Sunday, July 10, 2016

Social Matter - Hidden History: America's Attempt At Restarting The Spanish Civil War

New essay at Social Matter is up. This is another skipped over bit of history. In WW2 many odd things happened thst are forgotten or memory holed. This one is what is called the OSS's biggest blunder/failure of the war.

I am on vacation so posting will be spotty and there will be no Social Matter Sunday post next week.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

"George Racey Jordan (January 4, 1898, New York - May 5, 1966, Los Angeles) was an American military officer, businessman, lecturer, activist, and author. He first gained nationwide attention in December 1949 when he testified to the United States Congress about wartime Lend-Lease deliveries to the Soviet Union, in the process implicating Harry Hopkins and other high officials in the transfer of nuclear and other secrets to the USSR."

"In 1913, Hopkins married Ethel Gross, a Hungarian-Jewish immigrant active in New York City's Progressive movement. They had three sons: David, Robert, and Stephen,[27] and though Gross divorced Hopkins in 1930,[28] shortly before Hopkins became a public figure, [29] the two kept up an intimate correspondence until 1945."

The center of the Communist conspiracy wasn't Moscow but NYC, the Roosevelt administration is what made the Soviet Union into a industrial superpower, the Jewish connection between Churchill, Roosevelt and the Soviets is clear for anyone to see.

Toddy Cat said...

American for Democratic Action, the liberal advocacy group, was still calling for the U.S. to support the "Spanish Government in Exile" (i.e, the Commies) in the early fifties. Some people never give up...

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"As history is reviewed and the tertiary effects come to light, the American win in World War II looks increasingly like a win for International Communism."

The objective of WWII was to save Communism from destruction and criminalize Nationalism/Fascism, we still have many former Communist positions of power in the World today but no Fascists.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Back in the '90s about 20+ years ago, when the internet first got started, I used to troll Abe Lincoln Brigade veterans and their family members online, which, I'm happy to say, caused them distress. I noted at the time how proud and unrepentant these old mofos were about their service, but there was also a lot of bitterness.

I hope you're enjoying your vacation. Happily awaiting your field report(s).