Monday, March 14, 2016

My Chat WIth Millenial Woes

If you have some time or want to kill your Monday at work, check out my talk with Millenial Woes and Antidem.

It runs a little under 2 hours. I get to discuss much more about Weimar Germany that I hope to write about here in the near future. The parallels are more numerous than just the sexual, social and cultural problems. Antidem brings up anime and My Little Pony once but I don't know anything about those things so we moved on quickly.


R. Wilbur said...

This was a really fantastic conversation -- I got more out of it than most Weimerica weeklies or Ascending the Tower episodes.

Minus the weird diversions to cartoons, anyway.

PA said...

I listened to this last night on my headphones while working from home. I recommend it to anyone who has two hours to spare. Well paced, not rushed or awkward at points when people momentarily run out of things to say (as is often the case with guest/host podcasts). All that, and intelligent, informative conversation. I learned a bunch of things I didn't know about (including about My Little Pony and how it fits into today's social landscape OK, I am being silly now.

Seriously, I have no finger on my pulse when it comes to late teens / early 20s dating scene. As a father of an elementary-school aged child, I do know that scene, and every one of those kids seems to be very normal, just like I was at their age in 1975.

But the high school and college age set, I would LIKE to think that most normal girls that age aren't much different than the girls of my GenX cohort, I terms of sexual morality -- some will do things that farm animals would blush about in your mom's car or in the basement at a party, but most stick to one long-term boyfriend and are normal and vanilla, for the most part. But from what I hear, that's not the case.


Different T said...

Regarding sexual mores: have you read anything about,_Private_Property_and_the_State#Development_of_human_society_and_the_family

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Good listen.

I'm in my late 20s and know the millennial dating scene well. In my experience, most of my friends who got married wound up marrying their girlfriends from college. If you were not able to do that, I've rarely seen any of my other friends and myself get married.

However millennial marriages mean almost nothing and a lot of my friends who got married wound up divorcing after about five years. The Tinder lifestyle is too strong of a pull in all of these marriages. These were the couples that everyone assumed would make it but after a couple of years, the wives wound up wondering "what if" and either started cheating or filed for divorce. I don't know the statistics of infidelity but I would not be surprised if women are more likely to cheat in a marriage then men are, especially if they are under 40. Their wedding vows mean little or nothing to them.

The thing with modern dating is that due to the narcissism with this generation, a lot of women (and some men, to be fair) are always wondering if they could do better. This is a generation where most girls honestly believe they can be reality TV stars. If you're a regular guy, you're only as good until she can find someone better and when she does, it's over for you. I'm in management and work out so I do fine but I have friends in their 30s and 40s who are in senior management/VP roles and they get their pick of the litter. Every one of my divorced friends who are over 40 has a regular rotation of twentysomething girls; any girl over 25 to them is no good.

Anyway, good show.