Thursday, May 12, 2016

WW1 - Maybe France Died at Verdun?

This photo is of modern troops in WW1 garb. Even if not the actual troops, the men in uniform help make it real and not just black and white. Why were they wearing baby blue? Anything was better than the red pants they started out wearing in WW1.

For victory, subscribe to the national war loan.”  Fantastic imagery as Napoleon’s Grande Armée merges with a column of poilus under the Arc de Triomphe.

Charles De Gaulle was wounded at Verdun. He was taken prisoner, and tried to escape multiple times. Once he made it within 100 miles of the Swiss border but was caught. 

Not everyone survived Verdun. By the end of March 1916, the French has sustained nearly 90,000 dead and wounded at Verdun. De Gaulle was lucky. He lived to fight another day.


Anonymous said...

What was De Gaulle view of WWI ?

Anonymous said...

I was reading a book about Verdun in 1968, my brother was playing Sgt. Peppers "A day in the life". Every time I hear that, it's 1968.

craig said...

BBC report on the battle. They use archive recordings of men who fought there. Well worth a listen.