Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Pope of Moldbuggians

Have you read him? The man who is the title holder for greatest acolyte of Moldbug. Only he truly knows what Moldbug was writing in those 10,000 word essays. Only he has a firm grasp on reality. Only he understands power. Well, him and like 5 or 6 people who truly know Moldbug, who himself is 100% correct. I hereby nominate him for the Pope of Moldbuggians.

Reactionary Future is a must read. RF produces good pieces like this on division of power. His post on power dictating culture is spot on and I agree 100%. The Cultural Marxist puppets you see on TV are nothing without backing from powerful elites. He discusses power and culture in other posts such as this good short one. He who has power dictates the culture. The incredibly short post but correct De Jouvenal post on the high-low strategy is something I agree with 100%. He writes a lot of great stuff. I read his blog weekly.

Ever meet someone addicted to conflict? It is a weird trait of modern times, and maybe these types existed before, but some people just love to have conflict. They love just to argue and have some conflict for the feel of battle. It is annoying. This writer seems to be one of those types. For every great essay there is an eye-roll inducing "I'm more reactionary than you, you suck" post. He writes posts where he creates conflict for the sake of it. Here he is talking past Nick Land if you will, and here he is arguing with no one for the sake of arguing and saying he is the best Moldbug acolyte of all. He is more reactionary than thou.

The Pope of Moldbuggians shall be "Reactionary Future". He is a good writer. I highly recommend his blog. The attitude is rather annoying, but tolerable for the other gems at his blog. A phrase of advice is, "Lighten up Francis".


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Interesting. Thanks for the recommendation. I get a kick out of these eccentric reactionaries on the periphery of the Alt-Right.

JLanceCombs said...

He reminds me of Anissimov, the way he always displayed his reactionary peacock feathers and declared himself the "leader" of nrx.

Portlander said...

I have a much simpler theory of everything.

In any organization from local rotary club to a new nation you have the Founders who have an a vision, and the talent to bring the vision to fruition. Eventually the Founders move on, either through death or boredom.

Following the Founders you have the second generation, they are fellow travellers in the vision, but not quite of the talent to take it to any greater level. It is at this stage that mediocrity invades. You get people who have no talent to build anything themselves, but are true believers, they think, concerning the vision. In fact, they want to make the vision "better." It's a lot easier to argue (politicize) vision and goals with fellow cohorts than it is to actually execute on a mission. Any Founders still remaining at this stage, and talented 2nd-gen folks with the wherewithal to found something themselves, leave the organization. (AKA Go West Young Man!) Politicians take over by way of simple self-selection.

The third generation squabble over the spoils that the Founders and talented among the 2nd generation created, inevitably burning through their seed corn. Nothing of value is created. The best than can be said for the best of the 3rd gen is that they returned what was left to them. By this stage it's all over but the hurt feelings.

This is all known body of knowledge... Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in 3 generations; Conquest's Second Law.

As for the United States, for the longest time, politics played second fiddle to commerce. We had an empty country and an industrial revolution that allowed taming of it. Talented folks did not go into the business of redistribution. They went into the business of creation. However, once the country filled-in and then we completed becoming Top Dog in the world, growing the pie became harder, arguably to today where it's become non-existent, and slicing the pie has become where all the action is.

This means we are now in an environment where political types can thrive and productive types have run out of places they can escape to. It's all third gen now. Importing millions of ne'r-do-wells, serves to cement the Political types' hold on power. More people means more conflict means more need for authority. In addition, productive types have nowhere left to gather where they could attain any critical mass.

Anonymous said...

Nick B. Steves is already Pope of NRx. Which makes RF one of those people that's "more Catholic then the Pope".

Nick B Steves said...

He reminds me of Anissimov...

Not at all. RF is quite single-minded in his devotion to Moldbug and quite above the sort of triggering which once so easily tripped up Anissimov. Tho' to be fair to MA, he seems much better about that lately.

Nick B. Steves is already Pope of NRx.

Nah, I'm just the middle-minion they put out there to announce stuff.

MPC SCUM said...

This Reactionary Future guy seems kind of clueless and immature (his blog is decorated with pictures of sci-fi tanks for one thing.)

He also doesn't seem willing to seriously engage with other ideas. His post critiquing HBD for example, just assumes the most extreme interpretation of HBD and then points out the strawman isn't true. To be fair, there are some completely clueless HBD spergs out there, but the 100% bio-determinists are quite rare.

Worse, his criticisms always just read as a tantrum. It must be very lonely being the ONLY REACTIONARY IN THE WORLD. :(