Thursday, June 30, 2016

WW1 - Kids in Gas Masks

The children of France, if any natives are left under age 8, probably live with an awareness of the Africans and Arabs around them. Low level tension and fear. Their great-grandparents of 100 years ago felt a similar daily, low level tension and fear from invaders.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - The Blue State Model

New Weimerica Weekly is up. It covers the Blue State Model, which was a much cheered economic model. It has created interesting economic and social situations for the blue states though, but this is by design. The Left and their regime press toadies will never point out the goals and reality of the drive for the blue state model.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Literal Cucks are Mad

Meme magic is a scary thing. The memes continue to leak into the wider culture whether it is Canadians citing the "Current Year" liberal reflex or frog twitter scaring the Left. The newest and maybe funniest meme leakage is the idea that literal cuckolds are mad about the Trump supporters using the word "cuck" as an insult. Vice was on the scene to interview an angry cuck. This is worth a read and a laugh.

The literal cucks are angry because they live in a bubble. They call it hotwifing as well as cuckoldry, and they go to their sites and do their swinger thing. They live in an echo chamber just like any other Tumblr subculture. Talk to a balloon fetishist, and they will tell you that "Nuh-uh, I'm not a weirdo, there are 700,000 of us worldwide!" They are demented and lacking any self awareness. Some people send me things for Weimerica posts that involve cucks, but the images aren't SFW. The text pieces are fetishists without a shred of self awareness. They are sick. Cucks have existed for a long time but if your society even grants them a neutral approach or tolerance, it is deeply in decline.

The use of cuck as an insult crushes the literal cucks' mindset because this destroys whatever fake status they are accruing. Read the Vice interview as one man states that there are "alpha cucks". I know you're laughing at that, but that's how effective using it as an insult is. It properly names them as failures and weaklings. Cucks are riding high after the media has called it the intellectual fetish. This plays right into the media's and system's push of "everyone belonging to everyone else" in Brave New World fashion. No limits, no pair bonding, and no connections. All become atomized. By using cuck as an insult, it pierces the bubble these weak faggots have of their choices and their sexual depravity. It calls them out as depraved and not intellectually stimulating.

I've written about cuckold porn, which is not about the cuck as much as it is about the viewer projecting himself into the bull. People in porn laugh at this, as the conceit is that viewers are not successful in life and wish they had the big house and hot young wife. Losers want the fantasy of the life as well as the wife. The interracial porn is a dream of acceptance and approval. There is the darker edge to it (people in porn are even weirded out by it) where in some scenes the cuck wants for another man to bang his wife in a violent fashion. If women have rape fantasies, there are men who fantasize about raping women, and what better way than to have a weak husband who wants you to rape bang her violently. Approved rape! Even gayer, guys who project themselves into the bull but want the surprise reveal of shocking the husband are men who get off thinking of other men's reaction. That's pretty gay.

These people are a symptom of a sick society. These people should not be glorified or open about their deviancy. They should have to hide their depraved lifestyle. Does anyone know if Muslims throw cucks off rooftops? Even Psychology Today wrote how there is an underlying element of homosexuality in the cuck circles. I've mentioned before that literal cucks are a tiny number of men, and that people use it as an insult because faggot is not PC anymore. Whether you are getting banged by another man or letting another man bang your wife, sorry, but you're a faggot in the true meaning of the word: a weak man deserving contempt.

If the actual cucks are this mad by linking their kink to the proper low status it should have and Jews flip out at ((())), what do you think is going to happen when the backlash steamroller backed by a proper Restoration gets going?

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Left Really Has Nothing

"Silly old racists!" That really is all the Left has. They have no arguments, but they have the levers of control. What is even funnier is that they feel they have the bought off numbers for votes so that they do not even have to put on the show of persuading. This is very likely the case in some countries, and nearly the case in America. An amnesty here or there, some more whites on the dole and it's one party state time in what remains for America. There was unspoken truth to the racists shouts.

Exactly what did Brexit have to do with race? This really is the nugget of truth hidden in the Brexit vote. This was about simply pulling out of the EU, but it was the first open vote on the EU's immigration and Islamization project. If there is doubt that this was a hidden race thing, it is proven in this exit poll Heartiste shared.

I wrote years ago that a law of immigration is that the immigrants will vote for the patron that protects them and keeps them in the nation. That is on full display with this vote in the UK. The powers that love the EU and more centralization were the powers that pushed for remain. Immigrants read that message loud and clear (except the Sikhs).

