Monday, May 09, 2016

South Sudan: Africa Gotta Africa

Remember the tears shed by Hollywood and the Left over Darfur and Sudan? A flood of tears for this foreign civil war. The propaganda was steady. Consistent with decolonization's history, the specifics of fighting, rape and killing were horrific. The film Hotel Rwanda was a guilt trip over Western inaction and hint hint, you can stop it from happening again in Sudan, America. No one really discusses Sudan anymore since the partition and Hollywood and the Left have moved on. South Sudan is an absolute failure.

South Sudan was created to end the civil war by separating the northern Islamic portion from the southern Christian portion of the nation. War and horror would end. South Sudan had 3/4 of the oil reserves of Sudan proper, so they could start out with some economic cushion. It did not happen. In a beautiful display of the thede concept, the South Sudanese went from united in their fight against the Muslims of the north to infighting between the Dinka majority and Nuer minority. For an example of the horror now being perpetrated on their former allies, soldiers who cannot be paid are allowed to rape women as payment. Africa!

The interesting thing in examining the split between the Dinka and Nuer is if one looks at modern scholarship, there is a focus on how the Nuer resisted the British more than the Dinka, therefore are magically punished for it today. If you read accounts of Cromer's time in Egypt, one can see how securing the upper Nile region was important to Cromer's administration of Egypt. This was not an undisturbed region with zero contact. There were Belgians and French in the area. That was the reason for the British to secure it because non-Brits might mess with the water and down the Nile, Egypt would be cooked. The Brits tried to administer that region, but the focus was on the Nile. The Dinka and Nuer did not take to organization and education as the northern Muslims did, and were of less importance and further reach from British administration in Egypt.

This is not a sad legacy of colonialism. This is tribal warfare returning now that the two groups cannot unite versus an outgroup. It is an interesting progression where Sudanese push the Euros out, then the Muslim, northern Sudanese fight the non-Muslim, southern Sudanese, and finally the Nuer fight the Dinka. This is nothing new and nothing to lay at the feet of the West. This conflict is a simple repetition of the countless tribal battles that Africa has had for ages. Similar to the problem of other post-colonial nations having internal squabbles, they have automatic weapons now. Cooperation between groups takes awareness that cooperation works as well as proof that cooperation and adherence to law and custom for various laws and rules works. It is not simply a matter of time. The switch must flip inside the group's mind that this will work.

It might never happen. Even if it does decades from now, Westerners will be asked to send money and forced take in refugees from this sad, war-torn area.


Anonymous said...

>The switch must flip inside the group's mind that this will work.

The middle east, Africa. A century from now we'll identify all of the genes that discourage cooperation in these traditionally tribal and divided people. Until the cooperators start winning, it will never get better.

I think that's why Europe and East Asia do so well. Climates were harsh enough to require cooperation. Fruit didn't bloom on trees year round. Settlers had to plan ahead (time preference is genetic) and work together to survive the seasonal changes.

South of the equator in Africa, it's about controlling your plot of land. The land supplied the food, you controlled your plot with violence. Evolution favored traits for that way of life. Now they have guns and some have money, but the instincts are still there.

The truth is the best and brightest will immigrate away. They will boil off their best minds to be assimilated into the West. "Brain Drain" -- Globalism and open immigration is the least altruistic thing we can do for them. The Left always seems to push policies that have the opposite effect that they claim to pursue.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

I think Africa should have remained isolated of Western influence, no money, no missionaires, no medicine and technology,... keep they way its was supposed to be.

Tiny Duck said...

JUst another example of the evils of colonization.

Is there anything the white race can touch that will not turn to manure?

peterike said...

Lol! Tiny Cuck, uhh Duck, has migrated from Sailer and is now infesting these otherwise pristine waters like an invasive snail. Ignore, ignore.

I agree with Alexandros. We should look at black Africa like a nature preserve. Take away all vestiges of Western technology (which you can do by just not sending more; they can't maintain what they have) and let nature strike a balance. They will die by the millions, and the only worthwhile thing there -- the amazing flora and fauna -- will be saved. But the Chinese are there now and nothing's going to stop them.

The alternative is to re-colonize, but that ain't happening with the current Zeitgeist. Indeed, it's happening in reverse, with Africa colonizing the West in ever increasing numbers, and every year now it seems they parade around the latest Nigerian that got into all the Ivy League schools (no preferential treatment, of course).

Meanwhile, the DC Metro is falling apart at the seams because... it's run by black people. They have the Touch of Sadim (that's Midas in reverse), bringing wrack and ruin to everything they touch, every place they appear.

Oh what to do, what to do. I almost wish the Chinese would hurry it along and take over the West already. Blacks are a problem they'd know just how to solve. And really, would it be much worse for a competent white to live under a Chinese regime than under the current Progressive-Jewish-Zionist one? I really don't see how.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Of course South Sudan was destined to fail--look who they put in charge!

Stupid Westerners. They have no understanding of Africa and Africans.

Anonymous said...

You were mentioned in a Vox article:

"Trump is a flashlight. Trump shines a light on forgotten truths," the neoreactionary Ryan Landry writes. "Trump shines a light on the fact that we truly have reached a point where a candidate who implicitly advocates for whites is considered dangerous and a cause for protest. … Those on the edge have known this anti-white mania is out there, but the protest-riot made it real for millions more."

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Whites need to wall off the African continent, and then find ways to reduce the population.

We need to do it for the wildlife.

Toddy Cat said...

James Shikwati, a Kenyan economist, agrees with you, Alexandros. He says what Africa needs is to be left alone, that "aid" has damaged Africa far more than colonialism ever did. Just as illegal immigration damages ordinary people in both the U.S. and Mexico, "Foreign Aid" damages both us and them. The only ones who benefit are the cynical elites, American and otherwise.

Time to end this Hellish farce, for all our sake's...