Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Progressive Approved Colonialism

In the progressive world, colonialism is bad. It is only ever European colonialism that is discussed and considered the most wretched form of cultural warfare on the planet. Forget Arab, Mongol, Chinese, etc. colonial expansion. Colonialism is blamed for Africa's decolonization ills. Colonialism is even used as a comparison for gentrification. Colonialism is wicked.

Except for progressive implemented colonialism. While the American southwest is undergoing an occupation, there is a much more overt form of colonialism in the West. Immigration policies that settle thousands or millions of supposed refugees are an active representation of colonialism. Consider the definition: political control of an area, occupying it with settlers and exploiting the area economically. This is a progressive definition, but it applies. The most disgusting example of how our modern day immigration policies have turned into full throttle colonialism is in Sweden.

A tiny Swedish island with a population of 137 souls will house a 2,000 person migrant centre with modular housing. This is as blatant as one can get. After assuming power and destroying the republics of the West, the progressives changed the post-war immigration policies. The political victors occupied our governments and have steadily occupied territory with third world settlers beholden to the regime. These settlers vote for the regime's inner party, which then can divvy up the economic goods and steer economic policy to push more of GDP towards its cronies and patrons.

Sending 2,000 migrants to an island of 137 is nothing but flooding an area with an alien culture and population. Something tells me the institutional, architectural and medical wonders that old colonialism brought to the third world will not spring forth from the third world migrants settled the island. If lucky, the Swedish government or Saudi royal family will kick money to the island to build a mosque.

This is colonialism. This is progressive approved. This is meant to ensure their power. The regime thinks they can manage it. Decolonization resulted in the deaths of millions. Let us hope this new colonization process does not result in more.


Jeffery said...

Did anyone hear Michelle Obama'a speech.

What a perfect first lady

mberezowski said...

Finally this is being addressed. What it amounts to is a more efficient and easier colonialism. We don't need to send the missionaries to distant lands. We'll just bring the uncivilized here. Hell, we don't have to build anything for the newly colonized, it's already done.