Brexit's exit polls also showed that Labour had plenty of areas that supported Leave, which also shows the changing face of Labour. White Labour was fine with Leave. Labour elite and elite patrons(high) were for Remain, as were their dusky imported voters (low). There is a slim possibility that this means Labour fully jettisons the White Labour elements and pushes ahead for the darker future. For an AMerican analogue, think of the Nixon '72 to Bush '88 era. Voting is just theater, but the near future for England should make for entertaining moments.

The Left has nothing, as shouting racist means you have pushed voting purely to tribe against tribe for numbers rather than persuasion. Lee Kuan Yew was right that multicultural democracies become voting fights along race and religious lines. The West only had to see their demographics chance dramatically for the point to be hammered home. There must be some creeping fear in the back of white liberals minds across the West that their only allies are recent import and sub-85 IQ bread munchers, and those pets are not playing all that nice anymore.

Brexit will not be allowed to happen. The delegtimization process of the vote began the moment the vote counting started to favor Leave. It will not happen, and the UK shall remain in the EU... until the eventual EU Civil Wars.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Social Matter - Xi's Purges

New essay at Social Matter is up. It concerns the massive reforms and changes in China right now. The Western media cannot be bothered to tie all of the threads together, but Xi Jinping is attempting a comprehensive reform. This consolidates not just his power but attempts to secure Chinese soveriengty. Not just an economic sovereignty, but an intellectual sovereignty. I hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Night of Brexit + SM Review-Preview 49

The Brits came through, and if the exit polls are any indication, the old Brits came through and "Leave" won. How much pain and anguish was there last night? Pundits were throwing out "dark days like 1914" or "oh no this is the darkest time since 193X". Let's calm down. It was one vote with no set timetable for leaving the EU.

This vote will be something the EU will throw every single trick in the book to delegitimize, force a revote (note age splits) and refuse to implement. I did not think Leave would win and that even if it does, the forces of control will not execute on the plans. Then the EU Road War would change everything. There have been other European nations that voted against centralization but those did not count. The voting continues until the USG empire gets the result it wants. In case you missed the financial news last night, the markets immediately tanked on Leave Wins hints and results. The system will hold people hostage but the system forgot how many people they have impoverished, flooded with 3rd worlders and rubbed it in their faces.

There is one big difference. The EU of 2016 is not the EU that it was in the '90s or '00s. The forces that were supporting centralization and running roughshod over people are not as strong. Look at what is happening all over the continent. The Austrians had to rig absentee votes to prevent a win by a "far right", in reality nationalist, party. Even the brainwashed Germans have witnessed the explosive birth of AfD, which if women ever voted beyond their vaginas might see tremendous gains.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that last night no Jew cheered on the results. Rootless cosmopolitans cry at the slightest threat to their ability to bounce between nations and scam yokels. I need to take that back. There was one: Luke Ford. It might be possible that Luke Ford is the Chosen One of the Chosen people. Thank you Luke.

Nationalism vs. Globalization, decentralization vs. centralization, the battle of sovereignty. Natives vs. Liberal Natives + their 3rd world pets. I was a doubting Thomas. These are fun times.

Last week, I wrote on the state of dying blue towns in America. A lot of you responded to it. There is no single town, despite many of you sending me guesses. I spent a lot of time in New England last month. The story was the same town after town, but shucks, they just never know why things are the way they are... or they do not want to admit it. Many readers noted that this has happened in their area too, but I wrote it from a New England perspective because New Englanders have spent decades mocking flyover country, the Rust Belt, Meth Country and now it has happened to them. Weimerica Weekly was on pop musicians becoming the message and product.

This week I will write on the purges in China as Xi Jinping has done some major reforms and changes that the Western media does not seem too interested in but you should be. Weimerica Weekly will tackle the Blue State Model. Even some progs are catching on but their ideological blinders will stop them from telling the whole truth.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

WW1 - German Stormtroopers

This crew of Germans were ready for chemical warfare. They were wearing the new steel helmets and also armed with the grenades that would be famous in WW2. They have an aesthetic meant for a 21st century video game.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - The Musician is the Message

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This week I tackle music and what has happened with the handling of pop stars to the point where they are the product. Their lifestyle represented via song and tabloids is a consumable. I also highlight how this is used against young girls with a recent yet perfect example of the "turn".

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


The illusion of choice is all around us. Brexit. Brits get to vote and decide on taking control of their country and severing some ties to the EU. It is the latest skirmish in the Globalist vs. Nationalist war. The Brits have a weapon in the Nationalism fight that some countries do not; an eloquent spokesman in Nigel Farage. Will they leave? Of course not.

