Monday, May 16, 2016

The Democrat Switcheroo

There is a plan, and it is a convenient plan for the Left. It involves the "most important election in the history of the world part XXVI". The Democrats are a headless horseman. Unless Trump can truly shake up the board and there is a re-alignment going on, the Democrats have the votes just no leadership to run with any qualifications. Forget Texas going blue, once immigration shifts Florida to reliable blue, it is over. Clinton should be a solid bet for president. Problem is that she is an incredibly weak candidate. No one would be talking about her had Rudy Giuliani not developed cancer, preventing his 2000 Senate campaign. How do the Democrats secure November? The Switcheroo.

This has been discussed elsewhere, and even now, there are little hints of it. The switcheroo is for the Feds to indict Hillary Clinton after the convention and replace her with a Biden/Warren ticket for a sprint in November. Dems run a candidate without the Clinton stink and win, securing the presidency for four years. Why would they do this?
1. The Democrats truly want to go full Sanders, but the Establishment needs to boil the frog slowly.
2. Clinton is a terrible candidate, but Establishment vetted and not as scary. Perfect for frog boiling.
3. Trump is the only person who will run against her and throw every punch at the sleazeball, Clinton marriage of convenience.
4. The Democrat Establishment knows perfectly well what it gets from a Bush-Cruz-Rubio administration, but not so much from a Trump administration that also has a cult of personality and can manipulate the media.

The tells that this is coming have nothing to do with Clinton's crimes. Everyone in America now knows that she did far worse for law breaking than General Petraeus. Everyone in America who has watched the news, even in the twisted portrayal of the regime media, knows that she did something wrong. America knows it is getting a crook in the Oval Office before they swear the oath.

The only way that they will drop the hammer on her is if she starts performing poorly in reliable state polls in swing states and non-swing states that are becoming swing. Right now, early polls have her neck and neck with Trump in swing states and even Pennsylvania. State polls will come into focus and the models will be worked out. Vice President selections will be made, and she is most likely going to pick Julian Castro, but don't rule out Cory Booker. If she felt super confident, she would select Senator Tim Kaine. Watch the VP pick.

Say Clinton picks Castro or even Booker for VP. She gets to the convention and wins the nomination. She will pay lip service to the Sanders crowd, but post convention polls will shake out. Before America gets to the debates, the switch must be made. After the conventions, the first polls of August will set the stage. If she is struggling in state polls in Ohio, Florida, Penn and Michigan, the switcheroo can be set into motion. August is a no news month. perfect timing.
1. The Feds indict Clinton.
2. Clinton says she will step down from the nomination.
3. The Democrat leadership installs Joe Biden as the presidential nominee and Elizabeth Warren as the VP nominee.
4. Clinton does this because Biden will offer her a sweetheart deal and/or pardon once he is president.
4a. GOPe writes paeans to "good American" Joe Biden as a safe selection who is not a kooky socialist and not evil corrupt Clinton.
5. Democrats win and "Warren Court 2.0" gets going.
This would work. How many people vote party? How many people don't pay attention until a month or two from election day? The sprint race would give the Democrats the edge for opposition research, and would allow the media more control. One problem is that Biden would own all of Obama's failed policies and the legacy of the economy and foreign policy situations as of fall 2016. Phil Kerpen on twitter named this #FBIden. Keep your eye on the polls, and expand your expectations for what is possible.


peterike said...

I'm worried about a switcheroo on the Republican side as well. This "we're making nice with Trump now" stuff doesn't have me convinced. I still think they might try to pull something at the convention.

As for Hillary, agree that there, as well, we might get a switch if it starts to look like she'll lose. Easy enough to take her out. The only people who like her are the globo-Zionists, and since they run the show, they get who they want. They have for decades, why would it change now? Well, Trump, that's why. The more time passes the more startling his rise seems, and his threat to the old order increases.

Mention of the Warren Court 2.0 is crucial. The current Leftists on the Court don't even pretend that there is a Constitution to concern themselves with. Their votes are blatantly political/ideological every time, and they get zero push back on it from the Megaphone. If they get that tipping point vote, then essentially everything is fair game. The Court will run rampant. I'm sure that Leftist orgs are already hunting down cases they can push toward the Kangaroo Court for ideological victories.

My guess is the first thing the Court would go after is guns. And given the vague wording of the Second Amendment, it's very, very easy to overturn decades of legal tradition and just say "citizens not in an official militia can't have guns." With the stroke of a pen gun rights will vanish. It's something of a miracle that they've lasted this long.

R. Wilbur said...

Also keep your eye on Trump's "random" nickname targets. He's already preempted Warren with "goofy" -- would he waste time on branding her if he didn't expect it to matter down the road?

If he starts counter-punching hard against seemingly innocuous statements from Biden, then we know that Trump knows that the fix is in.

Anonymous said...

