Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Literal Cucks are Mad

Meme magic is a scary thing. The memes continue to leak into the wider culture whether it is Canadians citing the "Current Year" liberal reflex or frog twitter scaring the Left. The newest and maybe funniest meme leakage is the idea that literal cuckolds are mad about the Trump supporters using the word "cuck" as an insult. Vice was on the scene to interview an angry cuck. This is worth a read and a laugh.

The literal cucks are angry because they live in a bubble. They call it hotwifing as well as cuckoldry, and they go to their sites and do their swinger thing. They live in an echo chamber just like any other Tumblr subculture. Talk to a balloon fetishist, and they will tell you that "Nuh-uh, I'm not a weirdo, there are 700,000 of us worldwide!" They are demented and lacking any self awareness. Some people send me things for Weimerica posts that involve cucks, but the images aren't SFW. The text pieces are fetishists without a shred of self awareness. They are sick. Cucks have existed for a long time but if your society even grants them a neutral approach or tolerance, it is deeply in decline.

The use of cuck as an insult crushes the literal cucks' mindset because this destroys whatever fake status they are accruing. Read the Vice interview as one man states that there are "alpha cucks". I know you're laughing at that, but that's how effective using it as an insult is. It properly names them as failures and weaklings. Cucks are riding high after the media has called it the intellectual fetish. This plays right into the media's and system's push of "everyone belonging to everyone else" in Brave New World fashion. No limits, no pair bonding, and no connections. All become atomized. By using cuck as an insult, it pierces the bubble these weak faggots have of their choices and their sexual depravity. It calls them out as depraved and not intellectually stimulating.

I've written about cuckold porn, which is not about the cuck as much as it is about the viewer projecting himself into the bull. People in porn laugh at this, as the conceit is that viewers are not successful in life and wish they had the big house and hot young wife. Losers want the fantasy of the life as well as the wife. The interracial porn is a dream of acceptance and approval. There is the darker edge to it (people in porn are even weirded out by it) where in some scenes the cuck wants for another man to bang his wife in a violent fashion. If women have rape fantasies, there are men who fantasize about raping women, and what better way than to have a weak husband who wants you to rape bang her violently. Approved rape! Even gayer, guys who project themselves into the bull but want the surprise reveal of shocking the husband are men who get off thinking of other men's reaction. That's pretty gay.

These people are a symptom of a sick society. These people should not be glorified or open about their deviancy. They should have to hide their depraved lifestyle. Does anyone know if Muslims throw cucks off rooftops? Even Psychology Today wrote how there is an underlying element of homosexuality in the cuck circles. I've mentioned before that literal cucks are a tiny number of men, and that people use it as an insult because faggot is not PC anymore. Whether you are getting banged by another man or letting another man bang your wife, sorry, but you're a faggot in the true meaning of the word: a weak man deserving contempt.

If the actual cucks are this mad by linking their kink to the proper low status it should have and Jews flip out at ((())), what do you think is going to happen when the backlash steamroller backed by a proper Restoration gets going?


Tiny Duck said...

Pretty much all cuck enthusiasts (and pornography viewers for that matter) are white men.

That tells you something right there.

Anonymous said...

How would you know Tiny Duck? ;)

Anonymous said...

Jews push porn. Jews are intellectuals. Hence the idea that cuckoldry is an 'intellectual' fetish. It's a really just a jewish fetish.

Izzy said...

Black People are waking up:


Racism is about to be beaten down. That includes this blog and its proprietor

Son of Brock Landers said...


Oh jeez a blue eyed light skinned guy gave another BLM speech. Whooptedoo, blacks are always aware of racism, they talk about it nonstop. Here's the question though... blacks keep losing ground to every immigrant group that arrives in America, and if they keep growing, how the fuck are you all going to use white guilt on them? You wont. Youll be stuck in the shit like always.

Izzy said...

People of Color have many children

whites do not have many children

white women are increasingly giving birth to Children of Color

The future belongs to the non-racists

Son of Brock Landers said...

Non-racists? You mean non-whites, and best of luck to you living under Asians and Hispanics.

Izzy said...

Actually, ALL communities of color will band together to fight the evil of white privilege and supremacy.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

In my experience the hotwife cucks are chubby, effeminate dudes who want to watch. Which always freaks me out.

Maxim said...

"People of Color have many children" - Most of which end up with a career in prison, or dead before age 20.

Jan said...

The Vice article was funny, thanks for linking. Even more the Daily Beast one. Btw just saw a huge headline in the german weekly zeit: Trump, Le Pen, Johnston. What if the wrong ones win? Yeah, sigh, putsch is a tried and tested option. Made me smile. And I am a former subscriber. Now part of the morass, ok.

Barnabas said...

So "people of color" is a way for blacks to appropriate the success of other non-white races. I guess you're right that the immigration of people of color harms whites but it harms American blacks more. Blacks are parasitic on white society and will only suffer if the number of parasites grows or the host gets weaker. I'm going to start calling myself a "person of whiteness" and taking pride in Jewish success.