The leave crowd had the momentum and energy that remain did not, and it was showing up in polls and nervous politicians. Then the remain crowd really showed their fear and worry that they could not stuff the ballots or rig the absentee vote like in Austria last month, and whoops a little MP was murdered by supposedly a man shouting "Britain First!" We can set aside the fact that she was a Muslim apologist or that the man shouting Britain first does not appear to have done so. This really hurts the leave crowd.

Forget the Rotherham rapes. Per a BBC host, those did not even happen as we think they did. Please look at that BBC host's picture. Is he a Brit? If counting by progressive rules, sure, but we know the score. Rotherham is a figment of people's imagination, but this assassination is true and sad. It might have even made it to your socialist, American friends' Facebook pages as worldwide all good progressives are remembering the woman that they never knew. The Communist International has found a great way to use the Internet to rally the troops and coordinate.

The coordination was a bit weak on the remain side as this was not a party thing but a sovereignty thing so the single women had a hard time making their decision as this did not involve removing free birth control and abortion. They took their cues from their party, but some lefties coming out for leave threw them for a fit a bit. Sovereignty is also a tough discussion, but if properly explained, it would reveal the pro-globalist voters for the slaves that they are.

Leave, even if successful at the ballot box, will not happen. The British government will not implement it. Circumstances would stop the execution of any leave. This vote was to confirm that Brits loved the EU, and were agreeing to their liquidation by the globalists. Orwell had considered the idea that even if England went commie, it would still be England. He did not live to see the mass immigration from the Muslim nations and colonies of the old empire. One has a hard time believing he would expect England to remain England after the third world flood that it is experiencing.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Thorny Issue of Rape

Blog.Jim receives plenty of flak from different crowds. He recently wrote a fantastic post on the tricky modern issue of rape in the West. Please read it as it moves beyond the subject and into deeper issues of male and female relationships, abdication of duty and the dysfunction in the marital markets today. There are many great points in his post, and he wonderfully uses the "Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus" old timey oped.

I do have some points on this rape issue because things have moved completely bonkers on campus, which means it will be completely bonkers everywhere within a decade. Some of this is feedback from ADAs I know that prosecute and look at "regret victims" with disbelief compared to stranger rape victims.

1. If we will continue to allow the regret crowd to destroy any man they regret sleeping with, we need to turn rape into a crime classification that has multiple levels like murder. This crushes prosecutors as they know juries are going to think twice before convicting a guy and sentencing him to 25 years for rape in a he said/she said. The cold reality is that women want to hear from another person, preferably a woman with some type of authority that she is "not a slut for what she did".

2. A crisis hotline worker in a +1 mil metro area with a giant public university explained to me that there was rape-rape with 90% of hospitalized victims being city blacks and hookers and then 10% non-black/hooker and then the phone call "regret-rape" crowd that was 90% white drunk girls and 10% non-white. Those phone call college girls could barely remember what happened and just wanted someone to listen and say "you're not a slut".

3. There is legitimate anger at violent stranger rape not resulting in 25 year sentences because the witness would not testify or whatnot. This results in DAs pleaing things down to criminal confinement and sexual battery, which then means 4-6 years for a sentence. In a more reasonable time, those men would be dead. We cannot be reasonable because to do so would disparately impact a progressive voting coalition member bloc.

4. Sorry ladies, you wanted liberation but don't want to deal with the consequences nor can handle the freedom. The rest of us now have to reconfigure society around this because the people at the levers of control want this to continue. A patriarchal system will return, and the only question is if it is under European/American white stewardship or Islam.

5. Jim is right that if this happened all of the time that the Jackie Coakleys they would spotlight as the poster girl would not blow up. There is truth to this. There is also truth that Sabrina Erdely avoided every single campus rape that involved a privileged, protected athlete because Erdely was looking for a Haven Monahan. She needed the Narrative. No media person can publish the MPC saying, "Around blacks, never relax" but some freshman away from home could probably use the lesson.

We all know campus rape 1 in 5 stat is horseshit, but we do not control the levers of power or the megaphone. In four years of college, I heard of one rape and I am 99% certain it is the only one remotely close to my social circle because the speed and distance the story travelled. Two other women resisted drunken advances, but no other rapes. It was not a culture of silence because the moment one did happen, everyone found out within a week because the community was rabid and ready to kill.

6. When the antibiotics run out, this should change as well. The 2020s will be interesting.

Please read Jim's post and offer your condolences as well.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Social Matter - Driving Through Dying Blue Towns

New essay up at Social Matter. It is on the rot present in dying blue towns across America. They dare not speak why but the signs are all there. If you live in Upstate New York, Massachusetts, Oregon or Michigan, you have seen these places and may even hail from one.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

WW1 - Above Ground Trenches

It happened. there were above ground trenches. There were areas of fighting that had high water tables. This meant trenches were set above the ground and artifical walls enclosed them. This made them far more exposed to artillery.

