Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Note On Trump's Nomination

Last night the convention went through the formalities of officially determining the nominee. Hadn't #NeverTrump promised a floor fight? Hadn't they promised to force a second vote when the delegates wouldn't be bound? Hadn't they huffed and puffed like always only to back down? Yes. It was over. Trump had won. There is a long road ahead, and Trump will most likely show how the leviathan in DC must be burned to the ground in its entirety, but this was a start.

To all, the nights of Iowa through Florida were magical. Whether tweets, DMs or Chatroomscompletely amazing. Destroyed a party.
— SOBL1 (@SOBL1) July 20, 2016
The above tweet started a thread that is much more sentimental than I get on Twitter. It was genuine. Politics is theatre or sports entertainment for the unathletic, but Trump made us doubt. There was something fantastic about watching a bunch of trolls and cynical bastards tune into debates and analyze them. Chatrooms were legitimately on fire to see if the Trump would be stumped. The best nights were those first few primaries. The hardest trolls on the earth were anxious kids about the results. I swear the Virginia primary results were the most anticipated "Just fucking call it" moments of the entire season.

It was still about the man, big T. Trump got on that stage and laid into Jeb Bush, and without Jeb, Trump doesn't win. Trump needed a foil. Jeb became Trump's white whale, and for those of us who wished the GOP destroyed, Jeb was our white whale. The $150 million was shoved in our face as proof that donors were out of touch and would buy the nomination. Every insult, every dismissal of Jeb's sincerity or motives due to his Mexican wife, and every mention of Jeb's 3% in the polls was a swipe at the entire Bush dynasty and legacy. Observing your tweets and messages, it was like a group therapy session where someone started to yell at their abuser and the rest of the room chipped in.

As I stated on Twitter, everyone mattered. Chicano Studies Major at MPC coined the term cuckservative, and it has blown up to the point where the GOPe losers tried to claim it like fags did with queer. Memes, images, nicknames, it was magic. Rick Wilson talked about masturbation on television. Other journalists lost it on television. Jews ran to the NY Times and other media outlets to complain about nobody accounts taunting them. Marco Rubio's campaign was destroyed by his robotic behavior, Trump gently reminding everyone Rubio was a choke artist, and real life trolls dressing as robots chasing Rubio around. Ricky Vaughn went from a guy with 300 followers who was funny to an officially listed election influencer. I know the encouraging DMs I received were a boost, and I can only imagine what Ricky received.

People didn't think it would happen but those nights watching results, there was suspense. Messaging was intense. Everyone became an analyst. People dug deep into county results. All the while, taunting pundits at every turn. Ben Howe got a divorce and I legitimately worried someone would bully him into a suicide. Erick Erickson had a security detail. It ran both ways. In between lulz, "the winning", and Trump getting the Pope to BTFO, there were times where it got rough. Hate mail and death threats come people's way. Ricky got threats. DemsRRealRacist almost quit. Ricky Vaughn has transcended trolling and is a brand now (like Weev). DemsRRealRacist is the last political comedian in America.

This doesn't end. This is the beginning. The Left is firmly in power and has such totalitarian control that every big business does what the Left politically wants. They control the megaphone, the schools, and are the regime. Reality is getting in the way though. Their minority pets aren't behaving. The Narratives are crumbling faster. The white Left are humorless Puritans. They are unhappy people who seek status and joy through having a slice of political power and feeling they are righteous... right before they pop SSRIs and enjoy a scheduled cuddle class before going home to their cats and Internet porn. The Left, this regime, finally has an opponent that is willing to fight back and have fun doing it.

Happy hunting.


paworldandtimes said...

What a fantastic thing to read. Thanks SOBL!


ARoss said...

It was Eloh at MPC who coined the term Cuckservative, before his untimely death. RIP Eloh!

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

It's been highly satisfying seeing the Alt-Right revolution roll on.

This is a great time to be alive!

Tomorrow belongs to us.

Angry Midwesterner said...

The past year has been a revelation. The squirming from the liberals has been entertaining, but the shrieks from the Cucks have been what I lived for. At some point in January, their misery became more important to me in so many ways.
Knowing their attitude, expect some revisionist history, Cuck edition, to come in the next few years. It'll be like the 70s, first wave will talk about their proud moderation against Goldwater, next wave will embrace, the future will be filled with lies about how they were with Trump to begin with.

sykes.1 said...

Cruz, Kasich, Rubio and Bush all signed pledges to support the nominee. They all lied. They, and the other RAT's, are dead to the Republican base. Their political careers are over.

Portlander said...

the shrieks from the Cucks have been what I lived for

Amen to that!

One thing that has struck me about the convention this week is the way Trump's family's broad involvement there speaks to Sailer's Affordable Family Formation. Palin tapped into this, and while I've not seen anyone else discuss it, I think Trump is doing so similarly by trotting out his (feels like) dozen kids at every turn.

I'll say, at the local level the Globalist/Nationalist divide is easily seen in the number of children one has. <1.1 kids and that person is a Prog ready to invite the world to take care of them in old age for minimum wage and buy their house for 3x what they paid for it. >2.9 natural-born kids (religious Cucks adopting foreign aborigines are the exceptions here) and that person is a True-Con more concerned about whether there will be any jobs and decent places to live for their children when they become adults.

Now that I think about it, it is kind of surprising how mum Sailer has been on this point. He was all over it all the time in '08 and '12.