Monday, February 15, 2016

The Future of Pornography

As an observer of the sordid world of pornography, there has definitely been a removal of money. The pornographers are not going out of business but many of the small producers are closing up shop. The tube sites have become the industry, and if the media was ever honest, someone would write on how porn is just infomercials for escorting. Is that all going to change? Would porn go away? How could it morph into something else? VR porn is already here and a high end market of VR headset porn will form, and be from the same distribution networks. God help us if they make tactile immersive VR porn. In the future, there will be a new source and distribution system. Look at your phone, look at Best Buy and Amazon and think of Uber.

Go to ManyVids. Look at Snapcash. Go to Patreon. Check out Chaturbate and other webcamming sites. Thousands of girls are there, and they definitely service a market demand.
Wait, you're wondering why I said porn flicks are infomercials for escorting. No one ever digs into the escorting side of the industry when they do a puff piece on porn, but escorting makes that world go around. Porn is privately held and never has clear-cut revenue details, but he who controls the girls makes the $$$. Use the movies as promotional vehicles to then charge suckers $1500-$3000 for one hour with their dream girl. But who would pay that instead of the $250/hour a local hooker would charge? A fool will pay it for the fantasy they have created but also the fact that porn performers are forced to test for HIV every couple weeks in order to film. If she is actively filming, then she is HIV free. Men will pay a premium for the 36-24-33 porn star who is HIV free vs. the 36-24-33 hooker who you don't know the HIV status of. On top of this, escorts in your city charging $200/hr might fly to Miami or LA, film 3-5 scenes for one month to get publicity and be able to fly back and start charging an extra $250/hr for providing.

Back to this topic of the future of pornography. The links I posted for ManyVids, SnapCash and the other sites are direct peer to peer. The sites host videos and like Uber, connect the supply with the end demand. Promotion is based on the hustle in the individual. Look at the technology involved. Iphones for SnapChat take high quality pictures and videos. Laptop, tablet, and the GoPro all put plenty of technology in the hands of enterprising men and women who want to become web whores. A trip to Best Buy can make her a self sufficient star. GoPro can recreate point of view porn films, SnapCash allows a woman to sell pics and videos to her audience, and the wonderful world of Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram can manage and build his or her fanbase.

This entirely eliminates the middleman. Who is the middleman? The disgusting pornographers that push whatever messaging, and often times abuse their crew members. They keep most of the money. You believe that CNBC article on porn pay? Oh God, that is outdated and full of lies. Pardon me slicing that pay scale to shreds but there are no writers or sound techs. NONE. Mark everyone else down. Directors top out at $1000 per scene or a flat film daily rate, photographers and makeup get way less, and men ($300-$1000) are nowhere near the female pay scale ($700-$2000). The distributor is most likely purchasing film shot by a shooting firm. They pay the shooter a flat rate per scene that usually offers a nice fat profit on top of whatever cost per scene the shooters laid out.

Make porn direct supplier to consumer to keep out those sick gatekeepers. This change would also allow women to whore themselves out at the rate that they want to. There might be a large pool of women who will gladly do modeling and sex work as a tryout or even for a few months or years if they can hide their face. They will also keep more of the money for themselves. They also won't have to sign up for escorting in order to get calls from production studios. For the end user, whatever your kink is, suddenly you have a way to find it.

Now you might think it is insane for a man to pay for access to a woman's SnapChat, but it happens. The thirst is real. Fit women are in such demand that the shut-ins and maybe even normies are paying just to have SnapChat access. I have seen marginal girls that are 5s or 6s thanking 10-25-50 supporters for buying them an Amazon gift card, some technical equipment, panties or even a PS4. I'll share an advertisement and thank you note by one model. Fantastic bottom and thin but roughly a 7.

She has 30,000 followers on Tumblr. She gets thousands of notes for simple pics (see below). If she captures 1% of her followers for her SnapChat, that is 300 men paying $14.99 to see her do whatever she chooses. She is raising the price after Valentine's Day to $24.99. Do the math, this is nice bank at a 1% capture rate to layer on top of whatever retail or office job she might have. I'm stunned at the mediocre women who have modeling Patreons that are pulling in roughly $100/week.