The above picture is from June of 1916. 100 years.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Broken Down Housing

New Weimerica Weekly is up. I discuss with a guest the problems with America's housing market. The history of housing dysfunction is not just due to bubbles and modern CRA type legislation. It is a long series of errors and terrible decision making.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Show Recommendation: Poirot

Netflix is great for binge watching an entire television series run. Between that and MeTV, you can watch television when the poz was not so strong. Rockford Files is a bit pozzed but nowhere near Law and Order: SVU. One show I heartily recommend is Poirot. Poirot is on Netflix, and it will not take long to bounce around between the tv hourly procedural format or the movie format of the different eras. This show gets a strong recommendation from me.

Poirot started in 1989 as an adaptation of those Agatha Christie novels and short stories that you might have read as a kid or teen. I read most of the Poirot stories as a child, but the show was one of those shows that your aunt watched and could say, "I don't watch TV except for a BBC series". Poirot adaptations started on the short stories, and then once ratings were there and the series expanded, it adapted the longer novels into full movie length episodes. There are roughly two eras of Poirot: early hour long procedural era and later movie length show era. There are distinct differences, and I will select a best of each era later but first some technical discussions.

Before I discuss this show, one must talk about the incredibly cheesy opening that was used until 1996. The song is a heavy sax tune that could be the soundtrack for a murder mystery or a higher end porno scene. It sounded like the Silk Stalkings theme song. The visuals are straight out of computer screen savers circa 1989. This is weird considering the other visuals lean on the art deco look. The tune gets beaten into the ground as nearly every single episode, whether in Greece or England, has that as the backing song with whatever instrument is appropriate. Piano, violin, pan-flute, harp, mandolin, Arab drums, etc. all get a shot to play the theme in the background. It is hysterical after a while, and when it is gone, you miss it. They modified the opener and theme song in '96, and basically discarded it by the advent of the feature length era.

The show chose to shoot and use buildings with the art deco aesthetic of the period. This creates some interesting camera angles as they had to film with a low angle or dutch angle to crop out an anachronistic building. You will start to recognize specific buildings after a while as they reuse them. Disappointing that they did not use more 19th century mansions, but it is an interesting touch even if you get annoyed by the 50th scene with glass bricks in the background. This all changes after the 2003 revamp where the showrunners threw out the book and decided to just make Poirot and company live in more opulent settings and many with a modernist look.

Did they nail casting? Yesterday I wrote how David Suchet brought Poirot, the annoying little shit, to life. He plays the pompous know it all to perfection. They embellished his sidekicks but in good form with Captain Hastings, Inspector Japp and Miss Lemon. British people being British is all Americans want to see. One thing I enjoyed was how in earlier Poirot episodes, many characters were played by old or ugly actors who could simply act well. Go figure that many adults with money and nice houses would be over age 29. The ugly actresses really makes you think you are watching British women in their natural habitat. This of course changes as the show goes on, and surprise surprise, actors and actresses start to get much more attractive by the year 2000 episodes.

Some faces will look familiar. Michael Fassbender puts on a great performance as a black sheep of a well to do family. Jessica Chastain plays a central character in Murder On The Orient Express. She might not be recognizable because this is before her absolutely perfect nose job. As the show switched to feature length episodes, they could pull in up and coming actors and actresses or well known names. Elliot Gould manages to slip into an episode as an overbearing father.

Repeatedly now, I have mentioned the change in the series from hour long (45 mins) procedurals to full length movies. The change is in season 6 (mid-90s) where most episodes were movies rather than 1930s British Detective Shows. There is another change. In early episodes, Poroit simply solves a murder or theft. In later episodes, Poirot becomes a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Batman as he solves 5 crimes all at once. His "Murder She Wrote" moments are hilarious by later episodes as he busts maybe 6 people out of 10. They even set up the Murder-She-Wrote moments on stages for Poirot to play up the concept of a performance. Here is the split for the best five episodes from each era with a review and reasoning for why I have ranked number one for each era as such.

Old School Poirot

5. Yellow Iris
4. Problem at Sea
3. The Million Dollar Bond Robbery
2. The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge
1. The Affair at The Victory Ball

Affair at the Victory Ball is the best of the old Poirot era as it encapsulates everything great of the early episodes. There has to be cheesiness with an old Poirot episode, and this episode delivers. The top five listed above all have plenty of cheese, but Affair at Victory Ball is the cheese champ. First, Poirot acts like an arrogant shit to even his good friend Captain Hastings. Second, Captain Hastings dresses fantastic in the episode. The man's costuming is great as he really looked the part of the old saying "Dress British, think Yiddish". Third, someone does a terrible American accent in the episode. American accents get butchered in old Poirot episodes. The production values are more in line with it being television, and the episode has that weird lighting that old British television series had.

