Monday, May 30, 2016

Power Hungry Hillary, America's Mother-in-law

The Clinton campaign stumbles from stop to stop wobbling like a drunk between lampposts. The email investigation rolls on, and Clinton treats it as nothing. Nothing comes in the way of her goal. She must become president. Laws do not apply to her. Common sense definitely does not apply to her. Rules of elections do not apply. She will linger on for as long as she can. Power Hungry Hillary Clinton is America's mother-in-law.

Previously, I wrote how Clinton was perfect for today's America with the faux but obnoxious feminism and the Boomer female mentality. It was close but off to call her that nagging mom that forces you to applaud her meaningless corporate achievements. Clinton is not a nagging mom or even a nagging wife. That unfairly limits the comparison to men. She is America's mother-in-law. Regardless of your gender you likely have had a rough mother-in-law or know plenty of people with tense relationships with them.

Those mother-in-laws butt into any conversation, always tell you how to raise your kids, and constantly nag you about things you should do. You somehow fail the role they envision some hypothetical perfect son or daughter-in-law would eprform perfectly. This relatonship is especially rough on wives and when grandchildren arrive. Hillary has spent decades doing this to America with her signature fake book and tagline "It takes a village to raise a child". She explicitly states that she does not trust you to raise your own kid. It's the ultimate mother-in-law statement.

Like a bad mother-in-law, she hangs around way beyond when anyone wants her there. This is not just a matter of leaving the election as we know she has broken laws far worse than General Petraeus. Clinton is running for an office that we know has less power than proclaimed but comes with the prestige she seeks. Clinton loves the trappings of power, and even if she wants to have the controls, she might be too old (needs naps) or too infirm ("concussions") to truly rule. She just wants it. She has had designs on it since the media joked in 1992 that electing Bill was a "2 for 1 deal". Even the terrible sitcom "Grace Under Fire" made jokes about Hillary being the real president.

What would she really do with the presidency? Nothing too different from Obama. It's the same team, same donor set and same policies. We also face the same problems that Obama's policies have exacerbated, and the other problems that Obama has not touched. This, like your mother-in-law, is all about her. She is going to browbeat America into voting for her. If she can't persuade you, don't worry. She ill simply call on the dumber in-laws in the family to vote and nod their head to her banal ideas to make sure she gets her way.


AntiDem said...

OT: One more sign of Weimerica. Surely soon to be named as the officially-approved Catholic translation of the Bible by "Pope" Francis:

Alexandros HoMegas said...

I don't see Hillary being elected, the Liberals hate Hilldabeast as much as they hate Trump.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Trump is within a margin of error or leading Hillary in places like New Hampshire, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. This is while the GOP is supposedly "fractured" per the media spin. Throw in Nevada and he has the election locked up already and we have over five months left to go.

I believe Trump will win not by a little but by a lot. Hillary is not a fresh faced (half) black man with a locked down past like Obama, she is a white woman (which isn't very high on the progressive stack these days) with decades of political baggage that she will be held to on a constant basis. Trump has his flaws but as you mentioned, people, men especially, will see her shrill nagging behavior, think of their ex-wives or mothers-in-law and say "not for me". They don't have to vote for Trump, they might opt to stay home that day or leave that part of the ballot blank while they vote for others.

Anonymous said...