Sunday, July 24, 2016

Social Matter - Meaning, Globalism and Death

This week's essay is up at Social Matter. It is on the system the progs have created allowing for disaffected elements to seek meaning through negative outlets to their tribe's struggle. Nationalism and Globalism will continue to duel. One thing I wrote on in December and strongly recommend you consider with regards to Islam is that their jihad is the struggle for the caliphate so while a clash of civilizations between Islam and the West, it's not Islam vs. Christianity. It is Islam vs. the Cathedral/Regime. The regime will have its hands full as more jihads (struggles) collect within its domain.


paworldandtimes said...

Your Social Matter essays are first rate and this one was a grand slam. I remember reading "Mcworld vs Jihad" in 1997. It was on my girlfriend's grad school syllabus.

If you and I ever happen to sit down over a couple of beers, the first thing I'd talk to you about is time management. I aim to publish a quality post at minimum twice a week -- but there is work, the commute, family time, and then scraps of time to write something.


Angry Midwesterner said...

Quality writing once again. In a saner world, you would be well compensated for the writing and not your 9-5 job in financial services or whatnot. Without your writings, I wouldn't be able to properly describe the Weimerica I see in the sick, not just physically but spiritually.
People crave community, and it turns out the McWorld just doesn't cut it for most. Even the muzzies at my hospital can see that, with a few closet Trumpsters amongst them

Gwoobus Harmon said...

They take in just enough Western culture to make themselves feel unfulfilled and empty, same as Europeans consuming the toxic culture.

Whereas Europeans form "weimarica" responses (food, porn, video games, sports, mindless entertainment, etc...) to bury the agony - Islam offers a way to deal with the despondency aggressively and redemptively.

Very acute analysis.