Friday, May 13, 2016

Generational Cycles + SM Review-Preview 44

Elsewhere, someone mentioned visiting Salem, Massachusetts as it is the fount of America's prog evil. They were not entirely joking. Strauss and Howe point out how the Salem Witch Trials were the fever pitch and then break for the colonial cycle's crisis period in America. Strauss and Howe might use to broad of a brush, but the colonial cycle had a crisis period that went along with the Glorious Revolution in Mother England. The colonies had their own troubles and tension, which carried on until that fateful witch hunt in Massachusetts.

Strauss and Howe like to point to the crisis of 2020. That is what they call their future crisis in their Generations book from the '90s. There is one problem in their analysis. They consistently point out that America will be a united community ready to face the crisis at hand. America enters the crisis in one form, and exits entirely different. Immigration has completely upset their 1991 book. As they created the book, the nation was over 75% white. The mood of the nation was to restrict immigration. California was still taking in Americans from all over the nation.

That all changed after their book was released in the '90s. Hispanics exploded from 9% of the population to now 17%. Asians have nearly doubled. Who remains that loves America? The Church of America is attended by Trump supporters and the people of the heartland, but not the Amerikkka crowd. A crisis period is stretches 15-20 years. I've always considered the true start to our crisis being the American Financial Crisis and election of a neophyte Marxist figurehead like Obama. Clock starts ticking from 2008. Should not end until 2028. I do not think we hold together.


Last week I tackled the new age of unrestricted warfare. There are far greater weaknesses in our interconnected, globalization friendly world than days of yore. This should create new opportunities. Weimerica Weekly covered an oddball that lives the great Weimerican tragic life. This week I will explore how ideology created the DC Metro problem. Weimerica Weekly might return to the sex roots, but some people have been sending me ideas that are interesting. I just need to find the time to research and set up a script for you all.


Anonymous said...

A guy named John Xenakis expanded their model to a global scale. He argues that the World Wars synched everybody up:

Portlander said...

I've always considered the turning to be 2000/2001, the GWB presidency.

2008-9 was the Rubicon; made it "official;" removed all arguable doubt, etc. however you want to consider it. 2008-9 was when in response to the unsustainable policies that brought us to a crisis and voters having gone to the ballet box and picked "Change" over "McSame", we instead got the hair of the dog that bit us.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: what fundamental national policy has changed from before 2008 vs. after 2008?

Gay marriage? The Culture War hasn't changed, it's escalated. What used to be Bush-Cheney haters are now indiscriminate white male haters.

FIRE economy? Same as it ever was.

Invade, Invite and demographics? More of the same.

Unfunded future entitlements? Far, far more of the same.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

I also expect a major crisis in the next decade, not only in the US but also Western Europe, the bad demographics will explode by 2025.

sykes.1 said...

We are at a point where the dismantling of the US into numerous smaller units is necessary.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

California is still taking in Americans from all over the nation. Maybe not at previous levels, but it's still happening. Met a couple of young dudes from OH and TX today. There are enough Whites here that I'm hoping we can create European colonies after the coming crisis.