Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Social Matter - Kevin MacDonald Interview

This week's Weimerica Weekly is up. It is a conversation with Kevin MacDonald. I am so thankful he agreed to the interview.
The old professor and I discuss academia, the recent protests on campus, whether a book like his could see the light of day, the Jews, Weimerica-Weimar, Trump, Rubio, neocons and his upcoming appearance at the NPI event.

Please do listen. This one is an hour long. There are some things I threw out to Kevin that even surprised him.


paworldandtimes said...

Will listen this evening. Looking forward to it.


Laguna Beach Fogey said...

A scholar and a gentleman. said...

Great line by you in that interview:

"I consider the predicament, the problem of Weimerica is this horrible mixture of Anglo-Protestant universalism, with Jewish Bolshevism, just in a blender. And then, sadly enough, with Brazilian demographics."


Anonymous said...

Outstanding job.

Mike said...

I really enjoyed this interview. You guys covered a lot of ground in an hour without losing focus.

Anonymous said...

I am a Jewish long-time reader. I have a very high tolerance for criticism of Jews.

This episode though was ridiculous. Your portrayal was absurdly negative, without any positive traits at all and, genuinely to me, like a Nazi caricature drawn as prolefeed for only the stupidest and more bigoted element in the Nazi party.

You also mention having a Jewish friend. Or 'at least rolling with' one. But how can you when you have such a relentlessly negative opinion of Jews?

I really don't get it. Practically no individual can be fairly described as the pathetic feeble perverted frauds you describe all Jews as.

Furthermore, you and K Mac showed tremendous ignorance on Jews not just an unbalanced perspective. He talked about being forgiven for crimes if you donate to temple...what a load of nonsense - maybe in the 1800s!. You then declared this particular to Jews as if making donations as penance is not a very well documented and established Christian tradition. You also both talked about how Jews don't have a guilt culture! Are you totally clueless?


For example, how would someone like Ayn Rand with a stridently anti-guilt message get traction in a community with no sense of guilt? Her whole philosophy is just a salve for the guilt ridden for god's sake.


Ultimately this type of critique is harmful to our position. What you are trying to describe, although without any sense of humanity, are cosmopolitans and most cosmopolitans are not Jews even if Jews are way disproportinately cosmopolitan. As a cosmopolitan Jew I can attest this.

Anyway, this means that you will switch off not just all Jews from your ideas (which is not so important as there are not so many) but also all those in the cosmopolitan sea in which they swim. This is not just because you are inhuman in your judgements but because you are wrong and broadcasting your ignorance. This is never a good way to persuade people to come to your side and it is people like that who hold all the levers of power.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon - Its like any group. I like some Jews. Others I don't. I dislike the strain that is forever subverting the West.

Sam said...


The followng is from MacDonald:

"There is no implication here of a unified Jewish "conspiracy" to undermine human culture, as portrayed in the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Since the Enlightenment, Judaism has never been a unified, monolithic movement, and there has clearly been a great deal of disagreement among Jews as to how to protect themselves and attain their interests during this period. The movements discussed in this volume (Boasian anthropology, political radicalism, psychoanalysis, the Frankfurt School of Social Research, and the New York Intellectuals) were advanced by relatively few individuals whose views may not have been known or understood by the majority of the Jewish community. The argument is that Jews dominated these intellectual movements, that a strong sense of Jewish identity was characteristic of the great majority of these individuals, and that these individuals were pursuing a Jewish agenda in and participating in these movements."

Pleasureman at MPC also provides a good analysis:

The fact is, humans are born, live, and die within the context of a cultural and genetic legacy. People belong to groups and those groups compete and assert themselves. Cosmopolitanism does nothing but throw open nations and their commons to a managerial class that doesn't give a damn about the flesh and blood of the nations themselves, then seeks to export this model to the world.

As for the rest, Jewish authors like Slezkine openly celebrate the role the Jewish community has played in subverting Western identity into something more propositional and cosmopolitan (which coincidentally, allows them to advance their tribal interests using the institutions of their host societies while maintaining in-group cohesion amongst themselves - per MacDonald's thesis). Nowadays, one can't throw a rock at a bush without hitting three editorialists leaning on the phrase "As a Jew..."; as though they have some sort of moral superpower over the goyim.


