Sunday, February 28, 2016

Social Matter - The Coup and Counter-coup Egypt Story

New essay is up at Social Matter. This one tackles the weird geopolitical issues around the Egyptian Counter-coup by Sisi on the Muslim Brotherhood led government.

It is a sideshow now because of Syria, but I find the Egyptian drama incredibly interesting for a Red Empire-Blue Empire battleground. Last week, I wrote at the Daily Caller how the Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew another Islamic Republic was coming and fully went along with it. No nudging was done. They employed no tools to stop it. They wanted to replace the Mubarak regime with its military equipment purchases from the Red Empire and friendly relations with the other Red Empire clients in the area with a nice, Blue Empire democracy. 

Please go check it out there. This one is a fun one because of all the Clinton email data dumps, and how she presided over the mess that was the Arab Spring. Hope you enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

SOBL, I don't know if you "take requests" so to speak, but you seem best equipped to give us a break down of the #NeverTrump coalition. There are a number of factions, the neocons who came from the democrat party, the Wall St. interests and their lobbyists and lawyers who just want to make money (not all Jewish, not all neocons), and the general semi-low info cuckservatives who are brainwashed by the mainstream academia and media takes on race and conservatism, who place high value on Reagan and "ideological purity".

I think I've sketched out the main three vectors there, but if I'm missing something I think you're the guy who'd know.