Friday, April 22, 2016

The Cuck Singularity + SM Review-Preview 41

The Feds announced they will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 with Harriet Tubman sometime around 2030. This triggered an instantaneous confluence that we will know as the Cuck Singularity. Hunter Wallace captured the best tweets displaying this cuck storm on Twitter. They fell right into it. Unprovoked the GOP kids proved they were supercool and fine with a war hero and bank buster being replaced by a woman who led her family to freedom and has a history built on myth and lies.

Please click that link. It's staggering the reflexive "gun toting republican" comments. They are either ignorant or carefully avoiding the fact that the GOP was founded on the Northeast progressives' desire to abolish slavery and the switch in who votes what means these cucks are betraying history. They also forget that their party has a base that represents "Jacksonian Democracy", and that Jackson was a Democrat in name but it practically is meaningless in modern context. These guys are wretched humans.


Last week I wrote on the odd interview that the Libyan Deep State did with Buzzfeed. Weimerica weekly was on the world of vidya games, e-celebrity and voyeurism. The growth of voyeurism starts way back with the advent of cinema and then television. Hitchcock was a filmmaker who played with the idea of voyeurism in his movies. It has only grown more disturbing.

This week I will discuss virtual reality and an old Moldbug hypothetical idea that seems much closer to reality than anyone realizes. Weimerica Weekly will be about VR as well.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Those tweets that Hunter collected are classic textbook cuckservatism. They're parodies of themselves.

Stirner said...

You read the Kevin Kelly article on VR/MR. It triggered the same thoughts re:MM. Looking forward to hearing your take on it.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Stirner,No i did not but reading it now and jesus, it's coming fast at us

Portlander said...

I've been waiting for the opportunity to share these two.

About a month ago I saw the Helblade in real-time demo and was very impressed. (Non-tech's skip to the 1/2-way mark on the video.) I say again, real-time.

Then, a couple weeks after that, I saw the wag-the-dog proof-of-concept and was gobsmacked.

Obviously the tech sector is notorious for using smoke and mirrors in their demos, showing-off far more than is practically capable with the current the state-of-the-art, but more often that not those are just quibbles of timing -- ie. is the demo showing off what's possible later this year, or next year?

GoldRush Apple said...

>>woman who led her family to freedom and has a history built on myth and lies.

I don't really support the change for several reasons, and I have my own negative thoughts on the current support, but can you explain why - besides the whole "Yea! Tubman was an (R)! How ironic cause the (D)s don't realize that!" - you and others fell this way towards the cuckservitives? I'm not entirely familiar with the "history built on myth and lies" part.

Toddy Cat said...

"I'm not entirely familiar with the "history built on myth and lies" part."

Let's just say that there are aspects of the whole Tubman mythos that are highly questionable. She had a serious head injury, heard voices, and almost certainly fabricated some of her exploits. Like MLK, she was not totally devoid of accomplishments, but her myth has been puffed up for political purposes.