Monday, June 27, 2016

The Left Really Has Nothing

"Silly old racists!" That really is all the Left has. They have no arguments, but they have the levers of control. What is even funnier is that they feel they have the bought off numbers for votes so that they do not even have to put on the show of persuading. This is very likely the case in some countries, and nearly the case in America. An amnesty here or there, some more whites on the dole and it's one party state time in what remains for America. There was unspoken truth to the racists shouts.

Exactly what did Brexit have to do with race? This really is the nugget of truth hidden in the Brexit vote. This was about simply pulling out of the EU, but it was the first open vote on the EU's immigration and Islamization project. If there is doubt that this was a hidden race thing, it is proven in this exit poll Heartiste shared.

I wrote years ago that a law of immigration is that the immigrants will vote for the patron that protects them and keeps them in the nation. That is on full display with this vote in the UK. The powers that love the EU and more centralization were the powers that pushed for remain. Immigrants read that message loud and clear (except the Sikhs).

Brexit's exit polls also showed that Labour had plenty of areas that supported Leave, which also shows the changing face of Labour. White Labour was fine with Leave. Labour elite and elite patrons(high) were for Remain, as were their dusky imported voters (low). There is a slim possibility that this means Labour fully jettisons the White Labour elements and pushes ahead for the darker future. For an AMerican analogue, think of the Nixon '72 to Bush '88 era. Voting is just theater, but the near future for England should make for entertaining moments.

The Left has nothing, as shouting racist means you have pushed voting purely to tribe against tribe for numbers rather than persuasion. Lee Kuan Yew was right that multicultural democracies become voting fights along race and religious lines. The West only had to see their demographics chance dramatically for the point to be hammered home. There must be some creeping fear in the back of white liberals minds across the West that their only allies are recent import and sub-85 IQ bread munchers, and those pets are not playing all that nice anymore.

Brexit will not be allowed to happen. The delegtimization process of the vote began the moment the vote counting started to favor Leave. It will not happen, and the UK shall remain in the EU... until the eventual EU Civil Wars.


NZT said...

You've been a broken record on this "Brexit will never happen, the elites will never allow it, opposition to globalism is the Wrong Side of History and can't win" message for a while now, and it's interesting to see you double down now that the vote went against you. You say "the delegitimization process began the moment the votes favored leave", but everyone knew that was going to happen anyway, and thus far it's all just toothless sour-grapes grandstanding (critically, there's been zero substantive allegations that the vote itself was tainted). The situation is clearly chaotic right now but I haven't seen a single shred of news suggesting there's any real effort to scrap the vote. It's all just whether Article 50 gets triggered in the next few weeks vs the next few months.

And yes, I know that Tsipras ignored the Greek referendum last year and took an EU bailout. Totally different situation. Refusing the bailout would've meant getting kicked out of the euro, and the public was clearly against that step (even though they were also against the bailout). He was caught between two mutually impossible demands and picked the one that let him keep his job. There's no comparable double bind preventing the UK from leaving, and Cameron has already resigned anyway.

Speaking of which, if you're right and the elites are omnipotent and always get what they want, then, why did Cameron bother stepping down? Why are markets reacting sharply? Why didn't they just rig the vote in their own favor and avoid all this mess (if they have the power to overrule the vote, then rigging it should be child's play)? For being as powerful as you insist they are they all seem pretty feckless and disorganized.

Anyway, I'm glad patriotic Englishmen weren't as doom-and-gloom about it as you are.

Son of Brock Landers said...

NZT - Yes, this past week I have been a broken record on Brexit. I did not think Leave would win and even if it did, it won't be implemented. I do hope Brexit happens. I've just seen plenty of EU votes that were steamrolled over by the process and American state votes that were junked by courts. There is a chance the EU is weaker now and the UK can actually exit.

I want this to happen because if the follow on effects are other exits of all sorts and even regional exits within nations, then borders get redrawn. I want to see the domino effect. If borders get redrawn in Europe, they can get redrawn in America.

peterike said...

I'm with you on the Brexit -- I don't think it will happen.

So why the vote? Well the globalists were feeling arrogant and certain, and I'm guessing the thinking was "let's put it to a vote to get it settled once and for all, because we'll win the vote." Given their 100% lock on the megaphone this was not a wild assumption. Particularly because the English had seemed so broken as a people -- they didn't even fuss over Rotherham, for goodness sake. If THAT didn't spur them on, whatever could?

But the vote backfired. Well now what? Oh, well let's see, 80%+ of the Parliament is in the Remain camp. One would guess the entirety of the bureaucracy is in the Remain camp, since it butters their bread. I suppose the Queen is too (has anyone asked?).

This will swirl around in committees and they'll just keep pushing out the date and pushing it out, and eventually it fades away. Really, the question is: if they DON'T implement, what will the Leave voters do? Riot in the streets? Hang the traitors on streetlamps? Hardly. They will do nothing, because they CAN do nothing. They are a bare majority as is, and that majority is smaller every day, because the borders are still wide open and the blacks and browns are pumping out children.

