Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Heroin and New England

This week's Weimerica Weekly is posted at Social Matter. Please go check it out as it deals with a topic that is getting major play now: heroin and New England.
I discuss the reason for New England to be such a hard hit area. New England was the cutting edge for a long of changes that spread to the rest of America in the last 30 years.

I do have a question. I try to keep these to 30 minutes. For me, it is to be concise and not waste anyone's time. If an interview runs long, I let it roll as Kevin MacDonald and I talked for a little over an hour. Would you guys rather I keep things tight to 30 minutes each podcast or would want longer podcasts?

I ask as I noticed people enjoyed the longer interviews and also enjoyed the long talk I had with Millenial Woes.


Anonymous said...

I do not like arbitrary time limits and would prefer a longer format. Great work though.

Eldrick said...

I say let them go long, especially if there is compelling conversation to be left on the cutting room floor.

Anonymous said...

Let it roll longer.

Portlander said...

Hey folks, how goes it. O/T comment I thought would be appreciated.

Some hate-Trump PAC created a web video slamming Trump for being misogynistic.
Here's the video.

Scott Adams has a decent enough take-down of it, though I gotta disagree with him on one pretty fundamental point. He says, "what the viewer sees is several average-looking women in bad moods complaining about a guy being, well… a guy."

Um, sorry Scott. Not in a million years. What viewers see is a bunch of aging hags, one or more trannies, and only one cutie, albeit with some really unflattering thighs who would be well-served signing up for a Crossfit class. On the identity plane that Adams is always talking about this video is identifying Trump-haters as a bunch of fugly losers and grouches. Hey, if you are a fugly grouch you too can hate Trump!

If I didn't know better, I'd think it was a false-flag from Trump's own campaign. Adams commented that he thought it was funny. Again, I disagree. Those hags were so b*tchy I couldn't even laugh. I only wanted to turn away.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Let it flow naturally.

Jokah Macpherson said...

There's a time for being concise but I don't think this is it. If things are interesting, there's no need to cut it off. I thought both the Luke Ford one and female cop one could have gone on longer and still been good.

At the other extreme, though, I've never been able to listen to a full Aaron Clarey podcast; I don't have hours to spend listening to something that unfocused.

Glengarry said...

I prefer the 30 min format. Why not make it a multi-parter if you overrun too badly? Though maybe it's just that all podcasts seem to be stretching and I like to finish an episode every now and then rather than switching between a dozen half finished ones.

I'm not loving the "double mono" format of your interviews, by the way. It feels unnatural and has some failure modes, like when one of the speakers is bad or you can use only one. No pro podcasts I'm following seem to use it, so do consider mixing them more conventionally.

Finally, I enjoyed the sports episode, you two had good chemistry. The other guy should have a blog or something. (Um, I missed his name as well as whether he has a site or anything.)

Glengarry said...

Also, a technical hygiene comment: downloaded episodes have weird names (the two latest both seem to be named "Weimerica Intro Clip 1" for example), why not just name the files "Weimerica ep ZZ"? Makes it easier to tell what's what.

Also, the embedded podcast information seems to confuse my itunes a bit. I have 14 different "unknown" podcasts originated by these files, as well as one named "ryanlandrysherman". The most recent ones have shown up as unknown though. Again, I'm not subscribed via itunes, just downloading. It's not a huge hassle but doesn't seem necessary either, so consider fixing when time permits.

Glengarry said...

Actually, on a second look the file names are okay but they still show up in itunes under the weird names. So I assume there is some embedded information in the mp3's that messes up the itunes name.

Anonymous said...

Seconded naming the file with the week so it stays organized! I listen every week, and longer is fine but I think for some the short format is attractive given a lot of popular podcasts are very long. Look forward to it every Wednesday for my morning commute.

Anonymous said...

Please share the transcripts! I love your thinking and writing, and I want to know about heroin and New England, but I never seem to listen to podcasts. I assume I'm not alone and that you get many more readers than listeners. Could you reach them by sharing the transcripts?