Friday, April 08, 2016

The AltRight Gets Attention + SM Review-Preview 39

Hey look the AltRight received a bunch of attention! Milo and Allum wrote a piece on the AltRight. Then other outlets decided to pounce. Oh those evil and racist AltRighters. This was fresh meat for the GOPe to point out the racists for the Left so that they could maybe be viewed as good right wingers. Whatever. The cucks gotta cuck.

Honestly, I did not care much for the Milo-Allum piece. I like a lot of both men's writing, including this new Allum piece. There were positives in it. I found it cool that the Unz crew was thrown in there because how much of us are even thinking this way because of Mr. Steve Sailer. If Allum and Milo were auditioning for a " for the Right Wing", it was a fantastic piece because it showed the thirst out there that the AltRight represents as an expression that is suppressed by mainstream media. It was spin, and it was entertaining to read, but anyone else get that weird vibe that the Ramzpaul "the altright is just a bunch of funny kids who are crazy and wild and free like the hippies used to be" spin was the pitch? It seemed another way of saying the Left can let the mask slip and revel in the destruction of whites/Christians/families, but these AltRight kids just are joking around when they return the favor.

I've written before on the differences of NRx/AltRight and the two being kind of like cousins. Nick Land has as well with an even newer entry that I recommend people read. I disagree on the asabiyyah point, but his words on demand management and robotics are things no one else is discussing for game changers. I'd add VR is going to destroy entire sectors of services. Who will ever need therapy if they have VR to escape to and work out issues? Who is going to do outdoor activities that require waiver sign-offs? People use heroin to escape reality now, VR is going to offer the same but without physical risks. Moldbug's Virtual Option will most likely be enacted... and people will sign up willingly. A God-Emperor or Queen in every headset.

Altright is more a movement while NRx is now more like a small strategic organization. Be careful of entryists and people wanting to rush to the head of the parade. Both Altright/NRx see similar problems (issues and groups) but maintain very different organizations, goals, structure as well as strategy. We all want to see the existing progressive regime replaced. We can work on that together, and then split up the spoils. Decentralization is a strength of the AltRight. Better to keep it that way than to let interlopers dilute the ideas within it just for attention.

Can I ask one favor, and it is not for me, but can one of these people writing on the AltRight cite Heartiste? Honestly, that guy has been an anchor, an island or whatever you want to use for what has become the AltRight. Give him his due.


Last week I wrote on the faulty assumptions that are at the foundation of the American Empire. Weimerica Weekly was an answer to a sponsor's question about when the hub-bub over blacks and the Oscars started. I found organized hub-bub as early as 1996.

This week I tackle the fact that our cities have reached a new low in dealing with crime. They'll literally pay for it, and far worse.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Yes, I got the impression Milo was signalling that people in the AltRight aren't really serious. In reality nothing could be further from the truth! We're deadly serious--but we're laughing and having fun, too.

What I found hilarious was Greg Johnson at Counter-Currents coming out in support of the Jewish homosexualist Milo as an "ally of color"--and yet he goes into an hysterical fit over Manosphere/Red Pill guys like Roosh and Heartiste who teach young White men how to pursue and seduce women. WTF?!

For various reasons, certain sections of the Alt-Right have serious problems with the whole concept of Game and the Red Pill. Which could be one reason they don't cite Heartiste as much as they should. This is a problem.

The hit pieces at NRO and The Federalist were great publicity for the Alt-Right from the troubled cucks. Thank you, cucks. More, please!

Toddy Cat said...

Yeah, the "hit" pieces at NRO probably did more to promote the AltRight than Milo's more or less favorable piece did. As for the tone of Milo's piece, it seems to me that a lot of modern homosexuals have a hard time believing that anyone is really serious about anything, due to the essentially frivolous nature of the modern gay lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, Milo has guts to spare, and is a hilarious writer, but sometimes it seems that, to him, the AltRight is just an updated version of the Village People, only with different outfits. So instead of the Sexy Indian, the Sexy Construction Worker, and the Sexy Cop, you have the AltRight People, complete with Sexy Fascist, Sexy GamerGater, Sexy Player, Sexy Gun Nut, etc. It's not hard to figure out, really. Most homosexualists (and straight women)are deeply attracted to dangerous, masculine men, and where are you going to find these today, except on the AltRight?

So the AltRight is masculine, fun, "outrageous", fashion-conscious, (at least LBF is)and deadly serious and dangerous at the same time. Hell, looking at it objectively, it's surprising we're not overrun with gays...

Anonymous said...

Their article was very poorly written. Partially accurate but had a major mischaracterization of 4chan's /pol/ board

Son of Brock Landers said...

People are attracted to strength and while weak within our current system, altright men appear strong personally. We will see where this all leads.

Portlander said...

+1 on giving Heartiste his due.

He is ignored on the right because promiscuity (thankfully, IMHO) still has a stigma attached to it. That, and he excoriates white knights, of which the right has many, for being enablers for everything wrong with women today.

He is ignored from the left and middle because he knocks women off their pedestal.

Portlander said...

And how's this for timing: a perfect example of Heartiste opening anyone's eyes that cares to open them... the Dimaggio-Monroe bit from Sailer today.

Pre-Heartiste, it's a funny quip, though, with gee-kind-of-a-jerk undertone.

Post-Heartiste, it's a pitch-perfect neg. and DHMV.

Anonymous said...

Milo Yiannopoulos -- Greek for "Johnson" -- is Jewish?? Jewish mother?

paworldandtimes said...

Heartiste is the first one to write like a winner.

Vox Day is the first one to win beyond blogging (gamergate, puppies, SJWS Always Lie).


Brett Stevens said...

How about giving credit to those of us who were around in the 1990s?

Nope, they always forget that.

But I agree Heartiste should get credit.