The only thing that will bring real change in any Western European nation is a coup and a takeover of the government by nationalist military or dictator, someone willing to do the rough stuff. This vote was good and it shook things up a little, and maybe emboldened some people. But we are a long, long way from things taking a turn for the better, much less for the problems reversing.

Andrew E. said...

You again with them negative waves.

Brexit will happen. A number of countries will follow: perhaps France, netherlands, Italy, Denmark. Not all. But enough to draw real battle lines. In America, Trump will win. Immigration law will be enforced. Conservative Supreme court justices will be appointed. Battle lines in America will be drawn, like in Europe. Then the fireworks will begin.

I suppose the Queen is too (has anyone asked?).

I believe she was interviewed during the week leading up to vote and asked the reporter, defiantly, to give her three (or something) reasons Britain should remain.

Redd Foxx said...

Brexit is based on racism. It is only white men who are opposed to changing demographics and fairness. Leonard Pitts has a great insight on Trump's popularity:

"America’s problem is fear. Fear of economic stagnation, yes, and fear of terrorism. But those are proxies for the bigger and more fundamental fear: fear of demographic diminution, of losing the privileges and prerogatives that have always come with being straight, white, male and/or Christian in America. It was the holy quadfecta of entitlement, but that entitlement is under siege in a nation that grows more sexually, racially and religiously diverse with every sunrise.

Trumpism is only the loudest and most obvious response to that, and it will not disappear when he does. There is no instant cure for what has America unsettled. There is only time and the hard work of change.

In a sense, we are bringing forth a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men and women really are created equal. If, for some of us, that fires the imagination, it is hardly mysterious that for others, it kindles a sense of displacement and loss. The good news is that their Trumpism cannot survive in the new nation.

In the end, you see, only one thing can kill a bad idea.

And that’s a better one."

Son of Brock Landers said...

Andrew E - Is that a "Kelly's Heroes" reference with the negative waves? I loved that flick. A heist film set in WW2.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

They currently have the power and they have the armies. But at the same time, the elites and their pet Orcs are incredibly vulnerable. We need to find the will to act against them.

Andrew E. said...

Yes, Donald Sutherland. A hippie who displays daring and courage.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Andrew - "drinking some wine eating some cheese and catching a few rays, man," watching that movie as a kid alerted my grandfather to inform me that in WW2 Shermans were no match for German tanks. America just made MORE of them.

Anonymous said...

Redd - you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded.

Keep regurgitating those dildo freshman English prof talking points.

Diversity + Proximity = War.

NZT said...

"I did not think Leave would win and even if it did, it won't be implemented."

Does the fact that you were wrong about the first part give you any less confidence in baldly asserting the second part over and over? Tangentially, I see Cameron popped up this morning to say that yes, the vote is binding and legitimate and no, they're not doing another one. Sure, they still might try something shady someday, but the scope for any shenanigans is rapidly shrinking, hardly the stuff that certain doom is made of.

"I've just seen plenty of EU votes that were steamrolled over by the process"

Sure, but none that were truly comparable. This wasn't even really an "EU vote", it was a UK vote that explicitly rejects the "process" you refer to. Will the globalists try to poison the well? Possibly, but now that they've lost this vote it will be a very uphill battle for them. Do you honestly think that if they can just delay by 6 months, everyone will forget about the outcome?

"I do hope Brexit happens."

As shown by your constant refrain of hopelessness and defeatism? The nicest interpretation I can think of is that you're just doing cynical posturing so you can say "I told you so" in case it all turns to shit later on. Charming.

If Brexit happens, it will be because people had the sense to reject your attitude and fought for it instead being all GAME OVER MAN, WE'RE SCREWED, VOTING IS GARBAGE.

As agnostic pointed out, the biggest losers of this vote weren't even the globalist elites, it was the "defeatist cuck citizens" (his words) who insisted that victory was impossible and media gaslighting was omnipotent. But I suppose on the day the UK officially leaves the EU you'll be there growling "sure I never saw this coming, but it doesn't matter because they'll never get control of their borders... might as well surrender to Islam now..."

Son of Brock Landers said...

NZT - I do hope it happens because the West's native populations are quickly running out of time to make changes via the front door (voting, policy changes, etc.), and conflict will come soon. I think hot conflict comes, and natives will have to stand up for their people or fucking roll over.

If England controls its borders and can boot out the recent immigrants, it'll be just as great if Trump can do so in America. Surrender to Islam is Spandrell's pitch. Not mine. See above.

Dan said...

The fact that Jews in the UK went for Brexit at a greater rate than whites as a whole is very telling. Some like to think of Jews as the dark center of globalism. In fact, the faces of globalism today are the likes of Merkel, Cameron, Obama, Trudeau, and Hollande. None of them are Jewish, obviously. Soros obviously wreaks his havoc on the world but can you think of any Jewish head of state not named Netanyahu?

Redd Foxx said...

Call me names all you want but the truth is that pretty much everyone besides older white boys are against the Brexit

peterike said...

