Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Have You Seen Angry Birds?

Angry Birds will become a code phrase for the ketman crowd that hides their defiance of progressive norms. "Have you seen Angry Birds," could be like the half fish design for early Christians. You need to finish the fish picture to let the other person know it is safe. Saying Angry Birds was the movie for our time might be the same thing.

What more is there to reviewing Angry Birds than what Greg Hood wrote for Counter-Currents? Hood nails just about every point. Definitely read his review, as it is fantastic. As a father of a young boy, this was finally a movie that was non-pozzed for us to enjoy. I do have to point out that the film carried the Simpsons tradition of a black voiced judge. Who knew that lone black judge on the Simpsons would inspire so many others. He is also shown to be a sham and a fool, so it is not the normal "JFC another one!?!?!?" vocal castings.

I will try to point out some items Mr. Hood overlooked.

1. The world of oblivious, secular whites is displayed in all its glory. This was so apparent my wife kept tapping my shoulder at the small touches. There is the pregnant yoga class, the hugs people, the idea that anger might be contagious and other little bits strewn throughout the town's bird lives. The birds are living such a safe and unnatural life that they have all forgotten how to fly as well as created a little culture where the worst sentencing for a criminal is anger management. That reminded me of Breivik's sentencing of 25 years in a little cabin in Norway. Sorry eloi, you made your society so easy going that you cannot summon the strength or wisdom to deal with any threats.

2. Greg Hood mentions the idea of Mighty Eagle being a stand-in for good old American power, but I saw a different thing at play. Rolling off the secular whites idea, early on Red asks about Mighty Eagle, but other schoolkids say, "He doesn't have parents, he doesn't know Mighty Eagle isn't real". Ahhhhh yes, a society that has turned its back on its gods. Mighty Eagle does do a bit of a God act where you must seek him, he expects worship, and does not really help. In the end, he does and in a manner to start a whole new legend to reaffirm belief.

3. This is a simple story, and it had to be. This was a movie created from an Iphone video game. What is a basic story? Protect your people, the Other is not like you and wants to kill you, and you the hero might be a loner but have a special skill no one notices until it is needed to save the day! This is a simple, normal story one tells kids to teach them time tested lessons. It is just that we live in such a broken world that  this story can be labeled the white supremacist feel good movie of the year and cause commie indoctrinated reviewers to go apeshit. Those reviewers miss the immigration bit staring them in the face because they are products of the oblivious white society I mentioned in point one. Still, this is a simple story, and not having pozzed or progged lessons for kids is problematic.

Take your kids to it. It is a breezy, quick film. I am glad Jason Sudekis scored a hit here, and hope he has more. He was a good guy on SNL. Will we see anti-poz friendly kids movies on a steady basis? Maybe. One never quite knows where the memes leak. After all, did you ever think cuckservatives would proudly self identiy as cucks and major New York media outlets would investigate and whine about ((())) in the same week?


paworldandtimes said...

I saw it with my son as well. Two hints of poz, which I give a pass on because they fly (heh) over young audiences' heads: homosexual subtext with Chuck being increasingly gay as the film goes on, and ass/excretion motifs, which got to be too much with each dance skit including a character sticking his implied cartoon starfish into the camera.

But that's small stuff. A solid movie with all the right themes.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

I'll never forget the times a few years ago when I used to see adult men in suits in their 40s and 50s, bankers who managed multi-million dollar portfolios, playing 'Angry Birds' on their iPhones in the elevator.

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA - The voice of Chuck was the voice of the pretty fey if not homo snowman from Frozen. Voice actor is an ugly jewish guy that has a face made for radio

LBF - Sad how easily even titans of industry can be distracted.

Anonymous said...

Re the judge, I heard him as a foghorn leghorn supercilious southern white guy.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Good point anon and reveals how southerners are tougher to tell apart by race.

Comically he was voice acted by half white-half black and all ugly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keegan-Michael_Key

PA said...

Something you might be interested in as far as red pill stories for boys: Tintin comic books.

Hilarious in places, always some world-exploring adventure, plenty of stereotypes confirmed, this being published in the 50s and early 60s. Latinos are hot-headed and indolent, Arabs are at turns servile and treacherous, Africans are pitiful. Nice, clean illustrations after the first or second book. A old-school Anglo-Saxon confidence permeates the stories. Available in libraries and bookstores.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Hey Ryan, in one of the Weimerica podcast you mentioned Disney reason to buy Star Wars and Marvel was to get the boys who want to be action hero like the girls want to be the Disney princess, this maybe is true to Marvel but the first two Star Wars movies made by Disney have "butt-kicking females" as the main protagonist, there is a lot of bad rumors about Rogue One.