Hell, even Jackie Mason is even getting in on it:

God forbid we take our own side and make decisions for ourselves that aren't first filtered through the question, "Is it good for the Jews?"

Anonymous said...

I get that. You just don't know much about Jews. Nor about the cosmopolitan class. I am the only one of my friends, and the only Jew, who stands up for red pilled stuff at all. I do admit that it is partly because only I can get away with it but it is the same with the old rich people I know through family. The only two people I have said good things about Trump to in the UK and been agreed with were old and genuinely plutocratic. They were also Jews.

Obviously anecdotes prove nothing but you and K Mac really know so little about Jews it is incredibly awkward to listen to. I don't mean politics stuff but all the rest. Indeed the ignorance on the alt right on this subject pains me a lot more than the hate. I get the hate! I just don't get the lack of objective knowledge. It is like when Brits talk ahout Americans and say that they won't even talk to blacks or something or that blacks are constantly in fear of being lynched and that black tourists should never visit middle America. It is embarrassing.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon - I dont blame all of the West's problems on jews, that's ridiculous. I assign blame appropriately. You must find it amazingly coincidental then that in Weimar Germany as today, Jews ran the media and pushed the exact same degeneracy in each era. There are plenty of traitorous, suicidal whites in europe and america. Protestant universalism is a major problem as is the Anglo tradition of outbreeding and empathy with any outsider.

Jews have their strengths and I like how well they run Israel and built a nation out of the desert. They are industrious, smart and very quick witted, which I find admirable. I tend to like foreign middle and working class jews and israelis far more than the cosmopolitan jews as you describe them. I went to college with the cosmo jews. I had cosmo jew professors. I work with cosmo jews. They should live in Israel rather than do what they do to america.

Anonymous said...

That is not the way your podcast came across. It seemed like pure bigotry and I do not use that phrase lightly or really ever. Indeed it came across as ignorant and petty hatred and I really like your stuff so it it produced a lot of cognitive dissonance for me.

In the end I mostly feel that your criticism should not be based on obvious misunderstandings of what Jews are actually like and care about. Like when idiots use the Talmud to criticise Hollywood if those Jews even know what the Talmud is. I omly learnt about it from the alt right!

Just Sayin' said...

The point isn't that the cosmopolitans are reading the Talmud. The point is that the horrible stuff in the Talmud may illustrate certain underlying cultural attitudes towards the Goyim.

Progressives aren't reading the New Testament. But it is still relevant to how they behave.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a really long message. It did not post due to problems on my phone. The short of it is that with my knowledge the way you talk about this stuff is just ridiculous. Jews know much more about the New Testament than they do about the Talmud. I have never heard a Jew make a disparaging remark against non-Jews as a group in private. On the Birthright (weird Jewish propoganda slash fun holiday) tour in Israel the tour guides explicitly talk down the Weimar Jews repeatedly and present Israel as lessons learned.

These are all facts. They contradict everything that the alt right so often holds dear about Jews. I mean Trump will be the closest thing America has ever had to a Jewish President and Carl Icahn perhaps the first Jewish veep.

There are so many details that you guys don't get that it is so frustrating sometimes. Reform Judaism is basically Lutheranism with Hebrew, for example. In synagogue, which no-one really goes to, we pray for the Queen and sing the national anthem. The word 'goy' is never spoken. Jews are often leftists because that is where the social status is and Jew desperately want to assimilate, or else they go to Israel. That is why intermarriage rates are basically all Jews who are not crazy religious jew.

Anyway, I know how this is all going to come across. I will probably be accused of Hasbara or some other nonsense.

If people want to leave questions I will try my best to answer them. I might even do a special one off as a podcast. That is if people would appreciate it. I think it would make your criticisms more balanced and therefore much more effective... if also of course less vehement and extreme, but truth is good in itself.

Anonymous said...

To our Jewish commenter:

A friend of mine who spent a good amount of time working with Jews in New York - some of which were billionaires in real estate development - told me of stories where a Jewish friend would go to his Rabbi and ask to donate to temple in order to be forgiven for wearing a (presumably decorative) Christian cross. Just because you have not witnessed these things does not mean they do not happen.