The show itself is well acted and due to the BBC radio focus, has plenty of touches to suck you into the period piece of it all. The women are cute and more normal attractive looking, and it might take you time to figure out exactly whodunit. A great touch is that the "Murder She Wrote" breakdown, which I turned into a verb when watching with my wife ("He's gonna murder-she-wrote them now" or "He murder-she-wroted the fuck out of them"), is on a supposed live BBC recording. This is where Poirot does the third act big reveal of who did it and how, which always causes them to confess or try to make a break for it. I used Murder She Wrote because I have forever laughed how everyone confessed to Angela Lansbury who was stringing along few clues to point to a killer. This episode's murder is so good that Murder She Wrote actually stole the method for an episode.

New School Poirot

5. Evil Under the Sun
4. Death on the Nile
3. Elephants Can Remember
2. Murder on the Orient Express
1. The Labours of Hercules

The Labours of Hercules is very enjoyable as the adaptation is actually of a series of short stories. This is one of those episodes where the writers said "Screw it, he'll solve 5 things". The setting is at a spa in Switzerland, but in reality, the exterior is a mansion owned by the Rothschilds. The pacing is slow as each crime gets teased out. This episode being the second to last Poirot done even plays with the idea that Poirot dedicated his life to solving crimes and sacrificed a family, which the writers then insert the what if a few scenes later. Even after the crimes are solved, the perp reminds him that he did not save anyone. It goes meta on the nature of justice and fighting crime.

The key to this one being the best of this era is how ridiculously over the top the setting is and Suchet's Poirot portrayal. This film feels like an actual film, not just an extended episode. The production qualities are good, the setting is a trip and acting well done. There are some recognizable faces in the cast, and they ham it up since half the characters have non-English accents. There might be a contest who can be the most over the top Russian accented bitch in the episode. Suchet though kicks his portrayal up several notches.

A script is the key but he delivers lines like such an arrogant asshole that even his costars react. Echoing the words of actual viewers, a character asks him why Poirot speaks in the third person. His response is "to separate himself from his genius". You will laugh, especially after 50+ episodes, but pay close attention to when he says that line. In the background the Russian countess has to duck her head, and they put her out of focus because she was laughing at that delivery. Suchet then Murder-she-wrotes the entire cast for about 20 minutes. You can tell Suchet enjoyed the monologue because at one point as he vocally points the finger at the arch-criminal, he gives a flourish to his tone and snaps the index finger at her with it.

Maybe you will not enjoy the series as much as I do. I still re-watch these. If your wife likes period pieces and British tv shows, introduce her to these and skip whatever poz Downton Abbey is pushing now in season 9 (Those cheeky Muzzies.). These are a bit fun, and far less poz than what passes for televised entertainment today. The series is on Netflix, so even if a few are terrible, you can stop watching and have not paid a thing.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Can A Show Resist Progging

As a show ages, the probability of becoming progged reaches 1. Poz finds a way to creep into shows. It is the Hollywood game that no opportunity to overtly or subtly push The Narrative must be missed. Humans cannot escape it. Is there a way to fight the poz creep? It is too late for a franchise like Star Wars, and Mad Men went off the rails in season five, but maybe there is away. Agatha Christie's Poirot offers a path.

Poirot was the BBC series that adapted Poirot detective novels to the small screen. It started in 1989, and aired embellished short stories that featured the prissy Belgian detective in England. With some critical acclaim and success, the show turned into that show your aunt watched by herself and felt slightly higher brow than you for doing so. The adaptations were mostly under one hour with faithful representations of the days of Interwar England. Plots were definitely not pozzed.

Then it started. Being a neutral show in a period setting was not enough. It was not as bad as Downton Abbey's pozzing but immediately starting in 2003 with a switch in production teams and higher quality technical aspects, the poz crept in. Suddenly female characters left Agatha Christie's normally neutral portrayal to be much more girl power. Female characters were wearing pants far more often than one would expect in 1930s England.

There were worse insertions, starting with that 2003 revamp. There were gay characters inserted where no gay character had been, and this was done repeatedly, and even in episodes where it had no bearing on the murder. There was even a hipster looking character put into a very late episode. Did they write in an incest bit one film? Yes, with Michael Fassbender playing the naughty cousin. It was eye-roll inducing.

