Friday, March 11, 2016

#NeverTrump + SM Review-Preview 37

The #NeverTrump fools were a spawn of the Super Tuesday results where Trump won 7 of 11 contests.These were the sad, hurt children that cluster around The Resurgent (Erick Erickson, Aaron Gardner and assorted flunkies). They would never vote for Trump. Rubio jumped on this as well, and then back off at the next debate. Sen. Ben Sasse went along with it as well since he wanted to find an alternative to vote for in November. These fools forgot the crying over Scalia and were fine with handing the presidency to Clinton to stack the Supreme Court.

These are just sore losers. They do not want to admit defeat nor support the nominee as has happened each election. It is sad. The simple folk who went along with it are the conservakin types who love Reagan and love to lose with principles intact. This is where the conservakin role fits as these are the american eagle, guns and flag types that have no concept of reality. The leaders of this are just mad their guy is not going to be nominee. It is about their control. They do not want to let it go. Their power will be broken and the base very easily could assemble a commentary crew for their new nationalist and populist bent. Look at the debate last night. Everyone aped Trump's policies.

These #NeverTrump people often are the Rubio cheerleaders. A much more constructive thing would have been to force Rubio out after 3/1 and then rally around Cruz. These people did not. They anointed Rubio to Marcomentum candidate after his 3rd place in Iowa. He flamed out in NH, but he was still higher than Jeb. They thought of 3rd in SC as a win! They even hinted that Cruz should be the one to get out. These antics all sound like a protective parent, trying to get their kid on the Little League All-Star team despite less talent.

These people need lives.


Last week at Social Matter, I wrote on the other, darker side of your average human interest story. You would be amazed to find out that even social workers hate the way the media enables and glorifies the underclass. This stunned me as well. I'm now starting to think front line responders are not the enablers but the bureaucrats a few layers up are the problem with their awful policy formulations. Weimerica Weekly covered the current odd state of sports. This week I cover the Left's religious crusade against Gitmo. It fits into their holiness competition and their love of chaos. Weimerica Weekly will tackle heroin in New England.


Toddy Cat said...

If they wanted to stop Trump at all costs, the only real alternative is Cruz, but they powers that be will not do this, because he is more or less a hawk on the one issue they really care about - Immigration. The lure of cheap labor (or, in some cases, the desire to stick it to the goys) is so strong that these guys would literally rather give up anything else than see it shut off. In the end, this fanatical commitment to immigration will destroy both parties as currently constituted. That's a good thing, of course...

Anonymous said...

"They do not want to let it go. Their power will be broken and the base very easily could assemble a commentary crew for their new nationalist and populist bent."

This is the heart of the problem Ryan, just imagine the opinion makers of the NR, Weekly Standard and other neocon rags fading away to be replaced by Nationalists? This is happening and the Manhattan "conservatives" are in a existential moment, if Trump wins and the GOP becomes Nationalist they will have to return to the Democratic Party and support Hillary (like they're already doing it!).

PA said...

I'm listening to your "[Hangout] Weimerica" YouTube podcast right now. Very interesting.