Sunday, February 21, 2016

Social Matter - Modernity Destroys The Middle East Mosaic

My new essay is up at Social Matter. It is about how modernity destroyed the intricate balance that existed in the Middle East.
It’s the same with the penny-farthing bicycle symbol thing. Progress. I don’t think we’ve [truly] progressed much. – Patrick McGoohan
There has been a swift shift in identity around the world as this Nationalism vs. Globalism battle rolls on. It is not just a dawning realization for Westerners; it is reality for people across the globe. Some argue that this is how it has always been, and that is partially true. Even within the Arab world, this is a return to an old and a newer realization. We have evidence of it around us today; our leaders just choose to deny that reality has shifted. One could argue that we are outright rejecting the modern conception of the material world around us. Some cultures are just having a more difficult time.
Please go check it there. There is a special way the Middle East existed and saw very different groups coexist. The arrival of the modern world has ruffled European feathers but has been disastrous to the Middle Eastern cultures.

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