Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Idaho Royalist's Civilization From Chaos Series

Similar to last week's post on Spandrell's Song Dynasty Series, there was another series that was well done last year. This series was on the birth of the Russian Empire. The key phrase is civilization out of chaos. It is a tremendous series for a an unpaid blogger. If blogging can reach a high plateau, this series is there.

It is broken into four parts (one, two, three and four), and the author added an epilogue.

If you are a fan of Oswald Spengler's declaration that the Russians are a culture and not a civilization yet, this is definitely an intriguing read on those early days of the Russian state and people. While we citizens of 2016 live in what we consider a fluid time, not chaotic, not yet, it is good to look back and see eras that truly had disorder and chaos. Such states cannot exist for long though and order must be restored. How something is ordered determines its longevity.

Definitely check this out, and set aside proper time to read it. History without the Marxism.

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