Something happened though that felt like a reaction but was an even more weird insertion for 2000s media. The show got more religious. It was not to make religion look like a quaint superstition. The lead character Poirot himself got religious. Praying, holding a rosary, giving a rosary as a gift, and all of this was simply inserted and not from the books.

The adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express was far superior to other adaptations because instead of Poirot being a toady for the wealthy and connected, he called them out invoking God. The very nature of sin, guilt, justice and God's mercy or wrath were debated, and not just from a Catholic perspective but Protestant. Characters were shown praying as if it were normal and a good thing.

How did this happen? It happened because the actor playing the lead, the indispensable character, went through a religious transformation of his own. David Suchet, who was marvelous also in The Way We Live Now, converting to the Anglican faith. They could not replace him as he had also done a fantastic job portraying Poirot, and by that stage in the show's run, could not be replaced. Suchet was irreplaceable and therefore antifragile. If he wanted some crosses and prayers, the show would insert some.

Like any corporate lackey that seems to avoid the axe at layoffs, one has to be indispensable. One also has to have the will and drive to resist or push counter-narratives. Suchet was strong in faith and impossible to get rid of. If he annoyed showrunners and writers, well they were going to give into the man who had become Hercule Poirot and carried the show for years. Who was going to junk the man who brought the chubby little detective to life? That was all religion had going for it as that show aged. That is why The Narrative is dominant: system wide control of the organs of messaging.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Social Matter - Palmyra

New essay up at Social Matter. It is about the last year at Palmyra and the symbolism of everytning present. Civilization vs barbarism. What we strive for and how our elites are out of touch.

I hope you enjoy.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Trolling Ioffe + SM Review-Preview 48

Why do people troll? What makes trolling fun and effective? Sometimes the memes leak out into the mainstream. Sometimes you hook a celebrity, a journalist, an athlete or a politician and it gets good. Roseanne Barr angrily tweeted to me until I caught her in her lies from the '90s. It pierces the bubble of special snowflake they have, and if you know people who are friends with them, it might trickle back how you got them.

With the attention whoring Julia Ioffe did with the trolls going after her, I decided to take a different angle and pushed the outlandish BDSM literotica avenue with every Jewess stereotype thrown in. I took my time, did some research, the Jews helped by openly discussing their Holocaust BDSM fetish, and got some insider info. Just sending Holocaust memes wouldn't do. After the announcement that a special Twitter council would be created about policing anti-semitism with Ms. Ioffe on it, I threw some playful jabs. She is now a Chekist, following in the footsteps of other Russians Jews of the Soviet era. That is at the heart of progdom. Weakness that they can make up for via political power. I mocked her singledom and some physical flaws with one tweet, but with the tweet below, figured out the perfect path.

She screencapped either to avoid banter or just in case I'd delete it. Many thanks to my talented and nameless photoshop connect, but like all my Weimerica posts, it's the combination of the picture and the witty quip that sends it over the top.

She self-paranthesized. Charming, but I am fresh out of attic space.


Last week I wrote on the idea of weaponizing billionaires to route around the ossified system or take it down. Weimerica Weekly was on the weird trend of horny teachers who have sexual interactions with students. Sunday I will write on Palmyra. I have a trip coming up so writing might be sporadic. Next week's Weimerica Weekly will be on the housing market and how we got here. I will have a guest.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

28Sherman on the Fatherland Podcast

The guys in the TRS network asked me about appearing on the "Fatherland" podcast to discuss dad topics for the AltRight crowd. I agreed and what we recorded was 3 hours of dad talk. We actually discuss way more than parenting items as we chat NASA, WW2 history, military, creating a national service, housing, neighborhoods, sports, hotel sex but also a bunch of parenting talk in there.

I am a bit more informal compared to my Weimerica Weekly podcast. It is long, so block out time to listen in, and I hope you enjoy.

— The Fatherland TRS (@fatherlandradio) June 8, 2016

WW1 - Motor Machine Guns

Motorcycles with machine guns attached. Very Mad Max in appearance but a very quick innovation to the relatively new addition to the mechanized units. These pics are from later in the war (1918). If the "Happening" guys ever get their road war, they are more likely to fight in something like this than the last of the V8 interceptors.

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Social Matter Weimerica Weekly Sexy Teachers

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one starts with a bit of a clarification of what Weimerica is but then gets into the main topic of teachers who have sex with their students. Why is this a trend? Why is this bubbling up now? I spotlight two cases that are spectacular for their weirdness.

Can we start the lawsuit against teachers unions or the NEA? They have the money.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Have You Seen Angry Birds?