With regard to how Jews view goyim, I can't speak for all Jewry, but please explain this:

And finally, please explain our foreign policy for the last for the last 50 years with regard to the Middle East. How many more stupid Neo-cohen wars does this country have to bleed for before Israel stands on its own?

Anonymous said...

Ref 'Shiksa.' This is another term I learnt from the Alt Right. I have never heard it said in real life. I have little to add except that it seems to be a Yiddish word that can apply as a perjorative to non-Jewish women but previously did not. Instead it merely applied as an insult to immature women or so says Wikipedia. I don't really see what its existence shows except that somewhere and at some time some Jews have disliked some non-Jewish women enough to re-define a Yiddish insult to mean them. This seems pretty normal.

When I was younger and visited my grandparents I would often play with a Jewish family in their town. My grandmother knew and liked them. When she died my grandfather no longer spoke to them because 'he (the father) was working for a German company that did something with the Nazis in WWII.' This was silly and weird, except then again my grandfather was a young British man during WWII and did not particularly appreciate Nazi actions. Who would? Especially since his sister's husband's whole family were wiped out.

Perhaps my grandfather might have used Shiksa as a disparaging term. I don't know but his old man grudges were embarrassing even to my 90 year old grandmother and were not even fully kept to. He continued to send me around to see that family, I suspect he just liked a good dispute.

I have since noticed it used in some American programming. Mostly by Jewish left-liberal comics to make fun of themselves and their ancestry in the light-hearted but somewhat narcisstic way that other white comics do about their supposedly racist grandparents. I wonder if blacks see that and think that all white people hate them...

Anonymous said...

Ref your story about wearing crucifixes and so on. I admitted that I only have my own experience to share but your story sounds totally bizarre. How would any Jew not know the symbolism of a cross? And why would a religious Jew wear one? Either way it does seem like a pretty fair way to be absolved of the sin (is it really a Jewish sin?..god knows) of wearing a cross to donate to a temple. That is how Buddhist, Hindu and Christian groups all work too after all.

Anonymous said...

Ref Israel. Jews tend to have a soft spot in our hearts for Israel. The reasons for this are manifold but they include our religion e.g for two thousand years prayers have ended with a 'hopefully next year in Jerusalem.' They also include the fact that it is the only Jewish state and many other historical and sociological reasons. That pull is strong.

Nevertheless there are clear limits. Israel is held to a higher standard than all non-white countries, for example. The lower standard that it is held to than white countries is logically consistent with the SJW view btw. Almost all young Israelis are mixed Euro and Arab Jews as their grandparents generation were half from each area.

Still, I cannot explain the transfer of money really. I can make some guesses as to why it is transferred but I suspect there are multiple reasons. Ultimately it is a rounding error on the US budget and probably does not take too mcuh work to extract, whether the extractors are mil industrial complex types of Israeli Jews or whatever.

I also disagree that America has fought wars for Israel. I know that this is not a rabbit hole I want to go down as it is endless but I suppose my firmest reason for disagreeing is that what the Alt Right thinks are Jewish Israeli interests are not. Israel had a relatively comfortable relationship with Assad for example.

Of the Jews I know only one of my sisters is not sympathetic to Assad. She is just plain clueless on the issue though, which she sort of admits in her own stubborn way. Coincidentally I only found this out yesterday. It is not a common conversatio for us but I was doing my evangelising for Trump thing when drunk and I had to do down Clinton. My sister thought Clintom was a competent manager type necause my sister loves projecting her own idealised self-image onto people. I pointed out that Clinton had already wrecked two countries, Libya and Syria, to show her incompetence and it devolved from there.

The point is that those on the Alt Right has constructed these grand projections onto Israelis which actually rest on the shakiest of foundations. People seem to believe that Israelis and Jews are some sort of super-cohesive, organised and determined other. When in reality there can be no all-powerful Israeli lobby wagging America because there are a dizzying range of views within the their core constituency...if Jews are indeed their core constituency?

My sister has many conventional professional corporate views because that is a large part of her identity. She is surely likely more sympathetic to Israel than a non-Jewish peer but that sympathy represents itself in assuming that Israel would be best off following her outlook. I am simplifying a bit as she is very intelligent and interesting but this is the line she defaults too. For her, Israel would be best off in the EU with free movement of people and the whole shebang.

