Friday, April 15, 2016

The Left's Hodgepodge + SM Review-Preview 40

 This is something I brought up on the Rebel Yell Podcast but how bizarre is the Left's coalition when you look at it from 50 feet away. That great Germany video that uses the collection of misfits and "coalition of the fringes" as Sailer puts it perfectly encapsulated their collection. But stop for a moment and think of their "coalition" as a group of people talking to you at a party or bar.

Consider their ingroup that they defend at any public flare-up. A white liberal SWPL would wrap his arm around the shoulder of one short mestizo and another arm around an obese black lesbian and say, "This is MY TEAM". No other group is that stupid. Those others letting the white liberal put their arms around them do so in order for access to the economic resources the white liberal can divvy up. This makes no sense as is the democratic politics version of high-low vs. middle, but in days of yore the high wouldn't look at the low as equals. In the case of today's liberals, they grant their "other" partners as moral superiors.

It is insanity, and it will come to an end. Either through conflict or simple eradication.

Last week I covered the odd programs the progressives are implementing that pays criminals and drug addicts with no strings attached. Weimerica Weekly covered the phenomenon that is the Hamilton musical.

This week I will write on a Deep State announcing their existence and what it really means. Come on, a Deep State using an interview with a Millenial style news site to announce that is is getting the band back together. The Weimerica Weekly will be on a weird development with voyeurism, video games and online celebrity.

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Alexandros HoMegas said...

Do you think the Deep State will co-opt Trump?