Monday, July 18, 2016

Cop Killer Similarities

As America turned to its smartphones and tablets to follow the news out of Baton Rogue, an interesting pattern emerged. First, the media and leftists asked that no one jump to conclusions. No, no, do not make any guesses as to what or who shot and killed multiple cops. Sure, there were protests nightly in Baton Rogue after St. Alton's death, and sure the New Black Panther Party set up a chapter there Saturday, but do not jump to conclusions. The pattern hardened by nightfall.

Once the name was revealed and a connection to sovereign citizens was made, the media (Murdoch Empire Wall Street Journal included) tried to paint the shooting as an anti-government, even white supremacist, connection. Wrong. Chuck Ross did a spectacular job of going through the shooter's online trail. The shooter was a former military member. The shooter was black. The shooter had the Afro-centric, back to African roots bit, and the shooter hated crackers and wanted to shoot cops.

The shooter was extremely similar to the shooter in Dallas, "Micah X". Here is where it gets weird. Baton Rogue shooter Gavin Long, who went by Cosmo too, was in Dallas on the day of the shooting. The Baton Rogue shooter made no Youtube video on the day of the Dallas shooting. He also had a friend make a weird Facebook post on his behalf. He then started making videos where he said he was affiliated with no groups and that he was on a book tour. Gavin Long then wore a body cam and streamed his actions around the Gulf Coast handing out copies of his book for free and educating people.

Mr. Long was an author, and if you go through his website, his Instagram account and his Twitter profile, he sounds like old Roosh and Heartiste connected Virgile Kent who started "Nexxt Level Up". The similarities there include "Cosmo" had a pitch of "Level Up Your Life" and called his way of life the "Alpha Preneur". How many PUA guys are angry that they did not think that one up themselves? Nexxt Level Up and Virgile seemed to have suffered an Internet death, so at least there is no hotep killer future there.

What we know now is that two men, at least two men, shot and killed cops in ambush situations. There are a variety of coincidences. There were reports from Dallas that multiple people were involved and some made getaways. It will be interesting to see if there is any connection. Does it make the situation worse or better? Connection or no, there is a massive danger in the creation and manipulation of any bloc in America to feel the persecution that blacks feel and have, for all intent and purposes, blessing from the media and authorities to vent those feelings. This is only going to get worse.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Ain't That Weimerica.

Pass the popcorn.

paworldandtimes said...

Two puzzling things about the phenomenon: one, it targets cops, we don't hear much about attacks on White civilans. Two, in what possible way (assuming BLM is incited by the current administration) does alienating the police benefit the regime?


Alexandros HoMegas said...

The Turner Diaries are coming true.

Portlander said...

one, it targets cops, we don't hear much about attacks on White civilans

what way does alienating the police benefit the regime?

The regime has to keep a fine point on it. The goal is gun control, not an actual race war.

Mainstream whites don't care when blacks kill each other, but if blacks start killing police those mainstream whites will care and will be far more amenable to W. European-style gun control.

And since the attacks are limited to police there's less risk of blacks offing some white guy, or worse white woman, with an extended family that decides it is time that they must seek their own vigilante justice. That's how things escalate to race wars, and ultimately the worst possible thing for Globalist Inc.: shutting down immigration.

Anonymous said...

The regime wants many things.

One is gun control.

Another is divide and conquer. Middle and lower class blacks and whites turned against each other, Trump and Hillary/Obama supporters turned against each other, no-one looking at the big crimes--banking, TPP, etc.

Another is the federalization of local police forces. In many places local police forces are white, they are conservative, they are vets, they are trained, etc. A dangerous, competing source of power not yet fully owned by FedGov. They've armed them to the teeth, but the police don't really work for the Inner (Blue) party of FedGov. If this spins out of control, expect to see the Feds move in to take over local police forces. Purging white Irish cops and installing more black cops. Who are grateful enough to FedGov for the job and the pension that they will gladly turn on the pepole in ways current cops might not.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

" no-one looking at the big crimes--banking, TPP, etc."

You can add the escalation for WWIII, I honestly think is a real possibility now.

stengle said...

One of the key elements in today's government is to use the phrase "lone wolf" to excuse any attacks. It suits the powers-that-be to insist that nothing is co-ordinated or planned by an organisation, so these people are incredibly good at acting alone. If as they maintain any act of terrorism whether by bomb, truck or sniper are done by people with no connection to anyone or anything else then they the government (who claims to be wise in all things) will argue they cannot pre-empt them.

Now if these attacks were co-ordinated and controlled by a group -- and indeed supplied by outsiders -- the relevant question would be "Why didn't you know about this group?" But a lone wolf magically makes the government exempt from any criticism.

Expect to increasingly see a lot more lone wolves popping up here and there, though the lone wolves may not think they are acting alone.