Monday, June 20, 2016

The Thorny Issue of Rape

Blog.Jim receives plenty of flak from different crowds. He recently wrote a fantastic post on the tricky modern issue of rape in the West. Please read it as it moves beyond the subject and into deeper issues of male and female relationships, abdication of duty and the dysfunction in the marital markets today. There are many great points in his post, and he wonderfully uses the "Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus" old timey oped.

I do have some points on this rape issue because things have moved completely bonkers on campus, which means it will be completely bonkers everywhere within a decade. Some of this is feedback from ADAs I know that prosecute and look at "regret victims" with disbelief compared to stranger rape victims.

1. If we will continue to allow the regret crowd to destroy any man they regret sleeping with, we need to turn rape into a crime classification that has multiple levels like murder. This crushes prosecutors as they know juries are going to think twice before convicting a guy and sentencing him to 25 years for rape in a he said/she said. The cold reality is that women want to hear from another person, preferably a woman with some type of authority that she is "not a slut for what she did".

2. A crisis hotline worker in a +1 mil metro area with a giant public university explained to me that there was rape-rape with 90% of hospitalized victims being city blacks and hookers and then 10% non-black/hooker and then the phone call "regret-rape" crowd that was 90% white drunk girls and 10% non-white. Those phone call college girls could barely remember what happened and just wanted someone to listen and say "you're not a slut".

3. There is legitimate anger at violent stranger rape not resulting in 25 year sentences because the witness would not testify or whatnot. This results in DAs pleaing things down to criminal confinement and sexual battery, which then means 4-6 years for a sentence. In a more reasonable time, those men would be dead. We cannot be reasonable because to do so would disparately impact a progressive voting coalition member bloc.

4. Sorry ladies, you wanted liberation but don't want to deal with the consequences nor can handle the freedom. The rest of us now have to reconfigure society around this because the people at the levers of control want this to continue. A patriarchal system will return, and the only question is if it is under European/American white stewardship or Islam.

5. Jim is right that if this happened all of the time that the Jackie Coakleys they would spotlight as the poster girl would not blow up. There is truth to this. There is also truth that Sabrina Erdely avoided every single campus rape that involved a privileged, protected athlete because Erdely was looking for a Haven Monahan. She needed the Narrative. No media person can publish the MPC saying, "Around blacks, never relax" but some freshman away from home could probably use the lesson.

We all know campus rape 1 in 5 stat is horseshit, but we do not control the levers of power or the megaphone. In four years of college, I heard of one rape and I am 99% certain it is the only one remotely close to my social circle because the speed and distance the story travelled. Two other women resisted drunken advances, but no other rapes. It was not a culture of silence because the moment one did happen, everyone found out within a week because the community was rabid and ready to kill.

6. When the antibiotics run out, this should change as well. The 2020s will be interesting.

Please read Jim's post and offer your condolences as well.


Random Dude from the Internet said...

Most guys who get nailed with regret rape aren't the alpha type guys but the solid reliable betas and male feminists. A lot of modern day feminism seems more geared to push down the beta men, the worker bees of society. The end result is a virtual harem for men at the top of the pecking order and sexlessness for the majority of guys at the bottom. This is where video games, porn, and comic book movies come in. If VR porn becomes readily available, the 70-80% of guys at the bottom will have no problem dropping out of sexual competition. Who can blame them?

Suburban_elk said...

Sex is a violent affair.

The woman is the car, the man is the driver.

Good sex has an element of violence.

Our letting control, of sex, go to women, is our Downfall.

It makes us womanly!

Suburban_elk said...

Obviously it is a Hot Topic.

What can you say.

Sex has to be regulated with EXTREME social supervision … or society doesn't work.


That today, sex works with female approval … makes it the domain the fags.

Look at those porn stars; are they a better man? give me a break. That is sex selection at work.

Son of Brock Landers said...

My wife now notices weak husbands tend to have fatter wives who push them around. I said, "The weight gain is part of the pushing around." She stopped for a second and realized it is connected.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I heard a guy on radio say that he, as a doctor, had only ever treated two cases of rape. The first was a 14 year old girl with nettle stings on her back and the other was a nun. All the others that came his way, he said, had some degree of willingness in the act whatever they said afterwards.

While there is no doubt that in certain places the importing of frenzied masses of rape-happy men has changed the game, needless to say the good doctor would not even be allowed on the radio today to make such an vile and anti-female statement.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

To build on my first comment about the virtual harem, take a look at these two stories:

"a separate study found almost half of twentysomethings have not had sex at all in the last year."

Here's the other end of the spectrum:

The guy is a sociopath on trial for murdering one of his Tinder dates but Gable Tostee had as many as 180 tinder dates and even posts screenshots of the messages girls say to him.

This is the effect of feminism: a lot of guys who don't have sex at all and a few guys that get countless messages from girls on hookup apps.

Anonymous said...

How do we know Erdley avoided stories of black rapists? Source?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Erdely did a promotional triumphant interview about why she chose it whrn the story first was rolled out. She explicitly cited the white, privileged school. Keep in mind Vanderbilt's football team did gangrape a young woman and Erdely skipped it.

Anonymous said...

I am not a lawyer but IMHO we will see a push for 4th degree rape classification where the penalties are low but so is the evidence threshold. Many false rapes, like false DV charges, are aimed at ex-boyfriends, bosses, ex-husbands, etc. The motive is to attack or punish the man with only an accusation, just because a particular woman does not like him by causing problems with his employer, school, or family courts, or the civil courts. Julian Assange is the best example I can give. The ridiculous rape charges brought up against him are purely so he can be apprehended and deported to the US. He will never be convicted of rape but he will hang just the same. Or take Cory Lewendowski's dust up with Michele Fields. It finally cost him his job of a lifetime and almost cost Trump the Presidency all because she felt threatened.

Kevy said...

This only happens to losers. I've yet to meet a good guy who was accused of rape.

Suburban_elk said...

This only happens to losers. I've yet to meet a good guy who was accused of rape.


The sexual market place, is different, from everyone's perspective.

Winners in the SMP, does NOT correlate with Winners in Life. For example the porn market, online. Are those the winners in life, advancing the human cause? Tell us about it, Kevy.

Suburban_elk said...

This only happens to losers. I've yet to meet a good guy who was accused of rape.

Are you 25 or 30.

Good men don't get laid; it happens all the time, your proclamations aside.