You filled in a piece of the puzzle for me, thanks. For a long time I had known this was a possibility, but I figured it would have to be at the convention, and I couldn't see how they do that without drawing wrath of the Bernie voters. By doing it after the convention as you've said, they sidestep this. Give Bernie voters a little time to mourn and accept his loss, placate them with Elizabeth Warren, and then rally them against Trump. It makes sense.

Since I'm voting Trump, I really hope this doesn't happen, of course. Biden would be much tougher to run against than Hillary. Sure, he owns the Obama years, but Obama is way more popular than Hillary.

罗臻 said...

What's the legality of it? The GOPe accepted the Democrats replacing Torricelli's name only a month before the NJ Senate election. Trump will not allow a replacement if it isn't above the board legal. A candidate can run for office from jail, the Democrats can't claim she is ineligible. If her name is on the ballot, she is the candidate. If she won, she could step aside for the VP. I don't know if Democrats could replace her after the convention though, and Trump is the type of candidate who might cause a Constitutional crisis if he refused to abide by the election results.

Portlander said...

Legality? That's a funny one. After 8 years of Obama's executive actions, there should be no doubt that legality means whatever the winning side says it means.

It's all symptomatic of our becoming a Banana Republic. Dem's prefer us to be a nation of men, not laws. This, alas, kicked-off during the Clinton years.

Though, I've had a guy at work argue with me vehemently that it was Johnson not going after Nixon for negotiating with the Norks, a clear act of treason. And the real reason for the Watergate breakin. I add this because at SoBL's blog, Nixon is never off topic. :)

Kevin Michael Grace said...

Not gonna happen. By choice, anyway. Hillary is too proud and too desperate. As I noted on my podcast, however, there is always the Roman Option. It is announced that she died suddenly in the night of a previously undiagnosed respiratory ailment. That is, she was smothered with a pillow.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I disagree only because she has geared the past 25 years of her life to being President. She won't go down without a fight and the DNC is loaded with Clinton loyalists. However if the writing is on the wall regarding the indictment, she may have no choice but to step down. That way she can "save face" rather than be taken down during her run for office.

Portlander said...

Oh, I think it could happen. Look for Trump to do some cognitive jujitsu around the time of the Conventions...

"The Democratic Party Leadership is scared of me, Megyn. They know and I know I am going to beat Hillary in a huge landslide election. It will be huge. It will be like Reagan's pounding of Mondale. Pounding is not sexist by the way, Megyn. I love women. I pound beautiful women every chance I get, but it's consensual. Consent is very important, unlike what Hillary did to enable Bill. So the Democratic leadership is scared. Absolutely scared. Of me. They are scared of the mandate that my landslide election will give me. They are trying to find a replacement for Hillary. She had a long grueling campaign against Bernie, Megyn, and Hillary's tired. She's not up for more campaigning. She's too tired, regardless of what the FBI does. But I think they'll indict her. She deserves to be indicted for what she did. But the Democratic Party leadership is trying to betray their primary voters by slipping in a replacement at the convention. And let me tell you, those betrayed voters, Sanders voters, I love Bernie voters, the ones that don't break the law. Great people. They want America to be Great Again. They are going to vote for me, Megyn. I welcome their votes. I welcome every Democrat that has been betrayed by the Party leadership trying to undemocratically choose their own Presidential candidate."

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Hillary will drag the Dems down with her.

Anonymous said...

If TPTB get really desperate, there is one way they can guarantee an Obama "third term" embodied by Joe Biden. The ultimate October surprise....something happens to Obama. Joe would win in an emotional landslide.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Trump already has Hillary beat. For Trump, Bernie and Biden/Warren are the tougher potential opponents.

I like Portander's ideas for what Trump should say: "The Democratic leadership is scared of me. They are trying to find a replacement for Hillary."

But he should not wait until the conventions. He should start making a lot of noise about this NOW. The Dems will be forced to swear up and down that Hillary is their gal, which will make the ultimate switcheroo more embarrassing/costly. And if/when they do it, Trump looks better if he predicted it LOUDLY. He'll look prescient, they'll look weak, and the surprise will look calculated and conniving rather than surprising.

Get on it, Trump. Pre-emptively shore up that flank!

And, by the way, if Brock is wrong and Hillary is the candidate, it is a great shiv for Trump to make people think her own Dem leadership is preparing to jettison her. Even if they aren't, the fact that Joe went on TV again talking about how he would have been a great President and how he likes Warren shows that the Dems aren't loving their candidate Hill.

Nick B Steves said...

Forget Texas going blue, once immigration shifts Florida to reliable blue, it is over.

I see this sort of logic a lot. And it's wrong. A mature two party system never deviates much from 50-50. In 1968, it would have been easy to say, once the south goes for Nixon, it's over. Well... it was for two elections. Realignments are not novel. They are built into the two-party winner take all system. Trump represents a major realignment of the GOP, very much along the lines of Reagan, which as you know forced the Dems to realign an produce the first Clinton. I think the dems lose to Trump and then realign as well. Hard to say what it looks like. But I know what it won't look like: Electoral maps that are permanently blue.