Angry Birds will become a code phrase for the ketman crowd that hides their defiance of progressive norms. "Have you seen Angry Birds," could be like the half fish design for early Christians. You need to finish the fish picture to let the other person know it is safe. Saying Angry Birds was the movie for our time might be the same thing.

What more is there to reviewing Angry Birds than what Greg Hood wrote for Counter-Currents? Hood nails just about every point. Definitely read his review, as it is fantastic. As a father of a young boy, this was finally a movie that was non-pozzed for us to enjoy. I do have to point out that the film carried the Simpsons tradition of a black voiced judge. Who knew that lone black judge on the Simpsons would inspire so many others. He is also shown to be a sham and a fool, so it is not the normal "JFC another one!?!?!?" vocal castings.

I will try to point out some items Mr. Hood overlooked.

1. The world of oblivious, secular whites is displayed in all its glory. This was so apparent my wife kept tapping my shoulder at the small touches. There is the pregnant yoga class, the hugs people, the idea that anger might be contagious and other little bits strewn throughout the town's bird lives. The birds are living such a safe and unnatural life that they have all forgotten how to fly as well as created a little culture where the worst sentencing for a criminal is anger management. That reminded me of Breivik's sentencing of 25 years in a little cabin in Norway. Sorry eloi, you made your society so easy going that you cannot summon the strength or wisdom to deal with any threats.

2. Greg Hood mentions the idea of Mighty Eagle being a stand-in for good old American power, but I saw a different thing at play. Rolling off the secular whites idea, early on Red asks about Mighty Eagle, but other schoolkids say, "He doesn't have parents, he doesn't know Mighty Eagle isn't real". Ahhhhh yes, a society that has turned its back on its gods. Mighty Eagle does do a bit of a God act where you must seek him, he expects worship, and does not really help. In the end, he does and in a manner to start a whole new legend to reaffirm belief.

3. This is a simple story, and it had to be. This was a movie created from an Iphone video game. What is a basic story? Protect your people, the Other is not like you and wants to kill you, and you the hero might be a loner but have a special skill no one notices until it is needed to save the day! This is a simple, normal story one tells kids to teach them time tested lessons. It is just that we live in such a broken world that  this story can be labeled the white supremacist feel good movie of the year and cause commie indoctrinated reviewers to go apeshit. Those reviewers miss the immigration bit staring them in the face because they are products of the oblivious white society I mentioned in point one. Still, this is a simple story, and not having pozzed or progged lessons for kids is problematic.

Take your kids to it. It is a breezy, quick film. I am glad Jason Sudekis scored a hit here, and hope he has more. He was a good guy on SNL. Will we see anti-poz friendly kids movies on a steady basis? Maybe. One never quite knows where the memes leak. After all, did you ever think cuckservatives would proudly self identiy as cucks and major New York media outlets would investigate and whine about ((())) in the same week?

Monday, June 06, 2016

Countrywide Skates Again

Exactly what are laws for? What are juries for? America supposedly brings people who have broken laws to court to face justice. Juries determine if a defendant is innocent or guilty, and then sentencing occurs. This applies to everyone. Enron millionaires who dated to President Bush found this out. In 2016, these rules do not apply to Bank of America.

Years ago, a jury found Bank of America, which had acquired Countrywide Financial, liable for mortgage fraud and fined them $1.27 billion. That pently is now thrown out, poof, gone, voided into the abyss. Here are some interesting details.
The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York found insufficient proof under federal fraud statutes to establish Bank of America's liability over a mortgage program called "Hustle" run by the former Countrywide Financial Corp.The Justice Department claimed Countrywide, which Bank of America bought in July 2008, defrauded government-sponsored mortgage financiers Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by selling them thousands of toxic loans.But in a 3-0 decision, U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Wesley said the evidence at most showed that Countrywide breached contracts to sell investment-quality loans, and that there was no proof it intended any deception."The trial evidence fails to demonstrate the contemporaneous fraudulent intent necessary to prove a scheme to defraud through contractual promises," Wesley wrote.

This is all strange since to anyone who has watched prosecutors throw out the idea of intent mattering when they choose to prosecute. How many arrest and prosecution outrage stories have you seen libertarian and law reform bloggers share that show the judicial system going after people who are not powerful enough to use the "I didn't mean to" defense successfully.
This all sounds worse when one realizes it was Countrywide's "Hustle" program, the high speed swim lane, for originating loans. The high speed swim lane was a disgusting shirking of underwriting responsibility. From the link: 
But while things were going bad though 2007, and Fannie and Freddie began to reconsider their loan buying requirements, Mr. Bharara alleges that Countrywide invented the hustle to push the process along faster.
As Fannie and Freddie tried to stomp out risk, “Countrywide eliminated every significant checkpoint on loan quality...” and, according to internal Countrywide documents the DA obtained, took away “toll gates” that were slowing things down in order to assure loan quality.
Who were the underwriters assigned this work? According to the complaint they were “loan processors who were previously considered unqualified to answer borrower questions.” Countrywide also took away their instructional “job aids” or check lists – anything to speed up the swim lane, it is alleged.
Now the convenient thing missed in all of this is of course reality. Who were receiving loans in 2007? Who were the unqualified originators? The below chart shows, by race, the home value appreciation that peaked right before and crashed through the HSSL era.

