Thursday, February 11, 2016

WW1 - Colorized Pictures

Each week, these WW1 pictures are black and white. It adds to the distance in years. Seeing anything in color makes it feels closer to us and more relevant and understandable. Today I post a couple of colorized photos from the Great War. Men like you and me.

French troops guading a metro station

The trenches were the midwives of tanks


peterike said...

Colorizing is a weird and wonderful thing. I don't care if it's "fake." I like it.

These WWI pics are an endless source of buzzkill for me. That war depresses me like no other. Well, the American Civil War (War of Northern Aggression) is close.

The Civil War ruined America. WWI ruined the world.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Sorry they are a buzzkill. I try to look for positive as well as rough. There are some coming that are more lighthearted. I think WW1 is the farthest I go where it still feels close.

Civil War photos are even more brutal. Trench warfare started there.

Toddy Cat said...

The colorized pictures really bring the reality and humanity of the war home. Thanks

Portlander said...

What Toddy Cat said. Knowing what we know now, those young faces around the subway station are soul crushing.

That war depresses me like no other

Agreed. I don't feel like the Civil War started us onto any slippery slope of disregard toward the Constitution. On the other hand, the entirety of 20th C dysfunction, now manifesting in 21st C dysfunction, can be laid at the feet of WW I.

Sh*tlibs we'll always have with us. But WW I was the fork in the road wherein they were able to start moving the Overton Window.

Toddy Cat said...

As James Burnham pointed out, in 1914, Western Civ effectively ruled the world, and was even expanding. By 1918, Europe was wrecked, Bolshevism was installed in Russia, the Colonial Empires were slipping away, and the rot had started. We all have every right to be depressed - and angry, too..

paworldandtimes said...

I'll dissent somewhat on WWI as having been a mortal civilizational blow. It can be useful to look at a civilization's or culture's trajectory over time similar to how buildings have structural systems designed to prevent progressive collapse. When one portion collapses, it doesn't drag the others down, as they have independent structural elements.

So WWI was a catastrophe. Then came WWIi. But in its wake came a massive baby boom across the US and partly in Europe. Every day new babies are born and they don't know that they are decadent.

The structure of Western civilization over time since WWI can be represented by a model of a building in which explosive charges are planted in each independent segment. One collapses. Then the second set of charges is detonated. Then the third, resulting in a progressive collapse along the building's length.

So what does the analogy of the attentive demolition crew represent?


Portlander said...

We agree, PA. WW I, in and of itself, was not a mortal blow. However, it was the first charge that set off the chain reaction. Or as I put it, the fork in the road.

mberezowski said...

"everyday babies are born and they don't even know they are decadent"

How profound and frightening that statement is...very scary.

paworldandtimes said...

That's the thing, Portlander, o don't believe that there are forks in the road.


Nick B Steves said...

More than a little related, Cheshire Ocelot reviewed The First World War in Colour this week: