Thursday, March 10, 2016

WW1: Henry Ford's Peace Ship

Who says all capitalists are warmongers? Henry Ford supported peace initiatives and even set up a cruise to Europe to try to end the war in 1915. The entire peace ship idea was mocked. Infighting broke out amongst the peace delegates, especially regarding their response to Wilson’s State of the Union. Wilson who would later campaign on keeping the US out of the war advocated increased military spending. Some peace ship members decided to denounce it, but a minority thought doing so would be unpatriotic. Ah the great strain of being a peacenik but wanting to be patriotic. Influenza spread throughout the ship, relegating Henry Ford to bedrest. They were briefly stopped by the British blockade in the North Sea and searched for weapons and contraband... on a peace ship. They finally arrived in the Norwegian capital Kristiania on the 18th.
Henry Ford, still recovering from the flu, addressed the press, to a cool reception. After the disastrous voyage and the mission’s continued ridiculing in the American press, Ford was having doubts about the mission.  His friends aboard the ship convinced him that he should leave while he still could and hope to salvage his reputation. Before dawn on December 23rd, he slipped out of his hotel room in Kristiania and returned to the United States by another ship. The expedition continued without him (and Ford continued to fund them), but the departure of its most public sponsor crippled its efforts. Let it be known that Henry Ford wanted to end the Great War while the American press mocked and ridiculed him the entire time.


Anonymous said...

Ford was also naming the Jew before it was cool.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

"Let it be known that Henry Ford wanted to end the Great War while the American press mocked and ridiculed him the entire time."

Thats why he became a anti-semite, many people think that Jewish power in America started in the '60s civil rights or in the '80s financialization of the economy but jews already controlled Wall Street and the Press since the end of the 19th century, the gentile JP Morgan was just a Rothschild agent in America (wonder why the Rothschild family never had a US branch?), one of the most powerful jews in the first half of the 20th century was Bernard Baruch, it was he who chose Woodrow Wilson to be President and made the US join WWI, the same with WWII.

The Treaty of Versaillles was a Jewish conference, a British journalist from the Daily Telegraph who attended Versailles wrote a book about what was understood, the Anglo-saxons will rule the World but int turn wil swayed by their Jewish elements:

Toddy Cat said...

Ford meant well, he certainly saw what a disaster a continuation of the war would be for Western Civilization, but the whole "Peace Ship" business was ludicrous and had zero chance of succeeding, it made about as much sense as Joan Baez pleading with the Vietnamese commies to please not be so commie-like back in 1975. Ford would have been better off using his vast power and influence behind the scenes, such as buying a few prominent journalists (who, like all whores, are always for sale...)

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

"...the mission’s continued ridiculing in the ((((American press))))...while the ((((American press)))) mocked and ridiculed him the entire time."

Son of Brock Landers said...

LBF - Yes, the (((media))) wanted the Kaiser defeated.