Monday, March 14, 2016

Contrarian Prediction for Friday's Rally Riot Effects

Note that I do not believe the following but wanted to put it out there as a remote possibility for one piece of it and a very real possibility for the other piece.

Event: Trump rally in Chicago went from infiltrated protest to fights on the floor and outside the venue to riot with cops having to restore order. More chaotic Left antics follow.

Outcome 1: Voters do not rally around Trump on Tuesday. GOP voters tuck tail and end up voting for the other guys on Tuesday in all the big states, crushing the Trump candidacy. Longshot, but say 20-1 odds.

GOP voters look at what happened and in their conditioned state think, "Oh jeez, I don't want a confrontation, why would we want to do something to make the other side upset, oh jeez, oh jeez, I just want to see my 401k do fine and make sure peace remains. I'll vote Kasich/Cruz/Rubio. That'll fix things with the Left. Loo-loo-loo, I got some apples..."

The GOP caves, and it is not just their leadership. There is a large chunk of voters itching for a fight, but many just don't give a shit and are still asleep.

Outcome 2: In the general, the disaffected economic Dems and "middle" do not slide over to Trump, and even if some do, it does not matter because the headless horseman Left has stuffed the nation with enough imported voters to secure victory. Much more reasonable, odds of 3-2.

The picture lacks Hispanic kids, but Soros is already throwing millions at trying to get them to vote en masse. I thought 2012 was the marker that the Left has the votes and it's just a countdown to the eventual political divorce or conflict. We do not have as many elastic voters anymore due to racial lockstep voting. White liberals and Jews have lost their minds in their drive leftward and suicidal behavior.

You know how hard it is to find a place in America that is economically feasible and good for raising a family and
1. Not full of dysfunctional NAMs for security reasons
2. Not full of whites who are progged and pozzed so hard that culturally you don't want your kids there?
Do you? Scratch off New England. Whites galore but they are now to the left of Mao and with a heavy dose of pro-gay, pro-trans prog holiness spiral nonsense. Scratch off California and the Southwest and the southern 1/3 of Colorado. Scratch off much of Dixie, but outside the cities and Black Belt should be okay. Florida? Hahahahahaha. The Acela Corridor Northeast? Jesus. You're looking at a safe zone of Central PA-NY due west to the flyover mountain states that extends to the eastern portions of Washington and Oregon. Add in Kentucky, Tennessee and western Arkansas. Stay out of the metro areas no matter what.

Good luck my readers.


Orthodox said...

There are so many small towns dying out, it wouldn't take a lot of people to take one over. It doesn't take too many activists to swing local elections either. Plus, the elderly don't like spending money on education and a lot of people homeschool.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Orthodox, I agree, but you'd have to be real quiet about it unlike when the white nationalists tried it in some small town and got national media attention. Since this is against the progressive narrative, it will not be allowed.

Anonymous said...

So how do you spread the publicity to other whites?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon, keep it all tight network, person to person. If the town is small enough, you could pull in 25 families and swing a 1000 person town.

R. Wilbur said...

Case in point:

Son of Brock Landers said...

Here's an approach I'd take: make friends with a realtor and do some chain migration. Realtors make $ on transactions. Use them. Don't aim for 100% domination but bring in enough to swing the direction of the city. Hell, Muslims, Mexicans and blacks don't destroy a town with 90% swarming in at once but raising their numbers.

Get the community together of like 25-50 families and pick the town first, maybe looking for a town of 1-5K people. Then, over the course of a year's selling season, buy up 25-50 homes. People then recommend their realtor to new families. It looks a lot less dangerous if it is a core of 5 people using 5 realtors to then recommend 3-4 more families to the realtor. You daisy-chain from there. You might be STUNNED by how many foreclosed homes there are in small towns in the Midwest. They had the double whammy of lost manufacturing and the housing bubble popping a decade ago.

If you are quiet about true intentions all that happens is the little town becomes "a great place to raise a family" type of town in regional dentist waiting room maagazines.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

I'm not as pessimistic.

I work at a job at a blue state where I work frequently with union workers and with white collar managerial types. The union workers are universally pro Trump, with many non-voters and lifelong Democratic voters eagerly hoping to pull the lever for Trump in the fall. The white collar types are a mix of bemused to horrified. The white collar workers for Trump, like myself tended to be raised by working class/lower class whites. Those who are sons and daughters of other managers and professionals (doctors, engineers, etc.) are firmly in the tank for Rubio and Kasich.

Anecdotal, I know, but Trump strongly resonates with the lower class and working class whites. There are a lot of these people out there and I think Trump can win big if they turn out to vote. Over the course of the past 20-30 years, they've been dropping out of the picture more and more. Trump should easily carry Romney's states + the rust belt + Florida. That is a winning coalition right there, that is if working and lower class whites show up to the booth this fall. They won't do it for Cruz, Rubio, or Kasich but they may for Trump.

2016's success will also be dependent on the fact that blacks and hispanics won't turn out to vote for an old white lady. Nothing about Hillary inspires people so even if Soros pays out millions of dollars. There is an exception of course, if Obama enacts an executive order to allow illegal immigrants to vote, then that could change things but generally until Obama, minority turnout has been low and will likely go back to being low like pre-2008.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I hope. I also think the black turnout will not be as high and O won Ohio and Florida on that alone.

Random Dude on the Internet said...

Even though the progressives are loathe to admit it, the US is still 65% white. The last couple elections saw higher than normal minority turnout and lower than normal white turnout. The reason is that McCain and Romney were poor candidates for whites and Obama got minorities to the booth.

In 2016, this situation is now flipped: the GOP has a candidate that appeals to typically non-voting whites and the Democrats have two solutions that are generally unappealing to minorities. The funded riots and protesters are going to send a strong message to working class and lower class whites that their future is on the line with this election. I think it will be like 1968 and 1972 where leftist violence only helps the right. I suspect George Soros will come to terms with this in the coming weeks when the riots only boost Trump's numbers.

The biggest stumbling block Trump has ahead of him is within his own party. If he clears the delegates necessary to win, the general election will go much easier. Hillary leads now in polls but that's because she gets deferential treatment. Once Trump begins setting his sights on her, whatever lead she has will collapse within a few weeks.

R. Wilbur said...

Colonizing a small town can also have a great multiplier effect. 20+ families or individuals who are active and involved in civic organizations can essentially take over, as few participate in civil society anymore. I manage a town of 1300, and we essentially have 20 or so individuals who sit on every board or body that makes consequential decisions.

The multiplier is that small midwestern towns are naturally sympathetic to Nrx, whether they know it or not. 20+ individual leaders create a catalyst and bring many along, without difficulty.