This model of business is actually what one retired female porn performer described as the way to get out of hardcore porn:
1. Enter porn and build fanbase to lure to your paying website that you control.
2. Shoot for own website and takes tons of glamour spreads while in peak condition.
2a. Even better, shoot sex scenes with only your boyfriend/husband. Every vacation becomes a tax write off if you shoot one scene or photo set in the hotel suite.
3. Retire and slowly drip out the pics and videos you shot when you were last in great shape. As that retiree put it, 500 paying fans at $10/month spent can keep you going for a long while if properly managed.

I said fantastic bottom
This is not an endorsement of pornography except for the idea that women and men could engage in a market of their choosing. I will endorse anything that destroys the current pornography industry. We live in an economic world where if you make a market you make a billion. These websites and these opportunities like SnapCash have created a market. It feels like a sick lost chapter or paragraph from "Snow Crash", but people will reject the sick clownish world of pornography as they devolve down darker and dumber paths. Men will remain thirsty, and like always, seek a girl next door who is secretly hot and horny. These people will sell their souls via this process, but at $4.99 a morsel, at a rate they want, and of their own choosing.


Portlander said...

Obviously this is apples to oranges, though I believe not so far off-base as to be meaningless, but in the Android App world a 10% conversion rate is a good rule of thumb. It's much better that that for Apple Apps. So, she might be doing considerably better than you suggest.

I gotta say, if she's confident enough to nearly double her price, she's gotta be raking it in to some extent. Either that, or she feels like the several dozen fan-bois she does have will stay with her no matter what, so stick it to them since the rest of the hangers-on aren't putting up with their wallets? Third possibility is she's drinking her own cool-aide and really thinks she's worth $25/month. WTF? Really?? That adds up to some real serious coin over time.

Maybe men pay for a month or two, grow bored and move-on? If one has crazy high churn, that might warrant a higher initial. I'm no business major, and women that sell their most rapidly depreciating asset are notorious for maximizing profits, so who am I to second-guess. But dang, $25 for a month of ass-pics from one chick?

Anonymous said...

Hope I can post anonymous here.

Do you consider sites like clips4sale and smaller scale fetish producers to be an early form of this decentralization?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon - Yes. The site providers will become like Uber markets or possibly like what Scour Media Exchange was if you combined it with "Amazn Stores".

Portlander - Uhh no, its not just pics but videos as well. Short videos but jeez, selling one's soul a bit at a time.

Portlander said...

O/T (hopefully): BTW, was it you that tongue-in-cheek asked what dirt Obama had on Roberts that he twice sold-out any semblance of judicial integrity to rule in favor of Obamacare? :)

(I can't remember who I originally saw write that.)

Well, Scalia might be the answer to that question.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

Talking about Jewish monopolies:

Will Putin declare war on Jewish business?

Corn said...

The thing about these snapchat or clips4sale or chaturbate babes is that there are just so many of them. I'm not trying to sound paranoid but it makes ya wonder if every North American woman between the ages of 18-27 has whored herself at least once or twice. All the halfway good looking ones anyway.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Corn - Ha! I once estimated that there has to be 10 mil women who have posted nudes on the web. Even if 100k do this, it's not many in overall population. If i had to draw up a profile, i bet a lot of the young women doing this are in college or working retail, restaurant and entry level service jobs.

theakinet said...

The porn talent agencies are fronts for escorting. Talent agency: versus escort agency:

Son of Brock Landers said...

Theakinet - i actually had an older post on porn that linked to The Luxury Companion. I know man, there are like six or seven online, Honey Companion, HelpUBookHer, Perfection Models... all have 75% the same models and all are in porn.

Steve lee said...

An acquaintance of mine told me that all girls secretly dream of doing pork in their early 20's

Something about having fun and getting it out of your system

Son of Brock Landers said...

Steve - I think there is an element of girls wanting to think they are so hot that guys not only want to see them naked but want to become overpowered with lust for them. It is why amateur nights at strip clubs always pull in a handful of girls to get onstage.