Friday, April 08, 2016

28Sherman on the Rebel Yell Podcast

The good guys from the Rebel Yell podcast had me on for a chat about a variety of things. You can listen to it here. We talk about a variety of things but with a special focus on the South. The demographic situation is rough for the South but they are one of the few regions if the only region that has a strong identity. I cite how heroin has been nowhere near as successful in infiltrating the South compared to other regions. I compare the South to other areas, and there are reasons for that resistance.

One thing that is true about the South and I recall hearing it elsewhere is that the South both has experienced amazing wins (as part of America) and crushing defeats (Civil War). It is a whole identity with both halves of the human experience. America in general is one narrative of victory after the other so this decline is crushing to the American psyche. A true military defeat would cause it go face reality. The South has dealt with this already.

I am thankful for the opportunity to chat with the men at Rebel Yell.


Akira said...

The "White Genocide" drug in the south is meth, not heroin:

I think junkies should be given tax subsidized dope cut with cyanide, but meth is actually worse.

Jokah Macpherson said...

Enjoyed the part about North Alabama vs. L.A. since I grew up in North Alabama. Huntsville/Madison especially is an interesting place since you have a large population of German midwestern transplants rubbing shoulders with the Scots-Irish Appalachian people.

I suspect that I lost out on a pretty large scholarship at my university because in my finalist interview, when asked, I took a very accepting stance towards displaying the Confederate flag in public spaces, since after all, this was something a sizable portion of my high school classmates would do and they were nice, decent people. Unbeknownst to me, such symbols of pride were no longer acceptable to those who wield the real power in the nation at large.

Anonymous said...

In Harford county Maryland there is a heroin epidemic. Not really the South and also partly because of the proximity to the Balt/Philly/NYC/95 Corridor.