Monday, April 11, 2016

Do Progs Know Where Sesame Street Is Now?

It is all about power. The Left only cares about being in power and maintaining their grip on sorting the spoils. They cannot be reasoned with either. This is slowly dawning on normies in the middle and on the right. Even the smallest things are untouchable and beyond reproach. Remember when the Left flipped out at Mitt Romney's statement in 2012 that Sesame Street wouldn't be commercial free anymore and may even lose funding? Apoplectic and offended would be words to use to describe their reaction.

Oh no, how dare that Romney suggest Sesame Street would have to get commercials or how dare he say it might lose funding. Think of all the kids who need to watch it in order to learn. Think of how much good it does. This needs to be provided commercial free and on PBS for the children. The progs wept tears, and normies wondered if that was going too far. Some normies did notice how the Left won't budge even on tiny funding for PBS, so how could we ever truly fix our looming social welfare liabilities? The memes were many.

Do you know what happened to Sesame Street? It is on HBO. The problem was money, and this was the fix. From a piece on this great migration:

For the first time in its nearly 50 years on the air, Sesame Street will air new episodes exclusively on HBO only to air on PBS and its member stations nine months later. Reruns will air on PBS in the interim. The new season brings with it a new set, designed to give core characters central locations. The partnership gives PBS Sesame Street for free and permits Sesame to produce double the number of episodes per season and a Sesame spin-off, even a new Sesame Workshop educational kids’ series. HBO will be streaming 150 archived episodes of Sesame Street plus 52 episodes each of Sesame Workshop’s Pinky Dinky Doo and The Electric Company
This is made even funnier by the essay explaining in detail the problems the show faces now that caused the HBO deal. There is more competition, the costs of production are high and they never wanted commercials. The agreement with HBO allows Sesame St to remain commercial free while expanding its capabilities. This is a good thing. The essay is of course worried how middle class and upper-middle class kids will get new episodes a whole 9 months before everyone else! Oh the inequality!

Anyone making memes of this? Anyone caring? No of course not. This Thinkprogress article was not on the tip of every prog tongue for a week. It was not something to froth at the mouth about or even tsk-tsk. They do not care, and worrying about the philosophical sell out or little underclass kids seeing it nine months after initial release is 100% faux concern. There is no outrage at President Obama betraying Sesame Street or even some hate thrown at GOP Congressional leaders. This is forgotten.

The outraged served its purpose 4 years ago. It is no longer needed. No one need care. Reality marches on. Progs cannot be bothered to check in on Ferguson after the riots, why would we expect them to follow up on defending Sesame Street?


Alexander Thompson said...

Without Seasem Street, how can they defend PBS now? Can it finally be shut defunded.

Phelps said...

Why in the hell do we NEED new Sesame Street episodes? Nickelodeon keeps running the same reruns over and over because KIDS DONT CARE. Once in have about four years of episodes, the kids are going to OUTGROW it before they come back around again. Double Dare only made 7 seasons and has been running for 30 years.

Just run the same episodes from the 80s and 90s. The kids don't care and it might actually transmit some useful cultural continuation.

Toddy Cat said...

Besides the fact that there is no need for any new episodes (which is certainly true) there's no evidence that kids ever learned anything from it anyway. The whole thing was just an exercise in lefty wish-fulfillment, the kids who might have learned something from it learned from other sources, and its target audience of NAM's never watched it anyway. "Sesame Street" is like a time capsule from 1973, the people who made it have learned nothing and forgotten nothing.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Power isn't everything, is the only thing that matters.

Patrick Medarac said...

I second your opinion

Robert What? said...

If I were doing it all over again, I would never let my kid watch "Children's Programming" on television, especially Sesame Street, which is pure Left Wing propaganda.

sykes.1 said...

Many years ago, Sweden either did or wanted to ban "Sesame Street," because it wasn't socialist enough.