Sunday, March 13, 2016

Social Matter - The Left's Crusade Against Gitmo

New essay is up at Social Matter. It is on the latest developments with President Obama trying to finish out one of those old 2008 campaign promises that only insane progressives want: closing Gitmo.

Some of President Barack Obama’s unfulfilled promises await him. The promises will go unfulfilled, but there must be some publicity stunt that imitates tackling and fixing these promises. Faux gun control via executive orders may have inspired the president to cry on national television, but it did not change much, if anything, in the world of guns. No one cares that zero bankers have gone to jail or that the TBTF banks have actually grown, but progressives cannot be concerned with that, just “economic inequality.” One little promise remains: closing the enemy combatant prison at Guantanamo Bay.

I hope you enjoy. The Left is all about chaos, and they will not be reasoned with. It is a religious experience for them.

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