Friday, February 05, 2016

Shadowbanned + SM Review-Preview 32

It appears I have been shadowbanned on Twitter. Nick B Steves discovered this. I am not coming up on general searches by non-followers. This is sad but to be expected since the Twitter bosses have gone full SJW. We know they manipulate trends, so silencing little accounts should not be considered too petty for them. What we can figure out is that the following accounts cannot come up in searches.

*Search Banned:*

This is all we can determine at this time. The Duck went out in a blaze of glory because a big purge was coming. The progs have hard censorship and soft censorship. This is a soft censorship. The hard will come. This is the Left. They always want to do just enough to get the job done but not enough to incur the accusations they deserve. They want to hide behind technicalities.

Network, build your own platforms, delegitimize their institutions.


Last week I wrote about how not every problem around the world is America's fault. It was a recount of how the British chose the wrong "King of the Arabs", and it was some shifty work by one of their field agents. A very different world would exist if the Saudis were not the guardians of Mecca. My Weimerica Weekly podcast was aboutplastic surgery, especially the odd rise of breast augmentation surgery.

This week I will write on how feminism started a war. Yes, it did and in our lifetime. This week's Weimerica Weekly will be an interview. It is with someone outside of our sphere but who enjoys our sphere. He also influenced my writing on a specific subject.

*Update: Twitter noticed that we noticed and so did Breitbart.


Griobach said...

Can you elaborate on the banning? From a new twitter account, I can see all of these accounts in the search bar.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Griobach - Twitter has noticed our noticing and removed the shadowcensoring.

Nick B Steves said...

Develop our own networks, yes. Progs' House, Progs' Rulz. Progs own the whole goddamn world.

I can only assume it was thousands of accounts. @mattstat (perfectly gentlemanly AGW skeptic) noticed it too. If they shadowbanned me and SoBL, we can only guess what they were doing with Ricky Vaughn.

But the smarmy, passive aggressive way they did it here is the real story. (Of course now extremely hard to verify. "Oh, it was a glitch in our SW", Twitter will say. "Thank you for alerting us." Awfully selective glitch ya got there.)

But think about this. There's already an ongoing story about capricious or selective enforcement of the ACTUAL terms of service (See Milo). But here we have (presumably) thousands of accounts where no notice of violation of ToS has been given, no warning, just... "We don't like you, so we're gonna make sure you don't show up on search results. (But if you're searching from your own account, you'll show up okey-dokey.)" Twitter's House; Twitter's Rules... but they're not even playing by their OWN rules.

My suspicion is a mid-level SJW saw an opportunity and took it. Maybe some twitter coworkers will see that sheer unprincipled hatred and become a little more red-pilled.

Alexandros HoMegas said...

The Twitter search for SOBL1 worked for me.

Portlander said...

Once the golden handcuffs come off viz a viz plunging stock prices and worthless options, look for defectors to start surfacing in the social media tech co's.

I suspect it will take a while yet. Probably need a lay-off or two where they start cutting good (read: white, male) engineers while also promoting diversity in the front office.

peterike said...

One of these days I have to start a Twitter account for nefarious propaganda purposes. I can't use my real-name account because I use that for werks.

I've always thought about doing a stealth SJW account. Try to get a zillion SJW followers and then start sneaking in memes to blow their minds.

One of these days.

Anonymous said...

I'd give my left nut to watch either of the two big SM platforms/networks/companies go tits-up. It's incredible how much power they have on molding views to fit the liberal prog narrative, the average user is clueless—it is the quintessence of perfect Gleichschaltung. There are decentralized open-source solutions though, eventually they'll be refined, catch on, and go viral.

Anonymous said...

@peterike, the thought of Nrx-->SJW twitter entryism is rather delicious—just for the shits 'n giggles alone.

Portlander said...

Here you go. They've buried the real story to second half, starts with "Ruffled Feathers."

In the case of GitHub, I suspect this is entirely by-design on the part of the owners, which are the VC's -- if you know anything about how Silicon Valley works today, are decidedly not the founders and options-holding early hires. Now that the heavy lifting of building the machinery is complete, they want to turn it over to much cheaper and much more compliant H1B's to just keep it all running and dealing with low-complexity customer support issues.

Nick B Steves said...

Peterike: I started an SJW account for this express purpose. It's a whole lot of work building up that following and I just couldn't fake it well enough long enough. (I'm too damn fair-minded.)

Best of luck to all who would try though. It's a worthy goal. A high-functioning thespian NEET would be a good candidate. (And they wouldn't be good for much else, so there's that...)