Anonymous said...

Re: our Jewish commentor:

Thank you for addressing each point - I don't agree with all the analysis but I appreciate the relative fairness in the responses. Glad to hear you're on the Trump Train. With regards to your sister - well - I think we know that's a lost cause. My goyish sister is the same on Hillary. I think it's just an identitarian thing and (feminist) women desperately want to be perceived as competent management types - despite all the evidence to the contrary, at least in Hillary "We came, we saw, he died.. HA AHAH AHAHA" Clinton.

Like any group, there is a huge always a variation within it, so I don't expect the same behavior from a given individual as the average. But for me, and increasingly anyone who looks at the facts - we just can't ignore the massive influence Jews have in the media, the US government, academia, and Wall Street - WELL beyond their proportionate representation in the US population. Yes, Jews I would say are a very intelligent people, so I wouldn't write this off as all un-earned. But they are also EXTREMELY clannish, which you could argue is for good reason. If you did - I would actually agree with you - I just wish goyim - especially white goyim since we never seem to realize we're being taken over - would at least do the same. It's like the Prisoner's Dilemma - if the two suspects cooperate on their story, the cops have nothing. But if either of them takes a deal, the other is screwed. So they both end up taking deals, which leads them to be found guilty. Maximum minimum. So - solution? Separate the groups so they never find themselves in the situation in the first place. It's called a nation state with strong immigration policies - kind of like Israel.

That takes me to immigration policy in the US and EU. To you honestly think these massive waves of non-whites benefit white people? And who are some of the loudest supports of this? Jews, the Democrat party, and their cucked allies in the European parliaments. Ever heard of Barbara Spectre? Please explain her. SOBL has made a few references to her awful attempts to destroy Christian Europe in Sweden:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words. I am also sure that you are right about my sister. At least she no longer claims that Merkel is some sort of paragon though. Whatever they say, no Jew can fail to be very nervous about this refugee crisis even if some may react by thinking that if we are exceedingly nice and generous to the migrants then they might change their minds and not want to chop our heads off.

Anyway, ref the amusingly named Ms Spectre. She is clearly a nobody and a bit of a fantasist. I have checked out the website of the institute she helped found. It is called Paideia. It is also a very amateur effort which I could surpass in an afternoon - and I cannot even write HTML. Some pages are contentless and it is filled with the same old multicultural gibberish that you find at any progressive religious institute.

The focus is also solely on aspects of Judaism and theology. As an agnostic I cannot easily identify with it but I do get the impression that the site is all front. That is that the use of the PO box instead of an address probably belies the fact that they no premises and that they are not even very good at pretending to be a proper established org. The inclusion of a fax number suggests a simlar desire on the part of the maker to suggest an established image when in actuality it has only won a couple of Wallenberg foundation tenders. In essence, the place looks like a one man band sole trader type NGO run from her kitchen and the whole set-up looks like it was designed to extract a little grant money from Swedish idiot grant giving trusts.

The Facebook page which is integral to the website does manage to have 1,500 followers though. Then again that costs 20 dollars on the dark net or a couple of hundred in FB ad fees if you create even the most amateur content.

She may be a despicable and probably quite mental woman but a Soros she is not.

Now he is an intetesting figure for the Alt Right to talk about but then Israelis Jews and others hate him and consider him to be a Nazi collabarater and anti-semite.

Anonymous said...

I also understand and appreciate your Game Theory comparison. It makes a clear, logical sense. However, if it were true then Jews would be very strongly incentivised to restrict immigration. If your comparative advatange is that you are a clannish minority within a clan free majority then it would be stupid to import other more clannish groups. Your whole advantage would disapear!

Regardless, I very strongly disagree with your statement that Jews are particularly clannish. Practically all non-religious Jews marry out nowadays, which is still an easy majority of new Jewish marriages. I also find that being Jewish is good for making quick connections with someone but no more so than having gone to the same school, being from the same part of town or even, admittedly at a stretch, of supporting the same football club. Obviously, the more religious you get the stronger the effect and also the networking stuff is truer for the old. Then again the old have shared experiences of being deeply frightened together (by legitimate Nazis) and all religions network.

