Friday, May 27, 2016

Venezuelan Opportunities + SM Review-Preview 46

Maybe this is a bit too Evola, but where are the heroic adventurers? Why is no one forming a mercenary band and going after jihadis or random sub-Saharan African crackpots or storming islands for a pirate base? The answer is the great centralization allows for international law and forces to prevent it. There is no high power that would support it. That is a key, as the "international community' would crack down on Western based adventurers (Neutrality Act FTW). Is the energy gone? Would men even do this if given the chance?

I thought of this when reading about Venezuela. An external force aligned with Venezuela's opposition could possibly cause enough chaos to oust Maduro or topple Maduro in entirety and then act as a preatorian guard for the new regime. Channeling the thoughts and words of the BronzeAgePervert, "warriors would take Venezuelan warbrides for planting seeds". Taking it down several notches, what if you just ran a food smuggling operation? Pack a ton of food on a boat and smuggle it into Venezuela. There must be something in trade that one could sneak back into the US. Let's get some smuggling operations going.Pretty sure there'd be some hot Venezuelan smuggling dames for the taking.

Venezuelans are killing animals in the street to eat. There has to be some opportunity. Maybe you could use a Christian mission trip as cover....


Last week I wrote on the unmentionable nations around the globe, and Venezuela is near tops of the list. It is news editing at an earlier stage of reporting. Weimerica Weekly was about the weird things Americans do with their pets now. This week I will discuss the oil related ticking time bomb in Africa that may take the migrant crisis and immivasion to a whole new level.


Portlander said...

Since it's almost the long weekend...

Thoughts on Hillary? Been a tough week for her... Is this the DNC laying the ground-work for a replacement? When even CNN turns on her, I have to wonder.

If they bail on her, does Wall Street think Bernie is weak enough and/or clueless enough to get steam-rolled by their puppets in Congress, or do they try and send in Biden to save the day?

Icing out Bernie would alienate a lot of his die-hard supporters, but I think that's a rather thin demographic compared to turn-out in a presidential general election. I think the rest of the fringe agitators would fall in line behind anyone the DNC puts up, as would any SWPL types older than 30. Throw in a little of the voting fraud that they've gotten used to pulling off after two Obama elections, and they could keep OH-MI-PA-VA, which would be enough to win Nov.

A.B. Prosper said...

Re: adventurism

Exactly as you said, most nation states would stop it. You can't really hide from a satellite directed drone strike or special ops team forever and live any quality of life.

Let's say states decline enough that one could get away with adventurism or the zeitgeist shifted to allow it.

No Western men would do this anyway. It fails every conceivable cost benefit analysis other than "for the rush" Modern people are often quite good, we breed Homo Economicus

It never really been a good thing anyway but information asymmetry and romanticism made it look way better than it was and those things are gone. People know what to expect, have seen what's out there and know what the case will be.

There is little money in it, no other loot, no glory, no women no land not that urban people want 5 acres in Venezuela or Somalia no one cares about your war stories. Also the people you are working for are probably singularly without honor and after you help them you be feted with a 9mm bullet behind the ear and a shallow grave. People know this, video games teach it, D&D like games (Shadowrun and Cyberpunk ones) teach it, common sense declares it

Lastly actual Western, i.e White men are mostly middle aged, median age in say Germany is like 45. Its a bit younger in the US but its way past military prime

Of the ones that are, say 18-34 most of them still live at home (yes the majority up to 35) and are unmarried.

Any one of them fit to adventure may well have a family to care for and even if he doesn't knows what would happen. He'd risk lifetime disability for a pittance. maybe a years pay

This isn't some much lower testosterone levels though that's part of it but a growth of common sense, war sucks and unless you get something out of it, you just end up cannon fodder for the rich. The US military say will at least give you Tri_care and disability most times.

In any case there aren't large corps of bored war vets , young people or former military longing for an infantry fight. The ones that are have target rich environments at home or soon will once the immigrant invasion commences to reach critical mass and the nations collapse.

Joseph Moroco said...

There could be a way if there are enough front men with Spanish last names. The leader of the force would take a name like Vincente Gomez and be commissioned to as commander of the "real" Venezuelan army.

If it did happen, it would be because tptb wanted to close the playground, and/or the control of the oil needs it.

There is no longer any scope for the fancy footwork Castro played.

AntiDem said...

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

If there is any absolute moral imperative for the right in the 21st century, it's that we must stop shielding people from the predictable consequences of their own poor decisions. Venezuelans wanted socialism? (They did - they voted for it repeatedly, and some of those elections were even fair.) Well, now, as Mencken might say, they've got it - good and hard.

Little children don't stop touching hot stoves because they're hot. They stop touching hot stoves because it hurts. The pain is what teaches them the lesson. Take away the pain, and they never learn the lesson. If some Chavez voter just had to cook the family dog for dinner because there was nothing else to eat, well, there's a lesson learned. Hopefully he'll remember it when considering who he wants to back to lead his country next time he has a chance.

Or he won't, which just means he needs more pain to learn the lesson. When it hurts enough, he'll stop. That's how Gnon rolls.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Plenty of recent mercenary activity in Africa. 'Mercenary' or private security company. Such an undertaking would be challenging without state or corporate sponsorship. The 'True Believers' in it for the ideological struggle only arê few and far between.

A.B. Prosper said...

LBF, aye

A lot of those African mercs are basically old men without pensions hired by states . Its not a young man's game and they aren't adventurers for the most part

QUANGO type groups like Academi are out there as well but again they are deniable state assets using basically state trained assets they poach.

The actual private, semi private adventurer is no longer a thing.