Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump Brigades + SM Review-Preview 45

Trump has terrifying online brigades. I am not lying. Commentary Magazine wants you to believe it. Why did they write that we are brigades? It makes the legion of online trolls sound like an online SA. Ricky Vaughn got publicity, so this man, this online account that had 300 followers a little over a year ago, now commands 27,000 followers and frightens well fed conservative writers. What a Potemkin village!

Land notes the narrative forming that this might be an NRX presidency, which it is not. I would push back by stating that the article was very explicit how neoreaction is not impressed with Trump because he does not go far enough. The interesting thing is to see the media graft NRx onto the altright in this mix of aggressive opponents of neocons. It is far scarier if opponents have a collection of thought and philosophy instead of just tearing down their structures. As I have typed many times, NRx and the Altright are different but we both see the same sickness and we both see the same problems.

Let's get rid of the jokers. We can split the spoils later.


Last week I wrote about the DC Metro being a disaster. It is a disaster because of the Left's ideology. Form over function will prevent any fix, and they must pay off their voting blocs with sinecures. Unfortunately, those sinecures involve real functions like track maintenance, design and management. Weimerica Weekly discussed the current divide in the Democratic party. I then spotlighted a small local race that reflects that divide. I threw in some "Just Like Us" news bits that show how the glorified gay voting bloc is not so glorious. I even sang for you.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

Its delicious to see all these jewish "conservative" sites tasting their own poison.

IA said...

You've got a problem with your form vs. function dichotomy. And it's form and content. You can't have one without the other. You could draw a stick figure crucifixion and convey the information. But, unfortunately, it would not move men's souls the way a Bellini would. Therefore, form is more important than content. Metro doesn't work because it was designed to be run by white men, not black men.