Monday, April 25, 2016

Brazil's Perfectly Corrupt Olympics Showcase

Be watching the goings on in Brazil? What a fascinating glimpse at our future, or is it really our future since we will be 40% Mexican and few will love the identity of being American? Regardless, Brazil has impeachment trials over some Petrobras money shenanigans involving the last president (Lula) and their current president has been caught up in the web (Dilma). This is perfectly timed for the 2016 summer Olympics.

An impeachment, thousands protesting in the streets and possible street-fighting of a political nature is perfect timing you might ask? Perfect. The 2016 Olympics going to Rio was deliberate. The Brazilian Olympics were intended to be a showcase for the southern hemisphere. I wrote on this way back in 2009 when it was awarded the games. The IOC chair deliberately stated he wanted a southern hemisphere nation to host a game as his tenure ended, but Anglo Australia does not count. Shhh. This was to be Brazil's coming out party just as the 2014 World Cup was a little extra special.

This is perfect timing because it shows how messed up the southern hemisphere still is. The Economist had a cover story on Africa as new, improved and functional. If so, why are so many Africans streaming into Europe right now? If so, how much growth is thanks to the Chinese pouring billions of dollars into Africa for raw materials. Zimbabwe and South Africa continue their descent into hell from being civil former colonies and republics.

Back to Brazil, the impeachment centers around shenanigans with Petrobras. The supposed right wing politicians monkeying around are not all that right wing; they just are not former Marxist guerrillas. That is the comedy of American Jewish reporters Glen Greenwald and Nomi Prins providing on the ground reporting that is pro-Dilma. They want the Marxists to remain in power. No one is asking how a former Marxist guerrilla leader could go legit and become a leader of a rising power while former supporting cronies of juntas all over South America are locked out.

Brazil itself benefited from the commodity boom, global debt boom and a central banker who kept rates high because of the legacy of hyperinflations a generation ago. Some areas were being developed for the rich and inequality came down a bit, but this did not build a healthy middle class. The murder rate is still 27 per 100,000, which is five times that of the American rate. No real education gains. Anytime their educated come into money, they buy real estate in America for hiding out and consolidating their earnings. If you doubt me, take a look around Miami now.

The sarcastic remark by DeGaulle that Brazil is always the country of the future hide a feature of its past. It was a functioning and competent monarchy until it replaced that with a republic. It might be better to study Brazil not as a what may come or what will be but an historical what if. The monarchy died, the republic was born, and both writers left and right can agree, corruption has been an issue ever since. Maybe the blood on the streets this summer will not be the favela violence, as the police have been cleaning out in the run up to the games, but of political battles. The Olympics will show us the wonder of the southern hemisphere in all its glory.


peterike said...

Interesting that Dilma's father was actually a Bulgarian Communist, one Petar Rúsеv who changed his name upon arrival in Brazil. It doesn't specifically say, but everything about the father's background hints at him being Jewish.'s+Dilma+Rousseff

It would not be surprising that his daughter spent a lifetime in Leftist agitation.

As for the Olympics, I hope the entire corrupt edifice collapses into riot and ruin.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

And to think, just a few years ago, Brazil was touted by analysts as the "next big thing".

Corn said...

Ever since the 1990s it's become, not exactly common, but an occasional occurrence where Midwestern and Great Plains farmers take advantage of cheaper land prices to buy their younger sons' farms in Brazil. Wonder how that's working out for them?

Bettega said...

Brazil is a glimpse of Western future not only in the racial sense, but also ideological. It's a country where left-wing domination of academia and culture has been going on for much more time than in the U.S., with no resistance, we even exported some methods to the rest of the world, such as Paulo Freire "critical pedagogy". Much of the blame lies with the military regime, that focused on destroying the guerrillas and ignored the cultural sphere, leaving it to communist activists.

But there is nothing to worry. Jair Bolsonaro will make Brazil again.

Anonymous said...

Brazil was ruled by a right-wing military Dictatorship for a good part of the 20th century but they didn't liberated the markets like Pinochet in Chile and aren't effective against growing Leftism in academia, the current President is a former Marxist guerrila who might well be a crypto-jewess.

The big winner is vice-president Michel Temer, a well networked Lebanese, its interesting to notice the Power of the Lebanese community in Brazil and Latin-America, they play the role of the jews, heck, the Ancient Phoenicians even spoke a language similar (if not the same) to hebrew.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"Pedro II turned Portuguese-speaking Brazil into an emerging power in the international arena. The nation grew to be distinguished from its Hispanic neighbors on account of its political stability, zealously guarded freedom of speech, respect for civil rights, vibrant economic growth and especially for its form of government: a functional, representative parliamentary monarchy."

Brazil is now just another banana republic among many.