Friday, February 26, 2016

The Nevada Fraud Meme + Social Matter Review-Preview 35

I'm much more sober about the potential of a Trump presidency. I still see the GOPe stabbing him in the back at some point. At that point, Americans outside the Acela Corridor must realize there is no fixing our situation with FedGov in control. Leave it, exit that arrangement, and don't turn back. Even if president, I see the bureaucracy slowing him up and the GOPe being horrible to him in Congress. Yet still, he is useful to watch how the system operates. Nevada was another brilliant revelation.

Nevada was fertile Trump ground. He was polling very well. Trump also had the advantage of having a giant hotel and casino in Las Vegas where he pumps millions of dollars into the local economy. Compared to Iowa, he had a skeleton of infrastructure there. How to stump the Trump? Oh I know! Delegitmize the results. Here is the process.

Step 1 - High turnout being reported everywhere. Pictures, tweets, reports of people lined up.

Step 2 (9pm) - Reporter on the ground as the caucus began reports on Trump supporters operating the caucus sites. Tweet pics of people with Trump shirts and hats on.

Step 3 (Post-9pm flurry)- The GOPe and Twitter tier anti-Trump crowd spreads the meme. Other tweets that were not indicative of cheating but framed as chaotic was the flood of voters overwhelming the caucus sites' expectations. Note that NO CANDIDATE complained, just reporters and twitter pundits. This is spread en masse. This is at the same time that the GOPe and Twitter crowd RT the picture of the supposed KKK guys holding up pro-Trump signs. No one checked the hands as the KKK guys were two black guys.

Step 4 (9:37pm)- As turnout was very high and very pro-Trump, the calls for "invalidating the results" are made. I chose 9:37pm because that was the timestamp for Erick Erickson's tweet. This went out there, and the smear of fraud spread far.

Step 5 - Nevada GOP calms the waters, but the seed is planted that it may have been iffy.

Step 6 - Narrative set going into Super Tuesday that Trump has won 3 in a row but that last one was sort of fraudulent if you listen to us, your trusted conservative opinion molders.

They could not let him win fair and square 3 out of 4 going into Super Tuesday. The joke is that the GOPe has mocked Trump's strategy and ground game, and then in Nevada are trying to spin it like an army of elderly volunteers are stealing an election for Trump. It has become that desperate.

it is also further evidence of controlled opposition: where was this fire against Obama? Where was this fire discussing Fast and Furious that placed 50 caliber guns in the hands of the Sinaloas? Where was this fire on the IRS scandal, on border enforcement, on the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors that made it to America in 2014? Where was the all hands on deck attitude and campaigning where it mattered?

Controlled opposition... and now the GOPe should know why Trump collects 30-45% of votes with little money spent.


Last week I wrote on the problem of modernity colliding with the old framework of the Middle East. The modern set up of the West not only hurts us socially and causes us stress but it affects others. I've written before about this with regards to Japan. My Weimerica Weekly was on the Super Bowl advertisements.

This week I tackle the Egyptian coup and counter-coup from a couple of years back that the Clinton email data dumps seem to reveal more and more about as long as you look for it. Because things are redacted, you have to piece the puzzle together with public information. The Weimerica Weekly will be like a news cast covering multiple topics that just float on up weekly in Weimerica.


Alexandros HoMegas said...

Robert Kagan is backing Hillary, the (((donor class))) wants Hillary.

Anonymous said...

i would rather read a transcript of the podcast.

Nick B Steves said...

To believe Establishment GOP will stab Trump in the back by not supporting him and keeping the nominal GOP out of the White House, it seems you have to believe in an Establishment GOP that actually believes in some principles that exceed its own advancement. That's the part I find hard to believe.