Why so angry, NZT? SOB is taking the long term view. And frankly, the globalists have won every single battle for what? 100 years? They've been winning at least since WWI. One could argue they've won every battle since Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo. All that has interfered with their plans are a few minor setbacks, quickly overcome, and the stubborn inability to confiscate guns in America. And oh, they are trying harder then ever to make THAT happen. When they've needed to along the way, they've killed people, right on up to Presidents (one forgets the strings of assassinations in Europe leading to the world wars).

So thinking they will weasel out of Brexit isn't defeatism, it's an educated response to historical patterns. Are things different now? Maybe, but for the moment nothing has ACTUALLY changed.The UK is still in the EU and will be until it's not. And the string of disappointments is endless. How many times have the Republicans held the whip hand and done not one damn thing other than slurp at the trough? Oh yeah, EVERY time since Reagan. How many times have the EU globalists gotten their way? Oh yeah, EVERY time.

I hope to hell they are crushed and dragged into the streets and shot, to the last man, woman and freak. But everything in history says otherwise. They know how to win.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I believe the UK will end up like Norway and Switzerland: not in the EU but with many favorable trade deals with the EU. The UK still has a strong economy and London is the FIRE capital of Europe if not the world. Not much is going to change, realistically.

However this is no reason to be down and out because this was a "no confidence" vote for the EU and for globalism in general. The EU will likely keep on doing what they were doing but this definitely shook up the globalists. For years blogs like these kept talking about a breaking point and looks like we're starting to hit that point. America is up next with our Presidential election. Germany and France will have their moment in 2017.

nik said...

"So why the vote? Well the globalists were feeling arrogant and certain, and I'm guessing the thinking was "let's put it to a vote to get it settled once and for all, because we'll win the vote." Given their 100% lock on the megaphone this was not a wild assumption."

Most of the post-Brexit deconstructions that began being posted about 24 hours after the vote said as much ------ that the vote only came into being because of 'pro-remain' political and corporate bluster.

And they also agree that this will be only a short-term p.r. problem, as the dictates of biz-as-usual global economics will dictate what happens henceforth; maybe there'll be a way to indulge the 'exit' element's nationalist impulse while shoring up the globalist imperatives otherwise.

It's also daunting that the globalists are in position to shape and control the economic fallout and aftermath of the Brexit vote ----- which, of course, they can greatly manipulate to their propagandistic advantage

Anonymous said...

OT - "glad this kept my career on track, so i could make millions and die childless." Great role model.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Iceland recently held a Presidential election where the winner made it clear that he did not want anything to do with joining the EU:

"In a final debate on Friday, he said Brexit changes "much for the better for us Icelanders," suggesting the European Economic Area agreement that non-EU members Norway and Iceland have with the EU could play a more important role with Britain on board."

The UK, EU, and others will move on in a Brexit Europe. I do foresee other countries following suit (The Netherlands may be up next as a majority want to vote on a referendum, which obviously doesn't mean they want to reaffirm their EU membership). The Globalists are going to hate it of course but they're also smart enough to see the writing on the wall: if the EU is destined for total failure, they will adapt. Maybe they figure that demographic suicide is inevitable, even if it moves from 2040 to 2070 because if white women continue having their 1.4-1.6 kids while their new multicultural friends have over three, it will be just a matter of time. They got the cash and the patience to let the whites get bred out of existence.

Contra1789 said...

Actually, peterike, the globalists haven't won a major victory since the fall of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

"It is only white men who are opposed to changing demographics and fairness."

This is the single best argument for while male supremacy I've ever seen.

"In the end, you see, only one thing can kill a bad idea.

And that’s a better one."

This is why Brexit won the referendum.

Dan said...

"Call me names all you want but the truth is that pretty much everyone besides older white boys are against the Brexit"

And yet when we survey human accomplishment, Red Omega Foxx, we discover this group you so despise is responsible for almost 100% of it, at least at the top tier.

The greatest celebration of the awesomeness of this group is the fact that as this group recedes in numbers, civilization itself slides backwards. Of course, I am sure none of what I am saying makes any sense to you, for you scarcely grasp civilization.

peterike said...

"Actually, peterike, the globalists haven't won a major victory since the fall of South Africa."

Well, I consider social things in this as well. So something like gay marriage is a massive win for the globalists. You might also say that the inability to stop immigration to white nations is an ongoing win.

On the geo-political front, every time a new nation has entered the EU has been a win for the globalists. So a lot of the smaller states coming into the EU represent victories: Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, etc. The shifting of manufacturing to China is a gigantic globalist victory.

Bank consolidation is a globalist victory. Quick stat: "The number of U.S. banks has trended lower over the past 30 years, dropping from about 14,500 in the mid-1980s to 5,600
today." That's a massive win. Media consolidation is a victory. Quick stat: "In 1983, 90% of US media was controlled by fifty companies; today, 90% is controlled by just six companies."

The total pozzing out of mainstream Protestant churches is a victory. The Commie Pope is a victory. On and on it goes.