Friday, May 06, 2016

Trump Victorious + SM Review-Preview 43

Trump won Indiana, and it was not even close. Is it the end for the GOPe? It is the end for them maintaining the status quo, so yes, the current configuration is over. Will it become a nationalist party? Will an isolationist or anti-intervention policy form? It is all fluid, and it is possible that it all washes away with Trump's exit whether in November, in 2020 or 2024. For the time being, enjoy the fact that Trump destroyed a great slate of GOP hopefuls with the entire GOPe apparatus smearing him for months.

There is definitely deep interests that are okay with Trump's stances and his proposals. The scary part is what it took for them to get airtime. There needed to be a man with enough visibility, enough money to self-fund, skin thick enough to take the insults and a mind that knew how to manipulate modern media and social media. I do not think Trump wins in November, and even if he wins, i don't think much changes, but let's all take a moment to thank him for destroying Jeb Bush.

This is the time of the fourth crisis. Is The Donald the Boomer to lead us out of it as Strauss and Howe predicted? No one knows, but what a time to be alive.


Last week I wrote on the Church of America experience of a Trump rally. Weimerica Weekly discussed the topic of "foodies" and our food obsession. This week I will write on the changing nature of warfare, and how the Chinese in '99 saw it for what it was to become. Weimerica Weekly will tackle an Internet oddity that has somehow developed into the Great American Epic (Tragedy). All of Weimerica might be encapsulated in one man's story.


Anonymous said...

There's one thing unfortunately that is almost assured: The next charismatic self-funder probably won't be on our side.

Just enjoying the Trump Train for now. Without Trump, it will end as quick as it began.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

The Trump Revolution 2015-2024 is the calm before the storm. His administration (if elected) will precipitate massive civil conflict the likes of which those of us here haven't seen. We should welcome it. In war and chaos, there is opportunity.

Guy from the country said...

Trump is the worst that could have happened to Republicans and Conservatives.

There is about the half the party that will NOT vote form him.

Read this for what most Christians are thinking:

Clinton will be our next president and it will all be thanks to the ignorant Trumplings and their unchristian beleifs

Angry Midwesterner said...

Your functioning on the faulty assumption that Republican administration will achieve any movement in the direction we want. Reading Glen Cuck's Blaze won't make any of it feel better.

Anonymous said...

We are in the midst of a political realignment that, according to Strauss and Howe's theory, is happening right on schedule.

One Donald J. Trump does appear to be emerging as the Grey Champion of the current crisis.

The Regeneration begins on 1/20/17.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Conservatism, Inc. died in a field in Indiana.

It's time to go after the thugs and degenerates in the GOPe and #NeverTrump movement.

No mercy, no quarter.

Portlander said...

Will it become a nationalist party?

Given Dem's have doubled-down on an identity politics play with its logical conclusion being "send us your disgruntled gimmie-dat foot-soldiers," and given our two-party democratic system which encourages simplistic dichotomies between the parties, this seems inevitable.

Will an isolationist or anti-intervention policy form?

You seem to be the resident history expert, but as I learned it, that was one of the Republican party's fundamental givens from ~1900 to ~1940. After the war, there was a big battle between the new Eisenhower wing and the traditionalists (was it Taft?). We all know how that ended.

Also knowing what we know now, WFBuckley being on the CIA's payroll was no accident as far as moving the Republican party to be on the side of Big Empire. It's like the old Ford-Model T quip, you can have any political party you want, as long as it's interventionist.

All a long way of saying, it wouldn't be an unprecedented stretch for the Republican party to become isolationist... what's old is new again.

Toddy Cat said...

AS an "ignorant Trumpling" and a Christian, I'll take a flawed man with some idea of what this country is up against over a lunatic like Beck or a weasel like Cruz any day. I'd also like to know how the ravings of idiots on "The Blaze" are a better indication of what Christians think than the polls, which indicate widespread Christian support for Trump.

Trump was divorced? So was Reagan.
Trump used to be a liberal? So was "The Gipper"...
Trump is in favor of deportation? So was Eisenhower...
Trump runs casinos? So does Sheldon Adelson, Cruz's biggest backer...
Trump is against Free Trade? So was Abraham Lincoln...

If there's a deal-breaker here, I'm not seeing it.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Kristol is the King of the Neocons and he won't give up his power.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Faux jews is attacking Trump again, the message is clear anyone in Conservatism Inc. who supports Trump will be kicked out of their little club.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Trump destroyed a powerful neocon political dynasty (the Bush family), skipped debates that likely cost Fox News tens of millions of dollars (the January debate and the debate they tried to set up in March but didn't happen), broke lots of neocon taboos (Bush didn't keep our country safe, Iraq was a mistake, etc.).

I'm glad Trump won but he did it by attacking neocon values. Not a surprise that neocons are thrashing around. I don't see it as anything other than dinosaurs thrashing around after the meteor struck the Earth but after their thrashing around, they either had to adapt to the new climate or they died off. I strongly suspect that many will come meekly and quietly into the conservative fold. The neocons have no place in the Democrat party, they will find a hostile reception with the libertarians, reform, and constitutional parties. They can form their own party but it will be considered a party of sore losers and they'd be right. As image conscious as a lot of these cuckservatives are, they are not going to fight and die on a new political party that no rank and file GOP voter is going to vote for.

They will offer lukewarm endorsements in hopes that Trump loses in 2016 and they can try to reassert control. Only downside is that Trump has crossed the rubicon on a lot of things and it will be next to impossible to return to the Rove-Bush era of the GOP without alienating the base. Trump has completely changed the GOP, whether they want to admit it or not.