Sunday, March 06, 2016

Social Matter - The Other Side Of Your Human Interest Story

This week's Social Matter essay is up. It is a domestic issue, a media issue and an underclass issue. What's it about?
The D bloc of every local newscast. The wretched waste of air time. It is not the lead story, which in America usually involves a crime. Nor is it the all important weather forecast which earns meteorologists the highest salaries. It is not sports, which at least keeps men watching for a few more minutes. The D bloc could cover hard hitting stories, but it rarely does. These stories are usually fluff and are labeled human interests stories. Despite being fluff or shining light on humanity, these stories come just as slanted and carefully edited as anything on MSNBC. 

Please go read it there. We are told lies non-stop by the media. Even the feel good, fluff stories of the newscast's D bloc are nothing but propaganda.

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