight white male in a party that may soon make that illegal for its candidates. The rest of the speakers were meh. Obama should be the ultimate disillusionment tool for pro-democracy people. If they cannot see the fraud with Obama 2016 versus Obama 2008, then they are deluded on a cult level.

There was something especially creepy about the DNC. Hispanics. Not Hispanics as a group, but how the DNC used them. It was basically wombs, lawbreaking and an awkward old white prog speaking middling high school español. W actually spoke decent Spanish, but he would not do that at a convention. The Hispandering was off the charts. Wrapping this all up into one idea, the DNC was gloating about their importation of third worlders into America to occupy space, have little niños, and provide the ruling class (awkward old white progs) with power.

That is the high-low. That is as transparent as it gets. It means their work is almost done if not done so already. There is a strong possibility white progs will either dwindle in numbers or look on in horror in four or eight years when the DNC is speaking in Spanish with awkward phrasing in English. With the stream of black hoodlums' moms speaking as proper victims for the victim party, the future might just be Democrats are blacks, sex freaks, Muslims, Spanish La Raza types, and their WASP-Jew handlers.

There was one vibe I could not shake reading reviews of the nights' events. The DNC 2016 echoed the RNC of 2004. Pro-intervention, neocon approved, pro-big business, pro-opportunity, Hispanic outreach emphasized, pro-empire, and the idea of being stodgy humorless bastards all make the comparison work. There are distinct differences, but it was a vibe I couldn't shake. Maybe that re-alignment continues to the point where the Christian cucks switch to the DNC, and the DNC goes pro-life? Nah, that can't happen, right?

These are just a few possibilies because you could pitch me anything for a decade from now, and I would listen and give it a fair hearing.


Last week's essay was on the problem that globalists face as their system offers people no meaning. This allows for self-radicalization via loose tribe based movements due to a desperate yearning for some meaning. Weimerica Weekly covered PokemonGo. Some people were surprised I was slightly positive about the game, but most of these PokemonGo weird stories have a bittersweet nature to them. People, sadly, need a game to get them to interact but at least they are interacting and breaking their routines.

This week I will cover this Trump-Russia thing but from a completely different angle. I do not think Trump is a Russian Manchurian Candidate. That is just the latest dumb idea as the media attempts to slap a label of "bad" on him. There could be something much deeper at work and using our worldview framework, makes more sense. Weimerica Weekly should be an interview with someone discussing the odd version of fame we see around us. I am trying to edit and fix the audio on the interview so it might be bumped another week, but we will see. Have a great weekend.


Red Wine said...

"Obama should be the ultimate disillusionment tool for pro-democracy people. If they cannot see the fraud with Obama 2016 versus Obama 2008, then they are deluded on a cult level"

Could you explain this, please? I think I get what you are saying but I would like clarification.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Black guy supposedly anti-war and anti-1% elected to presidency.

Black guy as president bombs everywhere, doesn't do anything about the 1% or banksters and also, blacks are still fucked.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

If the DNC failed to unify the party, they won't be able to by November. #neverhillary is still going strong in a way that #nevertrump was able to. It will be a rallying cry for millions of Bernie supporters. It would be a mistake to assume that all 13 million Sanders primary voters will stay home, vote Trump, or vote for a third party but at least a couple million for sure. Current polling has Oregon and Michigan closer than anyone would have guessed. Donald Trump realistically may be able to flip those two states as part of an electoral landslide where he captures the rust belt and a couple of New England states.

The Democrats are on the defensive and the Russia accusations aren't resonating with the public. People like akinokure and Scott Adams have been predicting a landslide for some time and between now and the first debate is when we get to see this in motion: an increasingly desperate Democrat party trying to throw whatever at Donald Trump in hopes something may stick. Unfortunately as a result of desperation, we will likely see Soros funded riots in the coming weeks, which means more dead cops. This will only harden the resolve of the Trump camp and rally the base.

Portlander said...

Saw your tweet suggesting Trump is the Manchurian Candidate for bankruptcy. Yep, could be.

I've been trying to figure out what will be the other shoe dropping with him. There's just too much hero-worship going on in the right-o-sphere and history says leaders always disappoint. It's Biblical. Bankruptcy may be it. On the other hand, he's not a career politician, so maybe he is 100% honest in his intentions: build a Wall, throw out the illegals, and bring overseas jobs back state-side.

The thing is, those are going to come with some very painful economic adjustments. Part of the problem of the last 8, nay 16, nay 30+ years has been the ham-handed refusal to make peace with economic disinflation on account of technological improvement. Economic Policy of the last 90 years has taken exponential growth as its given. That has reached its limit and instead of gracefully adjusting to a new normal, policy makers have tried harder and harder (burned more and more seed corn) to keep the good times of the old model going.

Well, ultimately there is going to be a shake-out and assets are going to return to their historical norms wrt the incomes that can support them. For housing, that means the median house costs 3x the median family income. Good luck with that for anyone currently buying in a blue-state metro.

Portlander said...

BTW, your styrofoam cake tweet was HILARIOUS. If that doesn't deserver a 100 likes, and a retweet from Le Chateau nothing does.

Though it did cause me to throw up a little bit in the back of my mouth.

(I can't like it myself, as I don't have a burner twitter accnt, and, like Scott Adams, I have to live in this town. Bern-bots give me a little bit of cover, but one has to be vigilant.)

AureliusMoner said...

The trick should be to push hard to radicalize the non-whites against the white elites in the Democratic party. To some extent, this is already happening; the snafu with Sanders showed all of the committed progressives that the DNC is not their party, but a party whose establishment will fight for globalist interests every time and by every means. If they go and stay gone, this reduces the whites in the party to essentially only a few hardcore cynics like the Clintons, a few union clingers, and the zombified, aging sluts of Weimerica.

We all know that blacks and latinos, for the most part, aren't big on social liberalism. To the extent that they have submitted to it, it will be frightfully easy to get them off of it by pointing out (over and over, as we should) that social liberalism is the liberalism of their Judaeo-WASP, colonial overlords, and in no way represents the real values of their peoples. We should encourage their revolt against the privileged, patronizing, moral lectures of their would-be WASP and Jew handlers, until they proudly say things like, "El aborto no es lo que somos," and "Privileged White bitches need to shut they mouths, move to the back, and make way for the wymmynzyz of color whose babies and baby-daddies be killin' the poh-leece."

With luck, the Neocons and Progressive Goodwhites will find themselves pushed out from both parties into the cold, leaving only two major political groups: a mainstreamed, nationalist party of the remnant of sensible whites (still substantial), and a fractious, easily conquered coalition of not quite formidable opponents. We can probably show the progressives themselves that it would be morally right to consent to their own political suicide, since it's only right that they should not force the hordes of colored folk to listen to their whitesplaining any longer. I mean, they DO believe all their jive about privilege and "shut up and listen," right?

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"The future might just be Democrats are blacks, sex freaks, Muslims, Spanish La Raza types, and their WASP-Jew handlers."

Its the present.

Anonymous said...

And always will be by virtue of????

Tiny Duck said...

Leonard Pitts lays the smackdown!:

November, then, is not just an election, but a moment of truth. We are called to decide whether to affirm our nation’s promises, and thus validate the faith and sacrifice of families like the Khans, or whether to burn it all to ash in the fire of our own anger and fear.

And that’s something else that shouldn’t even be close.