What no one can talk about is how the banks and mortgage firms made a killing as middle men and fee collectors handing out easy money mortgages to people who had no hopes of paying them back and were fresh into the country. The movie The Big Short's famous angry line from Steve Carell is absolutely wrong, and Hollywood knows it. In any bubble, the late receivers are the Ponzi borrowers. Who were the late receivers? The worst quality borrowers and immigrants that middlemen could swindle. Those late receivers helped raise the real estate wealth of the earliest receivers, which only made economic inequality worse in America.
A proper chase of causation would ask why the loans went out, which would lead to Steve Sailer's oft-cited Bush Minority Home-Ownership initiative. That would also lead back to the repeal of Glass-Steagall, and the community reinvestment act provisions that were forced on banks in order for them to be allowed to grow and merge. America would then discover that immigration is not just to lower their wages but to provide the new, marginal borrower.
Bank of America acquired Countrywide, and the bank takeover of the Left has come in real handy for them. No prosecutions, no fines and the presumptive nominee continuously says how breaking up the big banks won't end racism or sexism. It's the perfect high capital and technical prowess with low information and pay off combination for democracy.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Social Matter - Weaponizing Billionaires

New essay is up at Social Matter. It is about a way to possibly attack the big banks in a manner that bypasses government mandated break ups and with the aid of those high wealth individuals who get demonized. Interests must align, but it might be possible to take on the technostructure of Wall Street.

Lawfare, stock investments, attacking in ways that are outside the progs' firm control and sadly appeal to a basic human desire: money. We need to work high-low pairings in our favor too.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Stay off Facebook, Bring Back Bullying + SM Review-Preview 47

I deactivated my Facebook months ago. It was almost 6 months off the Faceborg. I came back due to family requests, and my God what a wasteland. Whatever people were doing 6 months ago, that was already lame, is now even worse. I already started trolling, but that is not the point. People have completely given into that "I'm famous, I'm a star... if I repeat it enough."

We need to bring back bullying. This astute MPC fellow typed it before (he also called for populism to destroy our current elite), but we need to allow bullying. Bullying not only enforced social and cultural norms, it popped people's heads before they go to Kardashian level arrogance with no accomplishments. My sister has even fallen under the spell as she is now Julia Child crossed with Martha Stewart, but in all honesty, my mom and wife are both better cooks. Bring back bullying or else America turns into the 40 year old still thinking she fits into her Miss Teen USA swimsuit or the 60 second assassin who thinks he is a porn star.

Bring back bullying, get rid of Weimerica.


Last week at Social Matter, I wrote on the ticking time bomb that is Nigeria. That country has massive problems already creating a migrant flow up to Europe, and if they have real fireworks, it will only get worse. Weimerica Weekly covered tiny houses. I actually like the idea, but it is a coping mechanism and symptom of our messed up housing market.

This week I will write on a process that may break up too big to fail banks without any regulation. I might make Weimerica Weekly about teachers who like to fuck students. There was one news blurb this week too demented and a cop gave me a rundown of what one sentencing was like.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

WW1 - Open Cockpit Complexity

Our RAF pilot fires a flare gun. Note the Lewis gun above his head. It took time to place guns that could fire without blowing off propellers. This was later in the war (summer 1918), but these men were flying in open cockpits and with a complex set of duties. One of the most important was surveillance. They had to take photos of enemy trenches, troop  placements and artillery sets.

Complexity in the cockpit? Not much.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Tiny Houses

The new Weimerica Weely is up. This week's episode is about the 'tiny house' movement. It is just under a half hour. Despite what the first comment states, I actually think tiny houses are cool. If I were liing on my own, I'd gladly live in one and just sock my money away for my family and to fund the restoration. The problem is tha tiny houses are a weird symptom of our messed up housing market. No one wants to address the housing market screw ups, nor the immigration effects. On top of that, this is the SWPL class browbeating us all that trailer park or RV living is uber-chic.

I even pitch a potential reality show based on Tiny Houses. Hope you enjoy.