Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Never Announce Your Intentions

Never announce your intentions, just keep things a quiet conspiracy. This involves tight opsec and completely aligned actors, but never announce your move. Do Muslims announce they will implement Sharia openly, wait that is a bad example, but you get the point. Muslims move in and make an area Muslim. They occupy space, keep tight social cohesion and because they have the same standards and tolerance for filth and crime, they convert an area. In America, we have seen this with blacks and now with Mexicans. Groups do not announce it, the group conspiracy and shared values just make it so.

This is important, and behind the scenes of the West going nuts over anti-gay legislation in Russia versus the West's silence on gays in South Africa during the 2014 Olympics and 2010 World Cup. There is the element of excusing away bad African behavior, and yes, the West wanted to demonize Russia. Reality is different. Much easier to be gay in Russia than South Africa, but South Africa has pro-gay laws. In reality, South Africans kill gays and men perform "corrective rapes" on lesbians. Never announce, just do.

Announce anything, and the full force of the West's cathedral organs will pounce on it. Have you seen "Welcome to Leith"? It is on Netflix right now. This documentary is about when evil White Nationalists tried to take over a town in North Dakota. Oh my God, how evil and terrible. White nationalism and neo-nazis are everywhere? Reality is different. Leith, North Dakota has 16 people. A white nationalist bought up property and was open about his intentions. Of course, conflict arose because of all towns in North Dakota he picked one that had a black in it.

This caused the cathedral immune system to go nuts as the New York Times wrote an article on this. Of all towns in America, the Times plucked this little story to focus on. This article then inspired the documentary. It is hyperventilating over nothing. A rinky dink town of 16 causes this much of a response? The Brown Scare is always on the look out for nazis. What would have been so bad about the fellow buying up the property and quietly administering the city in his desired white nationalist manner? How different is it from the Muslimifiication of entire swathes of Europe? Only difference is one is approved by the overlords and the other is not.

Imagine though had this idiot kept quiet about why he was buying property. Imagine had he kept his conspiracy a true conspiracy. No discussion of it. No mentions of their intentions. He could have even lied about purchasing the home of the black guy with his white lady and offered a sweetheart deal. Quietly accrue true power so that you can easily take hold of the superficial power of the town.

Be aware that you are in an occupied world. The official organs are against you. If you want to get creative and carve out niches for you and your posterity, you will have to be creative. Never announce your intentions, just do it.


Dave said...

Excellent advice. Taqqiya for Westerners. That idiot in Leith wanted to get "caught" and make an ass out of himself and his "movement". He's a perfect example of how not to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Taqqiya is actually a Shia islam thing and the creator of Shi'ism might have been a Jew:


Orthodox said...

Look up Tom's River, NJ and Hasidics. The Jews are taking over, the town toughened laws against solicitation to slow their advance. The people don't mind too much because they keep to themselves. You get Kosher delis, not crime. As the locals die off and move away, the takeover will become complete.

Being quiet makes sense, but eventually what you're doing is going to become public because the people in town know what's going on. If you advertise, you will attract what you advertise. If you are Catholic homeschoolers taking over a town, media will focus on the conflict over the education budget. They won't pay as much attention to your opinions on zoning laws. Target towns where you are a minority in some way other than being a white separatist. There's eventually going to be some type of friction.

I don't see the point of white separatism. Look at SWPLs, they are not white separatists, but they are white people who pursue white culture and create white separatist cities such as San Francisco. They go build coffee shops and artist communities, their stated goal with no hidden agenda, and the result is mostly lily white cities that ethnically cleanse minority neighborhoods. Maybe the problem for white separatists is they're culturally deracinated.

Portlander said...

Did I hear someone say Vermont?

Hadn't heard of Leith. Kind of hilarious when you think about. Of all the racists in all the small towns in all of North Dakota this buffoon walks into mine...

Dude was a troll. The only question is was he put up to it, or was he able to choose the one (only?) small town in North Dakota with a black guy completely on his own?

The White Supremists are so infiltrated by FBI it's a complete joke. It's like a domestic parody of the CIA. There are more people on the payroll of the FBI in Idaho than all of Maryland.

R. Wilbur said...

Of course, without broadcasting your purpose and cause, you'll never experience the joy of seeing the faces of the crowd brighten in unison as they suddenly see the comprehensive truth of your arguments, never hear the accolades or the masses crying, "of course! common sense!", and never feel the exhausted contentment of having successfully wrangled and warped a logical argument into a marketing package.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Judging by their published intentions, Muslims in Britain and Europe have been surprisingly open about their objectives.

Son of Brock Landers said...

LBF - Yes, the overlords approve of it because they are dumb enough to think they can control them.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Its funny that the London mayor election had a muslim and a jew as the top candidates, the Jew representing the old British Oligarchy of Jewish bankers who married into the English aristocracy (David Cameron family is another example of this) and the Muslim a Labour lawyer who defends his people.

The important thing is that the real action is in the City of London who was its own Lord Mayor and Government of the bankers, by the bankers, for the bankers.

High Arka said...

"[T]he overlords approve of it because they are dumb enough to think they can control them."

Once the Jews have used the Muslims to kill everyone else, I predict they'd have a high degree of success pitting different segments of Muslims against one another. Something as simple as a long cold war between "Sunni" and "Shia" could do it, with a combination of savvy crypto-Jewish diplomats and financiers ensuring that no side ever actually gained the upper hand. Look at Saudi Arabia, where a crypto-Jewish monarchy exercises ridiculous control over the Hajj.

Later histories (not that anyone will write them, but in theory) will note that Europeoids were the longest species to hold out, maintaining semi-independent destinies for hundreds of years longer than Negroids and Mongoloids. Nonetheless a blip in the historical timetable, barely decipherable as chronologically separated from (1) the beginnings of the Semitic slave trades in Negroid and Mongoloid chattels, and (2) the fall of Europe.

What's the time span? If Europe lasts until 2100, maybe 3,000 years total resistance?