In the end I can happily say that I, when meeting someone, certainly do trust them more for being Jewish. Then again this effect is only moderate and certainly less than if I have known them, a friend has introduced them, if they are British abroad (like an expat), if we went to the same school or have similar interests. There are infinite criteria by which we judge our trust for a new person upon meeting them!

Also, were I living abroad, and this applies to all Jews I know, I would more readily associate with other British expats than foreign nationality Jews. Even if I am always interested in those Jews just interests me to see what they are like.

The real privilege that I gain from being a Jew is that I have 'pokemon points.' I can shame my way out of an SJW shaming. If I refer to a famous woman as crazy and the girl I am talking to is offended by the juxtaposition of the words woman and crazy then I can say that I might easily feel the same way when a Jew is called tight with money but then again I am right with money so haha what would I be whining about...

In other words, playing the Jew card, if I play it well, allows me to circumvent PC. That is practically the only time I mention it though, unless among my old (all non-Jewish) school friends, in which case it is the source of anti-semitic jokes of the type of humour that is entirely normal and human among tight-knit groups of guys.

So, as said before, I do not see Jews as clannish. The exceptions are the very old and the very religious. Then again the very religious are always clannish. It is an identity with some group loyalty which probably offers some advantages in Hajnal line societies but so does going to the samwe elite school etc. Indeed I think that the comparison between old school ties and Jewish networking is pretty apt and balanced. I have both, although I put vastly more weight with my old school stuff. Others may be different, I suppose.

Regardless, if Jewish success depended on extreme clannish in an extremely unclannish society then Jews should be vociferously anti-immigration, except of other Jews of course.

Anonymous said...

Basically, my thesis is that Jews have been at the forefront of this progressive because they are true believers not sociopathic purveyors of poisonn to foreign peoples!

The reasons for this preponderance of belief are complex, ranging from history, to economic class to, yes I think some, ethnic difference. All factors play a part but as the most red-pilled, by far, among my close friends and the only Jew I find it surreal that someone believes that it this SJW stuff is somehow intrinsic or mostly so. I get the taint of hypocrisy coming from the Israel-Diaspora comparison but Jews have self-selected and why would a kumbaya Jew move to Israel? Also, Israel has been in a state of permanent existential warfare since its inception which focusses the mind rather! Whether Israel has gained the upper hand or not.

Anyway, I think you will find that a lot of very rich old and gratefully patriotic Jews start coming out of the woodwork to support sensible political movements. They face social opproprium for doing so as all rich people do but I do know some of these people and I know where their sympathies genuinely lie.

Listen to someone Carl Icahn talk about how he is a patriotic American and you will sense the depth of his feeling.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff. I have a lot of respect for Jews - and appreciation of the good ones, of which there are many, I believe. Unfortunately, like any powerful element, if there exists an evil element at least in some portion of the population, there must be safeguards taken place. Think nuclear weapons and energy.

What it comes down to is this - until we can build a “good Jew” detector sort of like Battlestar Gallactica’s Cylon detector - we’ve got a problem. How can we honestly filter out the good from the bad? I don’t think armbands and the "Final Solution" are humane or decent things to do.

But I do believe segregation works. I wish it wasn’t necessary, but I’m increasingly unconvinced it isn’t. And I think you know others are starting to feel this way too. For Jewry and perhaps everyone else’s sake - maybe a Jewish homeland for all Jews isn’t such a bad idea.

Otherwise I might warn against another wave of Pogroms we seem to witness in just about every country Jews take up residence. You can’t explain away 5,000 years of a consistent pattern. I’m not calling for it, but I’m warning it just might happen again.

Anonymous said...

I see no evidence of a likely pogrom coming from white Europeans. Not even the smallest spark. I do think that there will be fewer and fewer Jews in the West though. Intermarriage, low birth rates and migration to Israel guarantee it.

Are there any Jews being born in America whose parents are both not weird and religious and who are both actually Jewish? Maybe a few...

There will be a strange sort of Jewish Amish stayle urban community of Hassids, but they are very few in number and not the type to have any nore than local influence. Some of the women don't even speak English!

As for the 5000 years of expulsions...expulsions are normal for all populations. It is beyond normal in history. Jews just love bleating about them.