Thursday, February 04, 2016

WW1 - Spotting The Enemy

Those shifty Huns

In WW1, the pilots would set off and usually be going after the surveying balloons if not enemy positions. If a pilot spotted he enemy, he would waggle his wings and take the lead. Compared to AWACS, it's like another planet.


Toddy Cat said...

And to think, the difference between this and AWACS was only about 40 years. Things certainly seem to have slowed down recently...

peterike said...

"Things certainly seem to have slowed down recently..."

Indeed. Most of our best mathematical minds now go into finance to figure out new and better ways to loot the system while producing nothing.

There is still a lot of innovation going on in robotics, manufacturing, medical devices and such, but most of the low-hanging fruit in engineering has been plucked. And the scale of things makes paradigm shifts difficult. It was very easy to introduce the car when it was introduced, and the infrastructure followed it. But now all those roads and highways exist. Any "revolution" in personal transport needs to use those roads, because there's nowhere to put anything else. So now everything is incremental, like the Tesla.

And of course, the shift to the FIRE economy has taken countless smart white men who might have been inventors, tinkerers, manufacturers and so on and made them into real estate agents and insurance salesmen. The outsourcing of so much engineering and manufacturing to non-white nations has put a damper on innovation, if you'll pardon the racist hate crime of saying that.

We've sold our future for a bag of gold.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Great comment peterike. White men did go from wanting to be rocket scientists to financial wheelerdealers. The power of $.